Would you prefer having a daughter or a son? why?

Would you prefer having a daughter or a son? why?


I wanted one of each, got two daughters. I'm happy with what I got, they're great.


Came here to say this.


All their fingers and toes, happy and healthy...that's what I prefer


Before we found out with our first, people would ask "what do you want?" and my husband would answer "ten fingers, ten toes...[pause for aaaawww] and a penis." He got his boy that time and updated his response for number two to "ten fingers, ten toes" when asked since we didn't find out until delivery.


Lmao I like his humor and that's badass. Always wanted to wait for the delivery But my ex couldn't wait(I have two boys)


Both of us wanted a boy so once that was out of the way, it didn't really matter either way to us. We just wanted another fresh human. It's funny how much everyone else struggled with not knowing, even our midwife could barely contain herself having the knowledge and not telling us. When we got home from the hospital, we had to introduce her over Facebook live because everyone wanted to be the first to know haha. Having the pair is nice because now no one asks of we'll be trying for another.


Amen to that.




That's really wholesome :3


Love all my kids but my little princess is the most amazing thing in my life. The boys are gods revenge on me for my past sins.


Haha, love this


You haven’t met the youngest boy my MIL calls him Diablo for good reason he’s the game changer my dad calls him Steve McQueen fri the great escape




As a dad to 1 daughter and 3 sons, I would say my daughter was the easiest to deal with/raise.


I have twin daughters and 1 son. I agree for the first 12-13 years of their life the boy was harder to deal with, but starting right around teenage years, it flipped.


Being the youngest in my family with significantly older siblings, this was definitely the case in my family too


I have 2 boys and a girl. My daughter is 5 and I love being a girl dad. She is so much fun and made me a bit more softer and easier to deal with. Then I found out I had a son... mind blown he was 11 at rhe time about to be 14. I loved him from the moment I found out about him, didn't even know his name just a DNA match. (He lives with us now) A month later my wife was pregnant with our son. I have to tell you I honestly don't prefer one or the other. Girls and boys are just different and I appreciate all of them and how much they have taught me as a man, father and being a better husband.


First kid I was thinking boy. I imagined a little version of me that’s better in every way. When baby came out and they asked me what it was I was blown away to see it was a girl. Having a girl was an amazing thing to me. It let me see the world in a whole different point of view and surely made me a more well rounded guy. I have 3 daughters and 4 sons now and all are amazing in different ways but nothing rocked my world in the best of ways than having a little girl.


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I wish there was a way of doing that. Sorry 7th child.


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> I have 3 daughters and 4 sons now MAN, STOP FUCKING!


Why? dude seems to be raising a bunch of good kids in a stable home. Thats a goal there man! I aspire to be that one day!


Not to get deep on this, but like... We have enough people in the world.


7 isnt gonna make a big difference, and its not like a lot people have that many kids


The raindrop never thinks it's part of the flood.


I like this quote I had never heard it before.


Hey, if I could I’d go back in time and have 7 more to go with my 7 grandchildren (all 8 and under). Some times, you ought not overthink these things.


He can fuck, just pull out.. Jeez


Both, one daughter and one son


which ones older?


No, i mean that i want both, wouldnt prefer one above other


I'd like a daughter, but I want a son because I don't want to have to be scared shitless of my daughter going into the real world. I feel like that's every father though


Facts. I literally don't want to have kids cause I'm too worried about having a daughter who gets fucked over


You’ll be worried about that no matter the gender. You could have a brilliantly fierce daughter that can hold her own!


Very true. Didn't mean to say anything against women here. I was just brought up to be very protective of the women in my life and am always worried it would go to far with a daughter


Exactly! I know they mean well and seem like a great person but that's just not a good enough reason to not want a daughter - raise her to be strong fierce and independent and you'll be fine. Don't get me wrong, if you want a son just because you want a son - amazing! But if you want a son because you're scared of your daughter getting hurt in the real world.. women are so much more than that / more than victims. Again I know they meant well but I just really disagree with that narrative


Ya but if need be you can send your son to lay the hammer on whatever rugrat is bothering your daughter.


A golden retriever will do


Question still holds though.


Either, they will be loved the same


Eh. I don't really care what gender my dog is. They're not like people where there are strong social constructs that go with each gender.


Boy or girl tho? Girl doggies so protective different energy to them


I almost spit out my drink!! 😂😂


They are just wholesome 24/7


This is the correct answer.


Yes!! More time for golf


I still remember being in the ultrasound room and finding out I wouldn't be getting a little version of me. I was devastated. I wish I knew then what I know now, which is this... There is nothing better in this world, or any other, than a little girl.


Anything specific that made your perspective change?


Specific? No. I've been holding my phone in my hand and staring at it for a few minutes now. I dunno what to tell you. She's perfect. Even when she's not. Being among guests such as a doll and stuffed unicorn at a tea party hosted by your daughter is an experience I wish every man could have. No one will ever look at you with more love than a little girl looks at her father. And no man will ever behold such beauty as when he looks at his daughter. I love my nephews...but quite frankly, boys stink. I could go on...but no matter how long I would, I'd never come close to expressing how friggin' awesome having a daughter is. It's just that good.


Wow. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while. Your love for your child is so evident. Lucky little girl. Cherish all these special moments… You’re the first man she’s ever loved and it seems you’re setting the bar way high! :)


I know how you feel. I was a nanny for triplet boys plus a little girl. I took care of her since birth. Her hugging me tightly is basically heaven on earth. There’s no other place I’d rather be :) Boys are cute and sweet to but she’s just so different. Ohhh miss them already. Can’t wait to see them again in the weekend :D


Dang, this made me tear up. I need to call my dad.


Be happy with a healthy ethier


“Girls take care of their papas when their papas grow old. Boys just go off to fight in someone else’s wars.” - random dude roasting a rabbit in Game of Thrones (S7E1)


Dude. May i ask how you remember this?


And if the boys don't join the military, they either; become successful, become depressed and homeless, or end up in prison.


Many men get successful, then become depressed, do something stupid, land in prison, and then become homeless when they get out.


Ah the 4 phases. Successful: "Thats my son!" Despressed: "Keep it together son!" Do something stupid: "Shit happens son!" Prison: "I have no such son!"


Both like the other poster said. Ideally my wife will have fraternal twins boy and girl. Ultimately I'll be very happy with whatever sex our two kids are. Then I get the snip-snip.


A son maybe ,coz my country is not safe for girls.i am having hard time here myself, cannot even go to morning walk in fear of meeting some weirdo.i am thinking of remaining childless but if get a son I will make him very bulky so nobody can bully him, ever.




I can't wait to be a dad, I will be happy with any children I'm blessed with.


I got my girl first and my boy just a few days ago. When I was younger, I wanted a son no matter what. Wasn’t vibing with having a daughter. I don’t know when my mind changed on that, but when my wife and I got pregnant the first time, I was like, “‘man, I hope she’s a girl.” And she was and it’s awesome being a girl dad so far. Then when we got pregnant earlier this year I wanted a son badly, so the ultrasound where we found out, I was so extremely proud. When he was born on Monday, it was an amazing moment. Now I have my daughter and son and it’s awesome having both! Looking forward to seeing how their relationship unfolds over the years.


I have both. I prefer them both. They each have their advantages


I don’t care


I have three. Two boys, one girl. I never once felt a pull either way. Pure excitement was all it was.


Both but maybe a son first to give my daughter a sense of brotherly protection, however I'd be happy with any outcome


Either way I will give them all my love. . ₐ ₛₒₙ


I would prefer to have both. But if I only had a choice of one child then I wouldn't care.


A healthy, able child.


Either or, I don't care. Heck they can change how they identify later on and it won't matter to me.


I’d prefer having a healthy child. Don’t care about the gender


I have 3 kids so I have one of each.




Boy boy girl Girl girl boy Not in birthing order


Maybe a son, only because I think it'll be easier. Although out of my Nieces and nephews as kids, I prefer my nieces a little.


I work with children and can say that it really depends on the character. what I did notice though is that usually when we had children that were harder to handle it was mostly boys. that's when you notice that often the expectation of raising boys are much more vague while parents are more specific when raising girls


Thank you for telling me.👍🏾


No problem! this comment just reminded me of some situations that have occured over my worklife that were mildly to extremely frustrating


Keep it low key but yes I feel same with my niece. Like what is this pureness love I have for closest thing I have to a daughter of my own. A daughter would destroy me cause I'd be a sucker and let them run amuck as I am told by sister.


I'd be happy with both, but would have a preference for atleast one daughter. But considering I'd like 3 children, chances of achieving that are good.


3 of each


I love them all just the same and they are all unique


Why not one of each? Honestly I thought I'd want a boy first until I saw our daughter, that feeling of wanting one or the other went away really quick.




Daughter; I have 3 brothers and no sisters, all of my brothers kids are boys too. I think the male skew has always made me want to have a daughter to have some feminine energy in the household lol. I’m sure I would love my son just the same though


i always wanted a boy, but now i have 2 daughters and now i really dont care what gender my kids will have in the future as long as they are healthy.


I used to want a daughter if I ever had kids, but after living with my nieces and nephews, I'd prefer a boy. I relate to them better and little girls are fucking *mean* sometimes lol.


I have one of each, so both I guess.


I have 2 sons they're great but sometimes I wish we had a daughter also but it wasn't meant to be


I’ve always said a daughter and when I tell a lot of people that always kind of look in awe because they assume most guys want a son. Usually because they believe a man can relate to his son more, he doesn’t have to worry about all the scary/unfair things women have to worry about constantly in the real world, etc But idk I always like being around women more than guys and not just for the obvious reasons lol. I feel like women are better listeners, more caring, and like you can have more in depth conversations with them. But that’s just my opinion. Idk guys just always seem like assholes for the most part (not saying they are all bad people just assholes if that makes sense) always talking about women non-stop. Everything feels like a dick measuring contest. Being the quiet guy I’ve always gotten my fair share of jokes thrown at me when I’m in a setting with mostly dudes Plus we have a lot of guys in my family already so it’s cool to break up the monotony


A son because i dont really want a daughter in these times. Ofc in the end i dont care about the gender but i think boys have it easier.


>in these times What do you mean?


Women cant even go outside without being worried and wary of their surroundings.


That's so true. To be fair though, it's always been like that for women. Hopefully, times will have changed long before a girl born this year is old enough to have to deal with it.


I hooe so but i doubt it, as sad as it is


I know you mean well but women are so much more than victims ya know?


I wanted two children and I wasn't bothered about having boys or girls. I ended up with two boys and I couldn't be happier. As soon as they were handed to me my life was complete. They're both mad as a box of frogs and are currently obsessed with genitalia and bodily functions which I could do without but I can't imagine my life without them.




A daughter so I can be on the other side of the future father in law - son in law conversation And all he needs to do is be polite to both me, my wife and my girl to get my approval


What if he is a polite meth head?


Then I will talk to my daughter about it and I want to see her be happy


id prefer a daughter , my family has a lot of sons so the child would be loved and spoiled af.




The first one should be a boy and the rest can be girls. I have an amazing relationship with my sister because sisters are AWESOME and she is my best friend. But I'm never having kids so this is all just hypothetical.


I can't wait to be a dad, I will be happy with any children I'm blessed with.


I have one son and two daughters. Each has their own unique personality. I guess it doesn't matter to me.


Doesn’t matter


Either way, they will be a warrior prince or princess.


Neither. Kids are messy, expensive, a lot of work and I am not ready for those responsibilities. Honestly it’s for their safety, not my benefit.


Neither….and I can easily name 1,000 reasons










“Id like a straight son or a gay daughter because I don’t want a dick in my kid”


It mattered until my wife was pregnant, then I just wanted 10 fingers and 10 toes


I wouldn’t!


A son. I saw what my parents went through with my sister.


I would rather have a son but am erring towards neither. I think that my worldview is too negative to want to bring another person in/ make them deal. Seems a bit selfish to me personally


Neither, the world is to f’ed up for me to want to have children.


Daughter, hands down. I have always wanted a daughter, ever since i was quite young, and my experiences with girls (like my nieces, friends kids etc) has just strengthened that certainty.


I do not want children just to have children but I would love to be with someone who makes me want to have children with them and you both say and feel this way toward each other, How rare that actually is..


It’s out there! I am a woman. Never had much of a maternal feeling in my life. Didn’t baby or play with dolls, always liked kids enough but never felt anything other for them then you would seeing a cute dog or whatever. Met my partner and am so in love I just wanted more of him to love. He turned out to be such an amazing father and partner that it gives me more reason to be appreciative of him by my side!


I used to think I would prefer I would prefer a daughter but only because I knew what I would want to call her. Now I've decided on a boy's name that I actually like, I don't mind. That's literally the only reason I had a preference.


One son, eldest. Two daughters.


I've always imagined having twin daughters, I don't know why


I used to want a son, but frankly I'd be happy with any kid. I know people who struggle to get kids and I feel you should be happy with anything you get. Another thing is that you will not get a boy or a girl, you will get a person. It could be a very girly or femine boy or otherwise. Each person will have their own qualities. So I kind of the of my future as a Kinder egg and it will be could to find out what kind of treat it is.




doesnt matter. But a son is preferred.


With a girl you got a millions of dicks to worry about, with a boy you only got 1 dick to worry about.


I think life for girls is easier than it is for boys


I think both have their own challenges, they’re just different, but definitely not easier. For sure though there are hardships with both.


They have different battles. I want my daughter to grow up strong, and independent, and comfortable in her skin. My son will be short, like me, and might have some confidence issues. Those two things are similar, but I will have to teach him how to be a man too. My daughters social issues will be in a different realm from him. They'll have different expectations.


Ya think?


Either/or. Daughter to ensure I get a put in a good nursing home, son to carry on the family name.


From only child Son: Father we cannot afford to out you in good nursing home, so your going in whatever was cheapest that inflation's a bish.


A son bc OnlyFans


At least you’re honest lol.


Both. Son first, to protect my daughter while she is a minor so I don’t have to go to jail if someone does something to her.


Yeah it doesn't work like that, coming from the older brother whose sister had stuff done to her.


Honestly, I would like a son first for several reasons. 1. He can be the older protective brother for his siblings. 2. I personally feel like it would be easier. 3. The thought of some acne infested sweaty teenage boy hitting on my daughter makes me angry even now.


I would prefer a son. Even though I'm still really young (16), there's so many things that I know I'm not going to be able to do. I hope that if I were to have a son, he could do all the things that I couldn't, and accomplish his own things.




For most of human history there was no guarantee that the next generation would be better off than the current one, we are just going back to that norm


Barely that too. Most of the issues are social, and they're already exaggerated as is. Like, if you listened to the internet, you'd think they're beheading all the women, and slavery is still legal. Some of our biggest issues are economic. Cost of living just keeps going up. Housing costs are crazy. We've done a poor job educating people financially, so most people in my generation don't even know how to budget. They live paycheck to paycheck, and have no savings, yet still have large amounts of disposable income.


Lol people had kids during the great depression and far worse shit


For broke people maybe


Son. I'm a guy so I can understand them better than a daughter.


Both, want a boy first though so he can protect his little sister


Daughter because I want a mini me. Lol is that narcissistic? Edit : Just realized that this is AskMen not AskReddit, hope my comment is still OK?


I have a son and it’s perfect. Even at his young age he is teaching me great many things and always pushes me to think out of the box.


Son. With a son you only have to worry about one dick. With a daughter you have to worry about all of them.


I would want a son. Since I can’t choose, I chose to never have kids. I’ve met the dads of the girls I’ve been with, these dudes are constantly stressed out and hoping the guy the daughter is with isn’t a scum bag. I’m really not trying to deal with that. My parents have two boys (my brother and I) and they don’t give a fuck. We aren’t supervised in any way, no curfew etc. Raising a daughter in this cardi B, Megan the stallion world would be hell.


Yeah, I agree.


Definitely a son although a daughter is just as precious. It’s just… the thought of my future daughter getting railed by her boyfriend/husband tortures my soul. I’d want to slap his head straight off his neck.


oh no, my daughter has self-determination over her own body? let's scare off potential great male partners she has chosen herself and ruin her love life as I cannot accept that she is an independent adult person with needs who wants to do exactly the same thing as almost everyone else (including me and her mother, since I seemingly also put her father in despair by my horrible and selfish actions that is loving his daughter)


Prefer boy. That way you only have one penis to worry about vs all of them.


A son. Never want a daughter. If they are anything like how they’re talked about from dudes then I want no part of that at all. I’d rather just avoid that headache all together.


Son. The developmental stages of girls drives me batty. No interest in exploring it by having one.


Why not both? Insert taco shell commercial music here


No children! But otherwise a daughter.


I feel like most men imagine themselves having a son. That's not to say they wouldn't be happy having a daughter, but most men in their minds picture themselves running around with a little mini-me, teaching him about all their hobbies and all that. Now, would I be upset at having a daughter? Nah, I'd probably love it. But can I picture myself with one? Not initially, at least. Brain just defaults to having a boy.


First i am thinking of a daughter as i think girls are not too much problematic because i babysitted my sister's daughter for the whole time in her sister's wedding. It was long time ago,now i have met her again and she is good and polite and behave well without anyone telling her. Maybe it was just for her but i think it's better to have first child girl so that you can handle son better and her brother who 4 years older than her always creates a ruckus he also broke my chain. So my preference is first child daughter.


I would prefer a daughter. I do not know why, I have just felt on an instinctual level that I want to have a daughter since I was sixteen.


Idk both seem fun in their own way to deal with. But I would actually prefer a son as my first child to (warning gender roles) his siblings.


Biologically, I want both but if I had no choice and could only have 1, I'd choose a son. Just so he would be like mini me. And I know this is kinda stupid, but if I had a step kid I'd want a step daughter over a stepson.


I want both, preferably a son first and a daughter after. Why: because I think both will be amazing and having one of each let’s you ‘experience’ both. I want the son first cause I feel they’ll be more protective over the other at later age.


I only have daughters. I would have gladly accepted a son, but that ain’t what God gave me. I’m happy. No complaints with my daughters.


Well ideally I would like to have both.Although I'm really curious about raising a daughter because I have 2 brothers, one of which is younger than me 13 years.


I have a son and four daughters (some mine, one step and another adopted) They all have their good and bad points. Girls are easier some times, boy is easy pretty much all the time


A girl. Partly because I think girls are closer to the fathers and boys are closer to their mothers (which is probably superstition), partly because there’s a greater chance of grandkids+you get them earlier. Also I’m kind of introverted and to the extent that personality is heritable it think it might be easier to be an introverted woman (controversial, I know).


Son. That's what I currently have but I did raise and still do raise a girl who's 21 now. She was hell on wheels and me and her mom constantly getting told we were shitty for one reason or another. Plus girls are just more maintenance. If they have a brother it's a little better especially if he's older but I would hope for a boy no matter what. Still love my daughter tho


Daughter, i feel like id be way harder on my son.


ITT: people who don’t know the violent-crime statistics for males and females. Son is MUCH likelier to be assaulted or murdered.


Son. Mini-me.