[Serious] How do you get a conspiracy theorist to see how wrong they are about their false beliefs?

[Serious] How do you get a conspiracy theorist to see how wrong they are about their false beliefs?


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Well they say you have to acknowlexge their belief, not criticize them, ask questions about what they believe and get to a place where said questions start coming from them vs you. Conspiracies fall apart when scrutiny and logic are applied. Could thousands of people really keep their mouths shut about this? Could even 10? Seriously have you ever tried to get a few people to keep a secret? It's fucking ridiculous how bad everybody is at it.


There's actually a matrix used by intelligence services around the world to gauge plausibility of a conspiracy theory. Number of people involved against time. As more people are involved it's an exponential chance of leak in a shorter and shorter window of time. For stuff like 9/11 or the moon landings to be a conspiracy, the details would have leaked within hours, days at the most for how many people would have needed to be "in" on it.


Hey do you know the name of said matrix would make for an interesting read.


You can’t logic a person out of a position they didn’t logic themselves into.


What conspiracy theory do I need to stop believing?


There are no gremlins living behind your dryer stealing your socks.


They've gotten to you! Open your eyes, fool!


False. My gremlins name is Urfstadt, and I buy it special socks so it'll leave mine alone.


True, they are *goblins*


You gotta realize that reptilian governments from different solar systems are NOT contacting us through meth addicts


Try to gently nudge them to use critical thinking. I know its tempting to call them crazy or stupid but that will really not help them see the light. A lot of them have poor mental health or are just lonely and looking for something to belong to. Its really frustrating, especially if you care about the person. Try to be patient.


If you force them to dig their hole deeper the more difficult it’s going to be for them to ask for help out


How do you know they are wrong?


Critical thinking


Nothing really. You can’t change peoples beliefs just like no one can really change yours. Just agree to disagree and move on with your life!


The thing about conspiracies is that in terms of the political stuff, there's a *slight* possibility for them to be true. For example, in the past, the CIA has done weird shady things such as trying to use psychic powers, trying to use LSD as mind control drugs (MK Ultra), or trying to train cats to be spies, which I think is kind of funny. Those didn't work, but the fact that they tried to pull this kind of absurd shit at all makes it show that the government's willing to try any unorthodox means of getting what they want. So when someone makes a very far-fetched conspiracy theory about the government, nothing is really that strange if you compare the conspiracy theory to what's actually been done in the past. Probably the most interesting case in my opinion is called Operation: Northwoods. Part of this plan involved the U.S. military hijacking plans and broadcasting the incident as a Cuban terrorist attack. The idea behind this was to gain public support to go to war with Cuba, during the Cold War. This idea was rejected by JFK. This sounds strikingly similar to the 9/11 conspiracy theories. I don't particularly believe in them, but at the same time, they're not that absurd, given what I've just explained. Now the conspiracy theories about 5G in the vaccine, or Flat-Earth, I can't really help you there.


You really can't.


You cant fix stupid...


You are the problem. Calling everyone who has a “crazy” belief stupid just reinforces them because they can say the same thing straight back. It gets nowhere. The only reason people believe in these things is because smart people used their debate abilities to convince other people. Intelligence is not a major factor in predicting susceptibility to suspect beliefs.


Really? I'm the problem?? There are people out there that literally believe the earth is flat. And no matter what you tell them they believe it to be so. That's a special kind of stupid. But go ahead and tell me why I'm the problem again. If you believe I'm the problem over an ignorant dumbass moron that believes the earth is flat then forgive me for saying this but you're a stupid that can't be fixed...


Not. As the Buddha teaches, change comes from within. You can point the way, but you cannot lead them down the path. When the flower is ready, it will bloom.


You have to out-conspirancy them... If they believe that the earth is flat, hit then with this, "You believe in the earth?!" If they believe that the water turns frogs gay, "You believe in frogs?!" If they believe in planes leaving chem-trails in the sky, "You believe in planes?!" When they start looking at you funny, tell them that's how foolish they are.


They most likely won't change it no matter what. Nonetheless, the best possible way is to corner them with arguments that prove the exact opposite of what they claim. Otherwise, there's no chance in hell they will see it. Instead of flat out denying their belief, have them explain their belief and just keep asking more questions and giving arguments that make it impossible to keep the theory going without the answer. If you keep asking those questions, they will either run away from the conversation or they will understand that their belief isn't as certain as they thought. Don't tell it to them yourself, let them realize it.


You can't because they've drank the Kool-aid.