What would a day in your ideal life entail?

What would a day in your ideal life entail?


Sleep in, play video games with my dad, sister, or my friends, hang out with my mom a bit, have food whenever I feel like it, then go to bed


Wake up to a blow job. Roll over and go back to bed.


Owning a fully automatic drum mag Barrett .50cal


It would start at 10, automatic cleaners will brush my teeth and have me take my bath BEFORE I wake up. I will eat whatever I want ranging from chinese to south asian to fast foor. Then my shoferer will take me and my caravan to buy the newest piece of tech (if any) and go back to a place I own and connect it back to charging/sewer/etc. Then I will watch youtube for 2 1/2 hours. I will view reddit for a half hour, and by that point it will be 2. I will eat my lunch (whatever I want, again) and then view my twitter feed for a half hour.Then I will play whatever I want till 6. At that point me and my friends and gf will go to play badminton (yes the ones I have irl, and yes I have a gf as of writing this.) After that i will hang out with them for a while and eat dinner. Then me and my gf will sleep together.


I get out of bed, get on my computer, work, eat a little, work some more, and get back in bed. Fuck you online school


Hey, depressing life high five! You just described my life, but I'm not in school, I'm a programmer. And full time work from home is something I really didn't want.