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People making comments like that are saying more about themselves than they are you.


But how come brown is bad? No one says anything about white guys


You really need to stop caring what other people think and say. The average person is dumb, and half are dumber than that and you met one of them. Brown ain't bad, good or anything, shit white people spend all summer trying to get brown. The hardest part about growing in to a man is learning to not give a fuck about what others think of you but it's also the most liberating feeling, I hope you feel it too, soon


You are kidding, right?


Yes, people often say things about white guys… like literally everyday. You’re no more discriminated against than anyone.


We all talk shit about white people being the source of all problems but its very rare to see a white person walk into a room and gets uncomfortable or to change your hiring decision based on white people.


Also incredibly rare for brown people… but it occasionally happens for both.


Brown isn’t bad at all. Just like any other race isn’t the best. We’re all humans, the sooner the old people who hang on to that shit and pass it along fade out the sooner it’ll go away. In my experience younger generations don’t give a shit about skin color, which is the way it should be. Your skin doesn’t say shit about you your character and the way you act is what should speak about you. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with things like this. Keep up the great habits you’ve started and prove everyone wrong that has those kinds of thoughts and opinions. My grandparents on both sides talk shit about other races all the time it drives me nuts but they’re old and aren’t going to change. It’s just the way things are. Edit: grammar




This a thousand times. Just super politely ask what they mean by it. Act like you’re the most clueless person and genuinely would like to know. It works wonders against racism and misogyny. Good luck OP. and just remember, your actions, though it shouldn’t be up to you, are going to be what the racist remembers. So getting angry validates their beliefs. It’s shitty and it shouldn’t be that way. But it generally is the way it works.


How does that do anything


It's a good advice. It puts them in front of their contradiction. Most of the time they will have trouble explaining because they only reapeat what they heard.


You're metaphorically loading up the gun that they'll shoot themselves with. If you call someone a dumbass for having dumbass beliefs, people will be a little skeptical. Now, leave that same dumbass to express his own stupidity through targeted questions and others won't have a shred of doubt.


It makes them look like the idiots that they really are. It highlights their stupidness.


Do they pay your bills or handle any of your responsibilities? If not then fuck’em, they’re just words being spewed out of the mouths of ignorant assholes.




I agree. The main people who saying "get over it" are usually non POC. Not saying that just to be a rude bitch, but I've noticed that pattern. Like they're not wrong but it also feels disingenuous I'm black so I know that there's racist shitty people who won't like me and I accept and acknowledge all the good, the bad, and the ugly in this world but it isn't always easy to let it roll off my shoulders. There will be days where it does get me down. It's balance. You pick and choose your battles. Some people aren't worth your time so you just ignore but there are times when it's necessary to check a bitch if they need to be put in their place for some bullfuckery.


Maybe you should rethink this “org”. Also, just toughen up and realize life is hard for ppl of all colors. Humans.


Maybe I’m just some white dude who’s been privileged to feel this way, but race is quite literally meaningless in regards to the content of someone’s character So people saying otherwise is a red flag they’re dumb. And I filter out all the things dumb people say


People of color we trained to get angry when called names in order to perpetuate stereotypes. See let it roll of your back or prove them right.


Someone said “they are electing brown guys now?”? What? That seems like the dumbest shit to say to someone. Is the club the kkk? Sounds like some made up shit. If someone is saying that who cares. Fuck that guy. Tell everyone you know that dude said that shit so everyone knows he is a racist cunt. But you need to get over it and not let it get into your head. Don’t let that dude live in your head.


I mean I don’t think it’s racist but it def hurts. Especially more cause I’m me the guy who struggles w women, and his weight and etc. that comment alone didn’t hurt but it was like confirming for me how I’m fucked


dude, it IS racist. TF?


What’s what that guy wants you to think.


Why. Do. You. Care. What. Other. People. THINK? IGNORANCE WILL ALWAYS EXIST. STOP LETTING IT DESTROY YOU. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Tell them the following: "If I knew I was going to enter a dick measuring contest I would have brought a tape measure"


You should never have to become “used to it”. To me, racism is an expression of fear and weakness, not actual superiority. You are, at least in one way, far better than the stupid person who made that comment. Be proud of who you are, and move on.


Yo, you shouldn’t be used to it, racism is never oke! I can read that you work really hard in general and on yourself, you should be proud of yourself! That aside, the guy who made the comment is small minded, its a dumb comment. I don’t really know how it feels since I am not brown or black but the comment says more about him than about you. Keep ur head up king


That’s just something people say to be nice but I appreciate it. When I ask my friends for advice w women they say the same nothing you’re brown nothing can help you


These people are not your fucking friends, then.


What about the fact that I’m short too? Might as well off myself


I seriously can't tell if you're trolling with this thing, but if you're serious, you've developed a very unhealthy fixation on things that you have no control over. You need to go talk to a professional. Your school probably has free services available where you can go and try to sort through these things that make you, you, yet, in your mind, have become barriers. If the school doesn't offer anything, your health insurance might have a limited number of covered visits that can help you get your bearings back, and give you some tools to work through your obsessions.


Why the fuck you wanna destroy everyone that cares about you, over something that probably 80% of people who meet you, don't even think twice about?


Yo, you shouldn’t be used to it, racism is never oke! I can read that you work really hard in general and on yourself, you should be proud of yourself! That aside, the guy who made the comment is small minded, its a dumb comment. I don’t really know how it feels since I am not brown or black but the comment says more about him than about you. Keep ur head up king


My first instinct is to blame a slipping clutch despite it being fixed last month and working fine.


Take it easy dude… that’s no reason to cry. You’re not using the best life living tactics if this sort of nonsense gets the best of you… just brush it off or tell them to fuck off. It ain’t a big thing.


But I’m triple fucked cause I’m brown and short too


I hear you but no one cares if you’re brown… your skin color is even less relevant than your height. Fuck man, it’s literally trendy to be brown right now… you’re better off short and brown than short and white at this point. Like I said, take it easy.


Know how you feel. First serious girlfriend (over a year), went to meet her extended family and got this sweet remark “Oh you’re one of em’ brown boys…uhhh oh this won’t do”. Only thing that helped me get over it was the realization that their opinion was rooted in ignorance and fear. Felt a little better after a workout. Felt 100% after realizing that DAMNIT I AM BROWN AND AWESOME, plus I was with their niece and there wasn’t a thing they could do about it. (Or in your case being an incredible president).


Well it’s pretty ridiculous for that person to say such a thing in 2021 but at least you have a big penis.


Anyone who would say something like “they really started electing brown guys now” is not someone whose opinion you should value.


Read the book Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. Assuming you’re in the USA, there’s shit going on you clearly don’t understand completely. The truth of the matter is that we’re entrenched in a caste system, an unjust social hierarchy determinate of almost all aspects of life. The sooner you recognize it the better. You’re a target of a sociological disease that has infected this nation for hundreds of years. The fact you wept in a bathroom tells me you immediately don’t understand what is going on or how you can fight back effectively. Pick up the book and learn a truth that exists.


It just shows how pathetic and incapable of using their own mind they are if they determine your worthiness on race. Take it as it is, an idiot showing the rest of the world how stupid they are.


Why care about it?


I find that you get emotional and offended if someone says somerhing against something you identify with. A person is not just their race of their sexuality. Stop identifying with it and you will care less


Because I’m not a child. Sticks and stones, mate.


Easily... who gives a fuck


They're usually insecure snivelling monkeys that figured out how to put Chucks on so, eh? Ignore 'em.


There are people in the world who are mean-spirited; they will try to make your life more miserable for whatever half-assed reason they got. These people are not worth anyone's time. If a person is offensive or otherwise undiplomatic without provocation, they have proven to others that they don't deserve respect or acknowledgement. There are many techniques you can apply as a comeback to these situations. The next time something like this happens, **you can:** * **Ignore them** * **Pretend to misinterpret the statement / turn it into a joke** * **Give them a pity smile and forgive them** The second and third options are often more effective, as they verbally disarm the other person and place you in the moral high ground when in public view. The first option applies when you're dealing with people that don't care about their reputation, as you'll deprive them of their desire to cause you misery.


So just to put this in your head for later... we are all one race... The human race! Color, gender, origin, ethnicity are defining human traits that set is apart from one another. The person who made the comment towards you is a few crayons short of a crayola box, probably due to them eating said crayons. And in a weird way, you need to take a page from their book. That page being ignorance, the key here is too not use it the same way they do. They themselves don't realize the impact their simple comments may have on a person, but you on the flip side need to learn how to respond to them in way that doesn't cause you distress. You can't live your life the way you want, if other people can control your emotions.