How can you tell if a girl is freaky in sheets?

How can you tell if a girl is freaky in sheets?


That’s not easy. I’ve seen girls who where wild at parties and turned into lame ducks in bed and I’ve seen super quite girls that would take your soul. I’ve never found a for sure sign that they would be freaky but the quit girls where more adventurous overall.


Get her in the sheets ...


By having sex with her.


Talk to them.


Unless your meeting via Feeld or fetlife or it’s been stablished from the start, you can’t truly tell


By asking her in a respectful manner that doesn’t demean or diminish her


Is she catholic?


Daddy issues, larger women, freshly divorced, church girls.


When you are in her bed and she walks in with a 12inch dildo and a whip and says ' bend over'


Low self esteem, wanting affirmation, few female friends, spontaneous, hyper, emotionally unstable, they talk about sex a lot, family issues etc. It’s gunna be fun and she’ll enthusiastically let you do the nasty shit you always wanted to try. But she also might steal your dog and get his microchip changed over to her name Bc she use to fuck a vet.


Daddy issues


Have to get in bed to find out


That's really only something that can be confirmed once you get to that point. In my region, the stereotype is girls who went to catholic school that are the most freaky in bed, presumably due to a mix of inhibited sex drives and a behind-doors kink for pushing the established norms of one's upbringing. It does indeed apply to some, but not all.


Asking her if you can be her good boy and if she would spank you


It’s always the quiet ones that are a little more modest but have sex appeal.


If she's super loud and over the top normally (especially younger women) she's probably a star fish. If she's usually somewhat reserved but gets fired up when talking about something she's into or when someone does something wrong to her or her family chances are she'll be super passionate in the bedroom too. Obviously this is a generalised view and there will be many who don't follow this trend but a lot of my mates who used to play the field so to speak would tell many a story of going home with the wild party chick to have a dud root. But when they end up in a relationship or just banging the same chick consistently for a longer time it's the quiter or little bit weird/odd ones every time.


She will let me do anything and isn’t a prude


When she wants to suck your dick in the taxi on the way home


By seeing how comfortable she is with showing skin and "Accidental" touches. This has been a clear indicator for me in my experience. So chill with the downvotes.