What commonly accepted fact are you not really buying?

What commonly accepted fact are you not really buying?


The paparazzi. It just blows my mind how it's completely legal for them to literally stalk celebrities and take photos of them (even without their knowledge). If some other person does it, there are repercussions, but not if you're from the paparazzi.


I once heard that they are often called as a publicity stunt, I do not now how true that actually is, though. I am not famous. But what I do know is that, at least in Germany, your right to privacy is dependent on whether or not your job/position in society is tied to popularity. I can sue people for publishing pictures of me going to work. But if paparazzi take pictures of Taylor Swift going to her studio to record some music, they are allowed to publish them because she is a famous singer and her going to the record studio is therefore relevant to the public (who the music is for)


That my cat doesn't have a second family she invites over when I'm at work.


Lol my old cat stopped eating for a while, like no food for over a week, and we started to get a little worried until I saw him in one of out neighbors windows with a new collar on his neck.. he'd been going into their house and they thought he was a stray so they started buying him cat food! Dude had a 2nd life we had no idea about.


I know a few places with neighborhood cats. Wandering around having a food bowl in every house and getting pets all around. Don't know if the owners knew this.


The coin shortage.


I think that one’s fixed now. I went to get quarters for laundry a month ago and the bank let me get two rolls!


My big complaint is that laundry machines STILL TAKE QUARTERS. Like card technology for laundry machines have been around for like 20 years also, it already costs like $5 to do a load of laundry!! And you have to pay in quarters! Why so expensive for analog technology and shitty levels of maintenance on like 30 year old machines?? I feel like the washers and dryers easily pay for themselves in a couple of months at these rates.


Bank employee here! The term "coin shortage" can be a bit misleading--it's not that all of the coin disappeared per se, it's just that it wasn't getting circulated like it normally would. For instance, where I work, we get most of our coin from individuals and businesses who bring loose change to exchange for cash/deposit into their account. When COVID hit, our lobby was closed and we went to driveup-only service. Because of this, it was a lot more difficult to take in coin from customers (in fact, pre-COVID, we typically asked customers to take any containers of loose coin into the lobby, rather than stalling driveup traffic--nobody wants to get stuck behind Carl while the teller sifts through $20 in loose pennies, even if we have a coin counting machine to speed the process along.) While we were never extremely low on coin ourselves, it is amazing how much a disruption like COVID can impact the flow of cash through the economy. We certainly noticed that far less coin came in while we were limited to driveup-only service, as our driveup drawer could only physically handle so much coin at once. And, once we opened our lobby back up, our customers went back to bringing more and more loose coin in (even going out of their way to do so, having heard about the coin shortage on the news). It helped us "recover" coin-wise quite quickly. (We could order boxes of coin if we needed to from our currency service; however, during the coin shortage, every branch was limited to how much coin we were allowed to buy.)


That fish can’t feel the hook in their mouths. Like how can they not feel it....


That there's any good reason, unless you're into printing photos, to purchase an inkjet printer (e.g., instead of a laser printer). What a subpar product. Nevertheless, folks seem to gravitate to it.


Dropped $500 on a solid Brother laser printer and havent regretted it at all. I've gone through 1 toner cartridge after like 3000 pages.


I spent $300 on a Brother laser printer back around 2010. Ten years and an entire college career later, it has still never given me a single issue. I keep hoping for it to die so I can upgrade to a color one but I think this printer might outlive me.


Fished a laser printer out of a staples dumpster 6 years ago and this thing is more reliable than a hammer.


When all you have is a laser printer, every problem looks like a large document you need to print.


Amen to that brother. My laser printer gets used more to print out colouring sheets for my son than any document.


I bought an inkjet because it had a scanner. Barely used the printer because every time I went to use it, the black ink had dried. Colour was perfectly fine, but even though I unclogged it several times.... every attempt at printing failed. I bought a used Samsung SCX-4200 laser. I sometimes have to press the paper tray inward, but hey, I can actually print with it.


That I'll understand when I'm older. Well, I'm older and still don't understand anything. EDIT: Holy shit, rip my inbox. I didn't think a tongue-in-cheek response like this would have generated so much interest.


You’ll understand when you’re dead


That vinegar does half the shit the internet tells me it does.


Dude I had a nasty plantar wart on bottom of my foot. Tried all the major products. Shaved it down. Changed socks regularly. And after like a year of dealing with it finally came across vinegar from a post on Reddit no less. Hasn’t been back since. I said the exact same thing you did too. Like how tf is this about to work? Fucking life, man.


No bullshit I had this strange wart like thing on my knee that would not go away and bugged the shit out of me when I kneeled on it, a little cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and taped over it with first aid tape for a few weeks and it turned black, fell out of my skin, and never returned.


I did the same thing years ago with a wart on my toe! This does work! I was told to use apple cider vinegar


Had a dude tell me he was treating his HPV warts with vinegar. I did not have sex with him.


He has a pickled pickle!




Plantar warts and warts in general are caused by different types of HPV (different than the cervical cancer types). They infect the basal stem cells in your skin, but don't make many immunogenic proteins until they are in the upper layers of your skin where it is hard to illicit an immune response. Most of the wart treatments imo are more about agitating the area to stimulate a local immune response than they are about physically removing the warts. Vinegar, duct tape, freezing to a degree, keratin degrading salicylic acid etc result in inflammation, bleeding, tissue damage, all of which draw immune cells to the area. Not uncommon to physically remove one wart, only to have a load of others all disappear at the same time. Source: PhD HPV biologist


Print the suspicious claim and soak in vinegar. If bullshit, it will disappear.


Up until probably like the 1940's I'd guess, vinegar was the best multipurpose cleaning/antiseptic that humans have had easy access to. It's good shit.


It’s like all these posts are written by Big Vinegar.


There is someone for everyone. Statistically true, realistically false.


That person must be very busy


there’s someone for everyone... but your someone might be dead, in prison, or thousands of miles away


"Your call is very important to us."


"Our wait times are higher than usual."


It should be: "Our wait times are high *as usual*"


More like "We haven't hired enough staff to handle our daily call volumes but your call is important to us."


The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes, surely there are enough people with insomnia to skew this heavily


My husband falls asleep in seconds/minutes. I can toss and turn for hours. I often get out of bed in frustration and go do something. Other times I just glare him for sleeping so peacefully. He woke up a few times to find me glaring at him lol.


Apparently, you’re my wife. I’m out the second I close my eyes. And I sleep like a corpse. I almost never move for a solid 6-9 hours either.


She’s my wife too! Shout out to the ‘unconscious in seconds’ crew and our wife!


Wife and I are members of this club as well. How are your mornings? I wake up at the same time every morning - no alarm - fairly alert and chipper. She's not an early riser or morning person, and apparently isn't as appreciative of my humming.


If the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes then I am super far off the average Edit: a lot if people are interpreting this as I fall asleep instantly. I do not


Also "average" means there are people who routinely fall asleep FASTER than 7 minutes. Who are these people that fall asleep the second their head hits the pillow? (other than active military.)


Me. I didn't really realize it was so extreme until I went on a trip with my father in law and we had 3 legs for our flights. I'd sit in my seat on the plane and I was out. Didn't matter time of day. Didn't matter I just slept the entire previous flight. He always tells the story of how he was talking to me and putting his bag in the overhead bin then sat down and I was snoring before he was even settled. Every single flight we took was like that. I almost think I might fall asleep too easily. Like something really important will come up one day and I'm gonna sleep through it. Miss the first contact with aliens or some shit.


Somewhat similar for me. It'll take me 20+ minutes to settle into bed and actually fall asleep, but if Im riding in a car or plane, I'm out in 2-3 minutes no matter how much caffeine or adrenaline is in my system. Of course, I should probably see a doctor cause I also seem to dream immediately after falling asleep and sometimes have sleep paralysis.


is this real? it takes me 1 hour MINIMUM to fall asleep. usually. I need to see if i have sleep disease.


Doctor: Does it often take you more than 15 minutes to fall asleep? Me: 15 minutes? That’s impossible. Two years on meds and it still takes me an hour or so once I go to bed.


I was on sleep meds (over the counter) for 3 years and could absolutely not sleep without them. My doctor switched my anti anxiety med from Ativan to one that is an antihistamine. I fell asleep at 4pm. The next day I took nothing and realized I was actually feeling sleepy. Over the next week I took the antihistamine a couple times since I had just started a new job. It did make me crazy tired at work, but I pushed through. I stopped taking sleep meds all together and I’ve been going to sleep between 8-10. It’s crazy. I thought I would never go to sleep naturally again. I’m too lazy to get up and see what it’s called but it’s the antihistamine that is commonly used for an anti anxiety rescue med.


Everyone says they're doing my mom, but i don't see her around many people other than my dad


Do you see your mom doing your dad? Why would you expect to see her doing everyone else too?


Vincent Van Gogh committed suicide. This isn’t a weird conspiracy thing, I don’t think he was assassinated, but a lot of the actual evidence points to him covering up for a local troublemaker kid who accidentally shot him with the pistol he got for his birthday. Rather than get the kid in trouble, he buttoned up his shirt and walked home, and literally told his brother when he got there and they noticed the blood “I shot myself and I’m going to die don’t look into it”. Which is...actually really sweet.


It's possible he simply saw it as a way to both cover for the boy and take advantage of the situation to commit suicide.


So the ole porque no los dos angle, i see


I've heard this before as well but van Gogh also had a lot of risk factors for suicide. Probable bipolar I with psychotic features or schizoaffective disorder. Self-harming behavior and/or suicide attempts (drinking turpentine and paint!!)suicidal ideation, and his only social and financial support becoming sick. None of this proves it was suicide but certainly makes it seem likely.


There’s also the [theory Vincent Van Gogh suffered Ménière’s disease. ](https://www.nytimes.com/1990/07/25/arts/at-last-medicine-really-listens-to-van-gogh.html) . It’s certainly debatable but as an ENT I thought I’d throw this out there. It would help explain cutting his ear off. Meniere’s can be maddening. I mean, he would have had to have another severe mental disorder on top of it, just thought I’d throw it to the discussion.


Oh, no. I was recently told that I have this, and it is certainly not fun. It's more than just spinning and imbalance - when it's really bad, I wake up and it feels exactly like I'm incredibly drunk. Can barely stand, there is nausea, and the whole world just feels unbalanced. It's an awful thing to experience.


It always surprises me how recent Van Gogh was. I always think of him as being alive during the Renaissance when in reality he was active only a little over a century ago.


You know Picasso died in the 1970s.. but he was also alive during the 1800s. There is a character based off him in Red Dead Redemption 2. Edit: Actually I'm probably wrong; the character is probably based off of Paul Gauguin rather than Picasso.


y'all need to stop destroying my sense of time right now edit: what did I just say?


It took four times longer to switch from bronze swords to steel swords than from steel swords to nuclear bombs.


Compound bows are more recent than nuclear weapons.


Why did it take so long to invent the compound bow? The technology behind it doesn't seem too advanced to have been invented in the medieval or at least renaissance era.


No idea, but it barely beat the moon landing by a couple years. We had people in space before compound bows. https://www.lindahall.org/holless-wilbur-allen/




This is likely a big reason. I think another reason is that while we certainly *could* have made compound bows a lot earlier (they are mechanically pretty simple), they do depend on a lot of relatively modern materials in order to work well and be affordably manufactured. The forces in a compound bow are very high (yet the parts need to be light), so they rely on high-performance materials like carbon fibre, and modern plastics / synthetic fibres. If you did build a compound bow in the early 1900s, my guess is that it would either be extremely expensive, not very durable, or not perform very well (bakelite just ain't gonna cut it).


How about mithril, adamant, and rune swords?


Timelines are really really fucky when you actually lay them out. Like MLK and anne frank being born the same year, ~~oxford university being around when the myans were~~, if you are a US citizen born in 1970 or earlier you've lived though about a fifth of the entirety of US history, Cleopatra lived closer to us timewise than she did to the building of the Great Pyramids, similarly, The T-rex lived closer to us in time than it did to the Stegosaurus, etc etc Edit: I misremembered the oxford fact, it's actually that oxford university has been around since BEFORE the aztec empire


What the actual fuck. The t-rex one is hurting my brain.


Dinosaurs were around for a really, really, really long time; long enough for different species to evolve and go extinct numerous times. All of human history is a but a mere blip on the timeline that includes the reign of dinosaurs. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Timeline-for-history-of-life-on-Earth_fig2_287374326


Yeah but did they ever land on the moon? Checkmate dinosaurs.


No need. A moon landed on them.


Too soon..


They also didn’t have fossil fuels. Simpletons for sure.


65mil to now is less than the hundred mil and change from triassic to cretaceous


I keep having to double check though... I can't keep spewing this fact out by habit and then one of these days, in 35 million years, I'm suddenly wrong!


How about this one? The original Red Dead Redemption seems like it's all about cowboys and the wild west but it's set only 3 years before World War I.


The epilogue (playing as Jack) happens in the same year WWI ended. Jack was alive in Red Dead Redemption 2 (1800s) and WWII, he was probably also saw the moon landing


My great grandmother was born in 1895 and died in 2002. She lived entirely **through** the 1900s. She saw cars being invented, computers, the internet, the moon landing, the great depression, WW1 and WW2, etc etc etc. It's crazy to think about.


being alive during the entire 20th century must have been an absolutely unfathomably incredible development to look back on. Makes me wonder what it'll be like for people like me born in the 90s


Well yeah, the entire game is about the death of the Old West and modernisation. The final act of the game has motor cars and machine guns.


Picasso and Salvador Dali having such a huge crossover timeline-wise is what really throws me off. Picasso feels earlier, and Salvador Dali feels like a fictional character in a world similar but different from ours... but also later by a bit.


If he was depressed maybe he just covered for the kid because dying didn’t phase him


There's a whole ass movie about this: Loving Vincent. Every frame is individually painted by masters in his style, great movie.


That award shows highlight the greatest achievements of the year.


Here, have a free award. This comment is your greatest achievement of the year


I'm in the military and saw a guy get a NAM (Navy Achievement Award) for making his guys stay late to fix a truck... They spent more time smoking and showing each other memes than actually working on the truck.


I don't believe any *Reddit* content, from active users, is ever truly deleted from its system. Even if we no longer can see it. And this may even be the case for inactive users, regarding their content which we no longer can see.


I mean ... quick Google searches will constantly bring up archived reddit threads from the early 2010's. I didn't even know it even claimed to flush data. I just treat the site like any other social media.


I remember hearing the admins claim that only the last edit of a comment is saved in the databases. So supposedly, if you edit your comment so it’s blank and then delete it, no one will see what you had written. But who knows?


When I nuked my last account, I had a script that edited my comments to nonsense before deleting them. I would nuke this one but I like the name too much.


>I would nuke this one but I like the name too much. That seems a little irrational.


“Money doesn’t bring you happiness” Well, lack of money sure as sh!t doesn’t either.


Money is like health. Having it is no guarantee for happiness. Not having it almost certainly makes you unhappy.


That the moment you stop looking for love is when you find it. I’ve paused my search many a time, and just got lonelier.


I think that saying is meant to mean that if you stop searching for love and instead focus on your own happiness, you're more likely to attract someone. People are a lot more attractive when they're healthy (whatever that means for them), happy and content with themselves


That bullies are bullying others because these bullies are not confident enough. Well not according to studies, actually they found them to be more confident


Yep. And then there's the thought that bullies don't do well in adult life. They actually tend to be very successful, because they're confident enough to get their way.


Can also confirm. I got a scholarship to a fancy school and one of the "popular" girls was actually a complete bitch to me and bullied me...and I'm a guy. She grew up to be a doctor and is married. I sometimes see her social media and still wonder how the fuck she had so much luck in her life and the fact she even married. A few years ago I ran into her and she was just as horrible...we were 27 then. Edit 1: Thank you for the hugs, during a lonely time of lockdown and the fact my childhood bully is married and successful did a downer on things this year. But any consolation, I'm also a doctor. Edit 2: Thank you for ANOTHER hug! For those wondering what it was like when I ran into her after all these years: [I replied here](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/mnpbdd/what_commonly_accepted_fact_are_you_not_really/gu1z9zx?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) . I appreciate a lot of people here have told me to just ignore her and not let it take over my life etc - I think I need to provide some more context so here goes: * The bully (let's call her G), also wanted to get into medical school and given how the school was run there aren't *that* many resources in helping us improve our application etc * Word got out that I wanted to go to medical school as well and she wasn't happy about that and so began quite a few years of her sabotaging my efforts * She made a lot of effort to push that I was a "retard", a very British way of referring to someone that isn't good at anything, kind of ironic given she wanted to be a doctor and used words like that. Well anyway this term was pushed all the way up to the teachers too and they found it funny but also BELIEVED I wasn't smart so "gave up" on me * The teachers just from rumours and speculation bumped down my math and english classes to a lower ability tier. My grades started to tumble because they speculated that I was cheating or copying someone's homework thus wouldn't sign off on my assignments. * Since this was a private school, donations from parents of children was heavily influential - you see where I'm going with this? After quite a few donations she was able to leverage and also block me from getting to extra classes, extra curricular opportunities, and also from getting a decent reference from a teacher for my application * Thankfully I managed to do well in sports, I was a starter for all the teams and especially tennis I brought home a bunch of trophies and awards. * I was also secretly top of my class. I worked out that doing two sets of homework helped me assess whether I was dumb or not. I submitted a watered down version just so I wouldn't be accused of cheating or copying and then kept my own version where I gave it my all at home. Once I got my marks back I'd cross-reference my answers with my "own" version to validate what I was doing - I was doing pretty good. * As a result of all this I had to rely on my national exams pulling the weight to keep my grades up and accept that my coursework was going to be poorly marked - which it was. * Once I did well enough to get by I was able to have the right grades to escape to a publicly funded school and do well there. Everything changed from that point and I got into medical school all thanks to my new school * It's also worth noting that I unfortunately had to keep interacting with her professionally - I get referrals from her by letter, just not directly to me by name. * She's also from time to time tried to report me for malpractice - 2 cases dismissed and counting. They're extremely fabricated accounts that are backed by nothing e.g. I was negligent for a patient that I never spoke to and wasn't even in the country, I sexually harassed patient x - the patient doesn't exist, I was on video acting violent - it was a 6ft black guy beating someone up, I'm a 5ft9 half Asian dude ... it goes on So to those of you that think it was a few words here and there and that I can shrug it off and don't let it get to me - this girl spent nearly 5 years actively trying to ruin my education and have a school against me and now she is still trying to ruin it in a professional setting.


Wtf she was still a horrid person after all the time? What was your last interaction with her like?


Our society places high value on a lot of traits that bullies tend to have so it's not surprising at all


Yep. When I was doing my Master's in education that was a big topic to debunk with future teachers. Bullies are NOT lacking in confidence and are often over-confident to narcissistic. The focus of why we talked about it was that we shouldn't focus solely on trying to understand why the bully is acting out since they often aren't 'damaged' and we should instead focus more attention on the bullied. There are always exceptions to the rule but too often bullies get even more of the attention they want and the bullied get pushed to the side as if they are so resilient it won't have lasting effects. Edit: I mean narcissistic traits not like clinical narcissism for all you pedants. I never had one student with clinical narcissism but plenty had some “narcissistic” traits.


Yeah I got bullied in high school and from what I could tell the bullies mostly came from privileged upbringings and loving families. Even if you could convince me that my bullies were actually suffering from self-worth issues, what’s that supposed to do for me? Does it matter to me if the person tormenting me every day is well-adjusted or not? He’s certainly getting no pity from me.


Can confirm. I was one of the poorer kids from a pretty broken and messed up family. My grandmother raised me and had to pay to put me in a private school because my biological mother had tried to kidnap me too many times (my parents were heavy into drugs and my mother had warrants for her arrest, likely she wanted me to get welfare money to fuel bad habits) Anywho the rest of the kids in that school came from very rich and well networked families. Like, one of the kids ended up becoming a senior manager at a major tv network at an unusually young age. I regularly got bullied by most of them because I was “weird” but the worst bullies were super confident jerks. The worst went to karate lessons on the weekend so he knew how to hurt people and he didn’t hesitate to use that knowledge on me. And of course he never got in trouble but the few times I defended myself I went straight to the principal’s office. It would be interesting to see where they all are nowadays. Obviously we didn’t really stay in touch.


Man, that really, really sucks. I know you didn’t make that comment to be pitied, but I really feel for you for having had to go through such a rough time in school when it seems you already had it pretty difficult. I wish that we could have gone to school together, I was also a martial arts kid and would have absolutely dueled karate douche for you.


My bully, who, among other things, started a neonazi group with one name on a “Jew list” (hint: it was my name), is a successful lawyer. So yeah, confidence isn’t the issue here.


Fish don’t feel pain from fishing.


In Japan octopus sashimi is sometimes served by cutting off the arm of a live octopus, serving the arm, and then returning the limb-lacking octopus to its tank to be sliced up again later. They claim that they don’t feel pain so it’s okay, but that just doesn’t sit well with me at all. Edit: sorry not often. Sometimes. most of the time they’re already dead when served.


Octopuses do feel pain and they remember it. They are also extremely smart


It's so arrogant to assume other beings don't feel pain. I actually don't think these people really believe this, it's just more convenient for them. Outrageous and saddening.


Octopus actually have pretty advanced nervous systems. Also their arms are part of their brains technically. Trust me that shit fucking hurts them


Octopus are too intelligent for that shit. That’s as cruel as definning sharks and tossing them back to sea


In my county, Greece, there is a common saying "when we invented democracy, western europe still climbed/lived on trees", (therefore were primitive). Without actually having done enough research, my anthro and history readings give me a hunch that's wildly untrue.


Just respond that Egypt was writing poetry when Greece was gnawing on raw meat.


I think it says more about how the Greeks think of themselves, regardless of the truth of the statement.




How do they work?!


And do they know things? What do they know? Let's find out!


Hi, physicist here. No fucking clue.


I don't wanna talk to a scientist!




That my work cares about me.


"We had the best quarter we ever had" Followed shortly by "We have no money for bonuses this year"


Hey we must work for the same massive, successful company!


We're all one big family until 'sorry, but business is business'.


My last job I was incredibly tight with the owner. We'd go camping, hang out outside of work etc. Normally I'm very skeptical of people claiming the company is a big family etc. My boss never said it was a family. I felt that our relationship was starting to transcend into a solid adult friendship. Then, one night my family thought I was having a stroke. Ambulance ride the whole 9 yards. My boss cancelled my insurance the next day because "I wasn't able to work to pay my half the premiums." I ended up being medically out for two weeks before the DR. gave the all clear to go back to work. That's all it took to tear down years of the relationship we had...whatever it was. Two weeks. Two weeks was enough for him to completely toss me out like old trash. It wasn't even two weeks of paid leave. He ended up ghosting and then avoiding me when I tried to make contact. Never once even got a inquiry into how my health is doing. All this happened in February, I just barely found a new job. What hurts the most...Not that I thought we were friends (our families would hang out together.) But, the fact that I LOVED that job. and not even two weeks before this he had given me an unexpected bonus for the great work I was doing. So I know he wasn't looking to fire me. It's just that two weeks of unplanned absence was enough for him to ditch me. also, before anybody asks...I did keep in touch the entire time on my expected return time...so I didn't just disappear. It was only when I got the ok from the dr. did he vanish. p.s. sorry for the long post...I just had to rant.


I feel like that was illegal as shit.


probably is, The state I live in is insanely pro company. I read an article a bit ago about only less then 1% of complaints to the labor board are ruled in favor of the employee filling the complaint.


I read this whole thing. That is insane. What kind of person doesn't understand that someone can have a medical emergency? It's not like you just disappeared and went on vacation. You're better off not working for someone like that.


Haha. CEO getting $40M bonus this year - “We’re in this together “


Or when said CEO "gave up his bonus for us" but still made $50M from stocks + salary


Our CEO “gave up 50%of his salary” for the year (which is still literally like 4 million LOL) but when you looked at the fine print of it......he gave up 50% of ONE of his pay checks. LOL thanks buddy. I’ll just keep reusing my N95.


There is this thing I read somewhere where it was said that men think about sex every ten seconds or something like that. I don't believe it. That's absurd.


I don’t even have a coherent thought every minute, much less every ten seconds


Same my dude. Same.


Wait, you guys are thinking?


I don't even know how one would measure that




You’re counting too fast. You have to do it like this: One Sexxissippi. Two Sexxissippi. Three Sexxissippi...


Four Sexxissippi. Five Sexxissippi. Sex Sexxis- \*sigh* gotta start over... One...


I got to Seven Sexxissippi on my first try!


This is actually from a super flawed study that (basically) asked a bunch of men to press a button on a device every time they thought about sex, while going about their day to day lives. The results, unsurprisingly, were hugely skewed.


The fact that I know I'm participating in that study would just make me think about it 100x more than usual


Exactly. It's impossible to measure something like that for that reason.


It’s likely a measure of how often they noticed the button.


Yes! If I know I’m supposed to push the big red SEX button every time I think about sex, every time I see the big red SEX button of course I’m going to think about sex.


I don't even *think* every ten seconds.


Not to to mention that people have vastly different libidos. I'll go days without being the slightest bit horny.


that’s definitely not true and im a horny teenager


the only reliable source


Myth busted. Pack it in, boys.


That there are hot singles in my area


I once saw an ad "there are horny milf in 300 metres who want to fuck you"(or something like that) ...I live in the middle of fields... there is literally nothing around my home...


They are called cougars because of their hunting tactics, you could easily have missed a milf hiding in the field.


I’ve always had my own personal one. My biological Grandfather was born in the 1800s and I’m only 33. He had my Dad later in life who had me later in life so I’m one generation removed from someone born in the 1800s which seems pretty uncommon for someone my age.


And you're not buying it?


Similar situation here- my grandfather fought in WWI. My mother’s dad married a slightly younger woman and had tons of kids and my mom was second from last. She then had me in her mid/late 30s. So I’m one generation from someone who served in WWI


I had a grandma on my dad's side who was only one year younger than my great grandmother on my mom's side.


Life never gives you more than you can handle. Fuck that. Life will absolutely waffle stomp you and not even look back at the fiery wreckage


llife sucks, and i wish more people would just admit that sometimes it’s shitty for absolutely no reason at all. i mean, i’ll stick around and enjoy the good parts, but some of this shit is unnecessary.


“everything happens for a reason” is a term that absolutely pisses me off.


Fuck "Everything happens for a reason." I want my daughter back.


Fuck everything happens for a reason. I want a father like you who cares for his daughter, instead of dead hearted chomo.


Did someone actually say that to you? Fuck em. Internet hugs for you ❤


My daughter diagnosed with bone cancer at 12, died 2years later. 4 years later my wife (40) is diagnosed with G4 glioblastoma. If someone tells me this shit again I’ll puke. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” can GTFO too. I’d rather just have my family be healthy


That collectibles (beanie babies, Pokémon cards, legos) commonly sell for thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands on eBay. Seems like it’s faked half the time for money laundering reasons.


Old Pokemon cards and old MTG cards sell at high numbers due to rarity/scarcity, but tons of complete casuals enter the market not knowing what they're doing asking for extravagant prices. I worked at a comic/card store for 3 and a half years and somebody tried convincing me his Wartortle was $12k. It was like $2. But to the actual REAL expensive cards, it's mostly an investment or expensive hobby collector's purchase at this point. Investing in hobbies isn't a terrible idea if you know what to look for.


That some people believe in Flat Earth Theory


I’m pretty sure the surge of this online in the early 2000s was satire/trolling for fun. But, with a global audience, literally all the morons in the world have access to the same information, they just lack the full set of lenses.


It's not even about the belief any more. I was watching some documentary on flat earthers because apparently I'm dumb, and one guy flat out said that he wouldn't give up his beliefs even if shown evidence because he'd "lose all of his friends."




isn't that a main recruitment theme for those groups? to pick up kids that are in a bad place and indoctrinate them while giving them what they need emotionally?


Forming a Cult 101.


That spiders are just as afraid of us as we are of them. 1. Insects don't think like that 2. Those little fuckers are up to something


The thing about spiders is that a single bite is enormously metabolically costly. A spider that wastes its venom on a non-meal is putting itself at very high risk of starvation. Almost all species will avoid biting a human unless they feel absolutely cornered. What you really have to watch out for are venomous eusocial insects like wasps, bees or fire ants. In that case, wasting the venom of a single drone does not put their Darwinian survival at risk. Plus they can muster enough of a swarm to actually put your life in serious danger.


Its definition of "absolutely cornered" had might as well be "not in the same country" as far as I'm concerned.


I know right? Fuck brown recluses. Stay the fuck out of my clothes. I don't even know you're there.


Spiders have always chased me man.. I'm the unwilling spider queen and I don't know why they love me so much. But at least they don't bite me... But they'll chase me the fuck down.. For the most part due to my arachnophobia I'll catch sight of them way before they get on me but they make a mad dash.. Even try to do it while I'm asleep. If they do manage as few rarely have... They just sit there awaiting their impending demise... I feel bad cause if I wasn't so scared of them at least I'd always have friends.


"Bullies are projecting their insecurities onto you and are actually jealous, which is why they are bullying you" Absolute bullshit.


“It’s just a wasp, it won’t hurt you”


I once walked across a field in a park and a wasp flew up my trouser leg. It proceeded to sting my leg multiple times as it was now trapped inside my trousers. It also managed to fly all the way up to the butt area of the trouser and then down into the other leg of the trouser. I decided I could either drop my trousers in the middle of the field (there were people walking about) or try and squish the wasp so it would die and fall out of my trousers. I chose the latter. When I got home and looked, my legs were covered in wasp stings. At least if it were a bee, it would have died after the first sting. But nope, I got stung multiple times. Definitely not an experience I want to ever repeat, since the wasp did indeed hurt me (quite badly too).


I have a similar experience from the only time I've been stung by a wasp. I was sitting in a chair outside with my cat, and a wasp flew into my hair. It got tangled up in the mess and tumbled down my shirt and into my pants, and proceeded to sting me on the butt. Ugh I still remember the pain, and that was over ten years ago now.


I have long hair and people laugh when I dodge the little dive bombing fuck heads but your situation Is exactly why I dodge and I don't want bugs in my hair or to have to try to untangle them. "Just sit still and it won't hit you!" As it flies through the spot my face was just .02 seconds ago, yeah sure.


'if you leave it alone it will just ignore you' Then why the fuck is it on my arm


Wasps are jerks. Was on a picnic with bride back in the day, and we had some cold cuts on a plate. This wasp just comes out of nowhere, lands on a slice of bologna. He cuts out a little circle of meat and flies away with it, without a by-your-leave. The gall of these creatures!


I used to be one of the "if you leave it alone it wont bother you" camp and i reliably got stung by a wasp at least once a year. One day I decided that, without exception, every single wasp that came into my zone of terror would die. To. A. One. I haven't been stung in 20 years. ​ **objection**: "Oh no don't do that, the smell of dead wasp attracts other wasps" **answer**: "Then they too will face my wrath" **objection**: "Don't kill wasps, you're coming into their home and messing with them, leave them be" **answer**: "Incorrect. Wasps have nests, I have a house, outside is neutral territory where we both have the right to defend ourselves with lethal force. If a wasp can kill me that wasp has earned my respect and a meal fit for a king, the same applies to me. **objection**: Dude you're being really weird chasing wasps, you're kinda ruining the vibe of the party. **answer**: Silence wasp sympathising communist. You are next.


Also, do not dispose of the wasp carcass. Leave it out in the open as a warning to other wasps.


I put their heads on tiny cocktail sticks as a warning


Alright, this was funny.


My mom stays in the "ignore it and it's fine" area but she's always getting stung like once a year or so. Meanwhile, I run like hell from every wasp that comes within 15 feet of me and watch the rest like a hawk to make sure it stays out of stinging range. I haven't been stung... Yet. I know one day one of those little fuckers will sneak up on me while I'm getting the mail, pushing my kids on the swing, or cutting the grass. Until that day, I run. Fuck wasps.




Is that commonly accepted? I’ve always heard the opposite, wasps are actually quite aggressive (at least the ones in my area)


"People swallow X number of spiders while they sleep over the course of their lifetime" This claims makes no sense if you think about it. When and where and was this observed and recorded? Why would spiders be walking over your face at night? These animals spin webs to catch insects in. And most of all, who doesn't wake up in a panic if something crawls over your face, into your mouth and down your throat?


it is fake. fun fact: it started out as a way of showing how easily misinformation spreads.


All snowflakes are unique.


Quite the coincidence that every undergraduate degree takes the same amount of time to complete regardless of subject or quality of instruction


That my car’s extended warranty is coming due.


Once you pop, you can't stop


Not quite a lie, pringles are pretty addictive.


I lost everything. Was up to eight, even *nine* tubes a day. Living under the bridge at the edge of town. Nowadays I can’t even *look* at a hyperbolic paraboloid without getting that irresistible urge and needing to go to my support group. Stay away kids. Last thing you want is to find yourself trapped in the cylinder.