What to do if wife leaves you?

What to do if wife leaves you?


Work on you. Exercise daily. Remember before you were married you had that hobby that you loved? Do it. Rearrange the furniture in your place. Get a big ass aquarium and some cool plants and fish. Basically, live your life and live it well.


Well said




Get a lawyer




Party time! But seriously it ain't the end of the world, she ain't right for you so find someone that is


I'd guess the same thing I had to deal with after becoming a widower... grief at the relationship being over and re-learning how to live by yourself. First step for me was getting back into some hobbies that fell to the backburner because my SO wasn't into them, like playing D&D with some friends and going for aimless bike rides.


Hang in there.


Open the champagne 🍾


Level up king


Make like Walder Frey and find another.


Probably finally get a full night's sleep


Lawyer up! Get STD screening. Avoid contact except as necessary for any children. Follow your lawyer's advice.


Get a lawyer immediately. You are in a very dangerous situation. Women seem to have a binary sense of morality and compassion. You're either in or you're out and, if you're out, no moral consideration or empathy will be had with regard to you. Countless men have been stunned by the viciousness of displayed by the love of their life. If she goes full nuclear, the law will be on her side automatically. The man is the guilty party by default in the eyes of the courts. Women aren't seen as accountable for their choices. They can literally do anything to you in a marriage. You will be the one who is punished for her behavior. You're at risk of being turned into this woman's indentured servant. She will squirt out a tear and the courts will forcibly take your labor from you and transfer it to her. If you can't make the payment, to bad, it's to jail for you then. There is no pity in divorce and time is very important. Don't let her a lawyer before you do.


I got some motorcycles. They're cheaper and more fun.


Well? I suppose it depends how you feel about her. Do you still love her? Why did she leave?


Leave her back? But really, it's quite rife with options. Could try talking it out to see why and if the relationship is repairable. If so, get dinner counseling. If you know why, and it's not repairable, lawyer up.


Get a good lawyer. Do exactly what he tells you to, and don't do anything else. After the divorce becomes finalized, if you have kids, do everything you can to be a positive presence in their lives. If you don't have kids, make a clean break. Have no contact with her unless it goes through attorneys. Grieve your loss and allow yourself to feel your feelings, but don't slip into the trap of self-pity. And last, find something you enjoy doing, and go do it. For me, it's hopping on my motorcycle and riding for hours at a time. For you, it may be hitting the heavy bag, running a few miles, cooking up a delicious meal, learning to play an instrument, or chilling at the beach/lake/river.


This is the way


I’d probably reflect on the marriage and determine why she left and what my contributions were in al this If possible/applicable to repair then I’d work on it; otherwise I’d carry these lessons into the next relationship


you probably will be on the verge of suicide for a while until the process of coping is over or you find something or someone else


Start lifting, muscle training and protein, work on stabilizing first then rediscover yourself get in the mentality and mindset to join new circles broaden your horizons get back out there meet new people and form new connections.


Hopefully, you didn't ditch your friends when you got married.


You cry


You're not in it together. Empty your bank accounts. Horde cash, bury it if necessary


Depending on how long you've been together, you may need to get your asshole ready for the "legal" system. Alimony is going to try to give it to you raw with no lube.


Get the most bloodthirsty male lawyer you can get.


masturbate furiously nut on the floor take a picture send it to her tell her that this could have been our children but she playing


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Just replace her. Abundance mindset


Lawyer up. Remember 2 things: 1) She is no longer a friendly. She is now an adversary. Treat her as such…no more mr. niceguy. 2) Family court is NOT your friend. You will never find a more anti-male place in your life. Good luck.


Leave her back.


Throw away all the useless kitchen appliances she bought, deep clean house. Rearrange furniture. Hug my dog cus he's my best friend. Workout, read more. Maybe take up boxing or yoga? Definitely take that trip you've been putting off.


Hold open the door. Lawyerup. Grieve. Health. Self reflection. Hobbies. Self love. Self care. Sex. Excitement. You will be ok 🖤🙏🖤


Get a dog.


Fuck your way through tinder


you are clearly more successful on tinder than the average man


[Here] (https://youtu.be/sMs4E-kw22U)


Ask yourself this: What can I do to make my life better without her. Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. A daily mindset I’ve been living with. Hope this helps, OP! Best of luck to you.


Well it depends on the relationship. If you don't care then you don't care, but you're asking this question so I assume it's impacted you greatly. Take time for yourself, rediscover who you were before the relationship and start there. Get healthy, physically and emotionally. Don't hate, it's just not worth your time or energy. Don't get a rebound, it'll make you forget the pain, but it'll also prevent you from growing yourself and understanding why things happened the way it did. ​ I'm also going through this right now.


Standard breakup protocls, plus a few extras. Lawyer up. Pay for a lawyer, ask lots of questions, and *do what they fucking tell you*, even if you don't like it. Hit the gym. 3 times a week, minimum, 20-30 minutes of good cardio. You'll fall asleep faster (no late night brooding), you'll wake up feeling more refreshed, and you'll generally feel more comfortable inside your own skin. Sanitize your social media. Unfriend, unfollow, and unless there are kids involved, block. Same thing for any of her friends, and her family members. I guarantee you will find out if you missed anyone the hard way the first time you post a picture of you on a date with someone new. Reconnect with friends, pick up old hobbies you quit and/or start new hobbies. Do things that involve other people more than things that involve being home alone. Take classes if you have to, but be around other people who are all doing something that you are excited about doing too. Schedule a time to grieve. Pick a time during the week when nothing else is going on, and let yourself feel all the feels. Play sad songs. Look at photos. Cry until you're all snotty. The rest of the week, suppress and deny, sure, but for an hour a week, be sad for the relationship. Do this for as many weeks as you feel like you need to. Change the bed sheets and the bathroom linens to whatever you like, but something different than what you had before.


Look for my kids.


A lot of people know how you feel. Get a lawyer. Don’t reach out to her. Cut off the social media that might feed you into on her. Don’t drink unless you’re socializing, even then keep it under 3. Reach out to friends. If you’re sad (who wouldn’t be?) see a therapist. Get a lawyer. Seriously. Put away the pictures. Go to bed early and go for a morning walk. Find a podcast. Don’t get pulled into any women bashing forums. Sure she is awful, but they’re not all awful. Listen to some Kate Bush. Listen to some Pantera. Forget about what you might have done differently, she’s beyond that. The sooner you get there, the better. If there are kids, try to keep things consistent for them. Remind them of all the things that will stay the same. Realize that you’re cutting your losses by not continuing on with her. Message me or probably anyone on here if you need.


Standard reddit advice for all problems: Lawyer up, hit the gym.


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Find a new one. There are millions of them out there.