What makes you “fall in love” with a girl?

What makes you “fall in love” with a girl?


The ability to completely be ourselves with them. The feeling of knowing you are accepted and loved for who you are despite what you’re not.


Those last four words did it. Thank you for expressing that so well.


That's true. They never judge you for your weakness instead they want you to share your deepest insecurities you have with her and she will give you all her moral supports to cheer you up and makes you feel better. In other words she accepts all parts of you whether it's good or bad. My girlfriend is a fucking keeper.


Which football team is she playing for?


Bayern Munich


TIL his girlfriend is Manuel Neuer




Men go through a LOT of conditioning throughout childhood and adolescence. I actually used to think it was such a bullshit excuse that “boys weren’t allowed to show emotions” and “boys were told not to cry” but upon deeper exploration of my own emotional life we weren’t encouraged to show emotions, except for the gender-specific anger. Anger is accepted and also not accepted because men are supposed to be able to stay calm but, if we’re taught not to cry or show weakness, we react to those emotions WITH AN EMOTION, the one that we’ve been told is acceptable: anger. This may be where his defense comes from instead of saying something like “I’m feeling this way because of this”. If we are not taught how to regulate our emotions we have to learn how to do that later in life, usually after many more years of conditioning.


Let's not forget the 'emotional labour' women that goes 'unpaid' you're basically in debt for opening up, it's doomed if you, doomed if you don't


I had a friends with benefits for about 6 months, maybe a bit more, and I definitely caught feelings. She was everything I wanted - funny, witty, was always willing to give me shit in a teasing way, we loved the same things but were different enough to keep it interesting, but the biggest part for me was the fact that it was always, always so easy with her. No awkward silences, we could talk at length about anything and everything and throw in insults at each other and laugh and tease so never in a mean way (banter I guess). She initiated as much as I did, she invited me over, I invited her over, she's quite chubby but that just made the sex more fun, she was my perfect girl. She just had...massive mental issues and was borderline bipolar, she confessed to cheating in the past on 2 of her boyfriends, she said I shouldn't date her as I'd see the reality. I could never date her, I'd never trust her and it would be a rotten relationship at the core. The sex stopped just before Covid kicked in, mutually, as we agreed this could go on too long. But nobody else has come as close to her as a perfect person for me. It's scary how much fun we had together, how much I wanted to be around her and she around me, and that's what I want from someone - who sees the goofy, real me and just wants me around all the time.


Goddammit bro. That sucks


Not a guy but, as someone with bipolar, I’d recommend encouraging her to keep working to find the right mix of medication and therapy. With those, I finally was able to have a healthy relationship and couldn’t be happier and more in love with my (now) husband. Mental health issues do not mean there is no hope for happiness. You seem to have a strong foundation to build on. I hope you’ll both push past this challenge to continue the happiness you both deserve.


Fuck. I had this last year. Broke my heart when she ended it. I feel you buddy.


That was a bullet dodged. She probably would've cheated just like she told you. She was kind enough to spare you the heartache.


Why not date her with an open relationship in mind? You can't cheat on somebody if they are ok with you sleeping with others.


Nah, if I date someone it has to be exclusive. FWB is super fun, but will always come to an end, and almost always ends with someone catching feelings. I never told her, but I suspected she was catching too and had some issues to deal with before commiting to someone again. She's still a damn good friend, but we haven't hung out since about Jan 2020, so it's kinda awkward now rebuilding. Then again it's like that will all the handful of friendships I have.


This and physical attraction


I agree with this on both ends of the situation. I'm a dude IRL and can easily fall for a woman if I feel this way around her. Even more so if she's intelligent and living a healthy lifestyle. I have a social VR game that I use a female voice and avatar on. I've also never adhered to traditional gender stereotypes or expectations IRL. I'm quite in touch with both my masculine and feminine side. Because of this everyone perceives me as female, even the ones who figured out I use a voice changer. I also try to help people any chance I get and am very non-judgmental and supportive of almost everyone. As a dude I'm highly valued as a good friend by many. As a woman in VR a lot of men fall for me pretty quick. I'm still "me" in VR just with a different voice and appearance.


You ever watch that one episode of black mirror with the fighting game or something? Sounds like its tapping into exactly what's going on with you.


Ha! That episode was wild. Its ending was also surprising but probably realistic.


Good one




Her smile, her wit, open conversation, pleasant to be around, and intelligence. Also, if you run your hands through my hair with my head in your lap, I'm fucking yours. And finally, thoughtfulness. An ex girlfriend of mine did something for me once that I'll never forget. I had moved from an area of the world which had snow every winter to an area where it was very rare for that to happen at all. I told her months before how much I missed the snow, how many memories I had of it and that I was sad it never happened where we lived. She spent a month cutting out paper snowflakes and preparing them to hang from the ceiling of my bedroom while I was away from home. I got home and got in my room and just sat on my bed, looked around, and thought "I'm so loved." We were together for four years after that before things ended. I would have probably married her, had things been different. But that was the day I realized I truly loved that woman.


Why did it end if you don't mind me asking?


She fell out of love, and couldn't explain why. Also, she came out as bisexual and about a year or so later began dating a woman. So she may have also been just figuring herself out too. She decided the relationship wasn't working for her anymore and ended it. It was also probably the kindest breakup I'll ever go through, we sat on a bench overlooking water and talked about it at length to see if we could make something work. She explained that she didn't know why she didn't love me anymore; that there wasn't something I did that made her feel this way. She had been feeling that way for a couple of months and she offered to try to keep the relationship going for two more weeks to see if things changed, but I turned that down because I thought "What will change in two weeks that hasn't changed in months?" - sometimes I wonder if I should have tried, or if I just saved myself from being disappointed. Hard to say. Either way I look back at the relationship fondly, though I recognize it wasn't as perfect as I thought at the time. But it was still a very good relationship.


So sorry about that❤️


It's all good, it's been about two years now since it happened, I've had time to heal. Now it's just been difficult to find someone else 😅


Feel that. It all takes time, got over the feeling that she was irreplaceable but reality is bearing that to be true


Great, just make sure you don't compare your next girlfriend to her, and be careful not to linger too much on what you had with your ex, if you have made peace with it, awesome just allow yourself to fall in love again and start afresh


I'm trying but it's easier said than done 😅 because of my job it's very difficult for me to meet people but I'm working on it. I haven't decided to start using a dating app yet since I think it'd feel too artificial but we'll see, I may end up doing that anyways. Time will tell.


This was beautiful to read. Seems like you two had a wonderful time together. Sorry for what happened.


I'm glad you thought so, and thank you.


She stole his lemons


Absolutely stole my lemons. Guard your lemons, boys.


You lemon stealing whore.


yeah same question


Responded to another comment asking, if you're interested.


thanks for replying to me too i had completely forgotten this comment


You're welcome 🙂


So why did it end?


She fell out of love, and couldn't explain why. Also, she came out as bisexual and about a year or so later began dating a woman. So she may have also been just figuring herself out too. Edit: longer explanation replied to another comment


I feel the same way about my current girlfriend, she is amazing and always open to a conversation about anything.


I'm happy for you! Being able to talk about whatever without worry can be very freeing.


At least for me, I'll definitely fall for a girl that appreciates the little things i do! A girl that got the same intentions as mine, so i won't have to explain everything i say!


She gets my intention and support me no matter how crazy it is. There are only 2 of us in the world, no one else matter. That's how it feels like.


We can laugh at each other without ever saying a word. We can sit together in silence and not feel the need to do a single damn thing. We trust each other. We can share passion between one another, whether it be about sex, comics, or just going on a hike together. It's the simple things that make me feel like home is sitting on a porch swing with her well into the sunset.


I agree with all of this, plus loyalty and honesty is a huge requirement. And if you can laugh on silly things, and sometimes on yourself, bingo!


This is just so beautiful..


Well me and a girl i fancy just talked about cheesecake for an hour, does that count?


When everything is better with her and everything’s worse without her


When they let me cry in front of them.


Are you implying that there have been girls in the past that *don’t* let you cry in front of them or is this more like you don’t trust/feel comfortable enough around them to be vulnerable like that?


I’ve actually only ever been in one relationship, but her mom actually gets mad at her step dad when he shows emotion. So... they’re out there.


Some random electrochemical reaction in my noggin.


Oxytocin, my guy


And dopamine and serotonin.


"You have a nice beard." My Brain: *Whelp, guess you have a crush now....*


Shortest answer I can give - a girl being genuine. Actually caring, and being willing to be vulnerable. When my now fiancé talked about her mom passing on our then fourth date I knew I loved her. She’s the most genuine person I know. I know how to read people incredibly well, and she’s never once tried to deceive me. It means the world to me


How do you know how to read them?


Its a variation of the jedi mind trick


Spent 20+ years studying any reliable source. Good starter book - “what every Body is saying” by Navarro.


It's almost impossible to accurately explain. I could make a list of things that charm me, like a sense of humor, or a list of requirements, like critical reasoning skills and intelligence..but even some women who check all those boxes on the list may not be women I fall in love with. There is some esoteric kind of thing..maybe it's chemical. Being on the same wavelength, naturally flowing communication..but also being so comfortable in their presence that silence is ok. The person ends up making me care more about them than I do about myself..so that rare thing where I am no longer my primary concern, they are. It's like two people becoming one single person and it's wayyy different than a normal relationship.


It starts with a smile.


that smile that damn smile


Yeah it's the same for us. I have a customer at work that always comes up with the most bright, intoxicating smile and asks me how I am. I'd be a liar if I didn't melt around the heart every time I see him. I told him that he disarms me every time he comes up to my register and he just smiles bigger and continues to do it every day he sees me


Maybe he likes you


Meh... nobody likes me when they really get to know me. I doubt everything way too much


You don’t get to say if people like you. Js.


that's where the trouble began


Username checks out


I'll crush on someone while we're dating, but for some reason, I never legitimately fall for a girl until I feel her absence.


I used to feel like this until I learnt about my avoidant attachment style


How did learning about your attachment style help? I have read it takes an awful lot of therapy to become more secure. Is it something you work on?


Even if you do have a secure attachment style, you always have to work on yourself, just because one is secure about themselves does not mean they are perfect and they have everything under control. I would say the same for the other attachment styles.


Have the same issue. I usually love another person when I break up 🤔


Dont know what you have until you lost it. . . .


Maybe it is time for us to go to relationship therapist


Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.


We understand each other. We can say pretty much whatever is on our minds without really having to elaborate because we just have that mental connection.


Feeling that I can talk with her for hours. Also having the feeling that I want to spend time with them rather than having some alone time.


Us working as a team together, her understanding me, me understanding her, Us being ourselves. But the most important thing about love is that there isnt one thing that's makes it happen. If two people fit like a puzzle together then that's it.


The feeling of being so comfortable with them and the little things they do. Rubbing sunscreen on me where I missed, spraying Neosporin on a cut I had so I wouldn't get a scar, getting me a little journal so I could write my travel adventures, laughing at my dumb jokes, allowing me to be vulnerable


You just feel it. Sometimes can't explain it with logic.


To me, love boils down to three factors: - physical/sex life: if you have a higher sex drive or need for physical love than what your partner gives, it most likely leads to frustration. - intellectual stimulus: Having someone that you can learn from or debate things with without it turning into a fight is key in a relationship. - emotional trust: Being able to communicate how you feel to the other person or just feel safe enough to be yourself. - The part of the physical attraction is also important to get a party to engage in contact that may lead to a relationship, but the emotional part outweighs the hotness pf your partner


Truth, in my last relationship I had factor 1 and 3. Without Intellectual stimulus it is empty shell relationship


Or simply endorphin and dopamine lmao


This might be weird, but I LOOOOVE girls that can make reality magical just by the lens through which they see the world. In my group of friends I've always been the funny one or most of the time, but all of my exes have ALWAYS been able to one up me and make me laugh or catch me off guard with their cleverness and witty comments. Its like I say my funny thing and that's supposed to be the punchline, but they twist it or add something else that makes ME laugh and absolutely blows my mind. I know some people love travelling and I kinda do as well, but if you can make me "travel" or experience the world differently just by interacting with you I *will* fall in love. That's a promise lmaooo.


Also friends like this are the real ones


Super similar to this. But when a girl talk about the miracles of life, the shit that doesn’t make sense or is impossible to wrap my head around. Contemplating what reality is and going back and forth in these type of conversations with me is the most attractive thing. My minds weird, and if they can match that with a gratitude and awe for life, I’m hooked


Honestly, beautiful eyes, a cute smile... having a good sense of humor too.


Typically, the higher the chance of rejection, the harder and deeper I fall.


Why are we like this


I have no clue, but it is true.


Unfortunately the only two times I've fallen in love were codependent situations. I'd rather not give advice on fitting that mold. But I went on a first date with a woman last night who was completely in a different ballpark from those. She was extremely nice, empathetic, flirty, sweet, etc - but she didn't just fawn over me for what I can do. There was no "You studied physics? *That's so hot*" There was no "Oh my god you have such a great singing voice!" There was no "You paid for dinner? Such a gentleman!" Instead it was more: "You just decided to buy a place to move here to get out of your comfort zone? That's brave." Like...she was giving nice and thoughtful compliments to me instead of just being casually flirty. She wasn't feeding my narcissistic dragon. She was feeding my better dragon. She's at that perfect balance of a person. Confident and kind. Almost like Aragorn, ya know? And she's better at a lot of things than I am. And she's very independent. Maybe this is the *correct* love that I've never felt before? We'll see.


I'll be rooting for you bro


Thanks Carrotbottom. (On the off-chance that you are the comedian I saw a few days back)


Not a comedian, just a college student who doubles as a cashier at the local grocery store.


Thanks PutsCarrotsOnTheBottom. (I appreciate when you do that. They are the densest of my grocery items and the least-likely to get crushed by the things on top of them in the bag.)


You have a dragon??? *that's so hot*


Literally that's my theory to make the GoT ending acceptable. Dany is a narcissist fed by her followers. Jon is not. And that's it.


Give it an Ernest chance. Your last ones may have been a validation high instead of love. She seems genuine, which is far more important long term


>Give it an Ernest chance. The Jim Varney movie that was shut down halfway through production? Uhhhh no. I'm going to go balls out! >Your last ones may have been a validation high instead of love. Very true. >She seems genuine, which is far more important long term Very true.


My spelling is crap. But Jim Varney was a treasure. He was a chain smoker but wouldn’t let himself be filmed smoking cuz he didn’t want to influence kids the wrong way. Still, seems like you found a decent one.


A Subaru




Smart girls hit the jackpot. I like to see when they're hype about something they're passionate to. I like to see that they're chasing their dreams while creating ours. Intelligence overall.


Personality not looks


Seeing her wholehearted strive and actual ability to achieve something amazing.


Feeling some kind of connection both sacred and very profane. I mean when you get right down to it, it's all neurochemistry. What makes that happen is difficult to categorise. I think chemistry with someone definitely makes us pay attention. But then, you can find someone hot and not connect with them. Then it's a lot to do with what you find important in life. I don't know. At some point, there's some magic happens or doesn't.


i like your response & username




I used to know a guy who worked big auto auctions and he'd come back with these stories because if you worked them eventually you had to call them, meaning do the vocal hype up run on sentence and no one trains you in that. You just gotta let it rip.. Anyway, whenever Saabs would come up on the block, no one missed an opportunity to quickly rattle off, "HEREwegowegotanotherterrificSaabstoryCOMINGatyoufor$4999....CANIgetta$4999..


I think you mean profound... Profound: showing great knowledge or insight Profane: like saying shit or fuck


No. I meant profane. Like in the sense that you have that emotional connection but also you want to jump each others bones.


I don’t know. It feels like there’s magnets in our hearts that just want to be together.


I don't exactly know yet but when I do I will be able to completely answer the question but It all starts with a smile, and something about their eyes. You can be yourself around them, not needing to keep certain things down, the need to be around them all the time and that you can't stop thinking about them, every time you're around them you can feel your heart flutter and you concentrate on everything they're talking about. I'm not exactly sure yet but this is what makes me "fall in love" with a girl.


It is true what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Something about being able to stare into a girls eyes and feel so connected can make me fall hard


Compatibility, shared values, a great sense of humor.


Words of affirmation on a consistent basis, good sex, playfulness, and texting me back. What can I say, I'm easy.


I just broke up with a girl, as in Friday, and it was the first time this had ever truly happened. u/t1nouno is correct. I never had to hide myself around her. I could just, be there and be happy. And she loved me for who I was. She wanted to hear about my day, asked about my family, and bought me something small I always wanted but would never have gotten myself. Had her family situation been different, I would’ve married her. But, given the circumstances, it would have never worked. Miss you Andrea.


I’m sorry to hear this man. Wish you the best ❤️


Thanks my guy. Looking forward to the future already.


An honest attempt to understand and communicate. I am a high functioning autist but some things just don't make sense to me at all. My gal goes out of her way to make sure she understands and asks questions a lot and it was the fastest ticket straight to my heart.


We can have a debate that never gets close to being a fight. She is kind to others and cares about others. Doesn't talk badly about her "friends". I catch myself checking her out while hanging out with her.


Kindness, a bit of intelligence and humour, good hygiene and at least average looks. Chemistry is important too its so fckn underrated, sometimes a girl could be a top model with 7 degrees but it just cant work out yk


She does! Just the feeling of wholeness when you’re with her. The emptiness when you’re without her. It’s just happens.


Beautiful smile, being genuine, with a sense of humour and love me for who I am.


Time. I fell in love with her because of the memories, time and learning to get out of my shell and be myself with them; better yet she was herself for me.


I can fall in love with a girl for multiple reasons but the biggest "attractions" are her personality, if she's caring kind and thoughtful, someone who is understanding and when you have an arguement or disagreement you can communicate clearly and be patient with one another. The biggest thing for me is that im a man of few words, i speak when i have something of value to say so i can go periods without saying a single thing, I can fall in love with a girl who is understanding of that and doesnt feel the need to have me fill the silent void with pointless words. Someone who appreciates and adores the little things in life, it's not all about big expensive flashy dates and the most expensive jetset style holidays, someone who could appreciate a nice caravan holiday or a lovely walk through a wood and flower meadow with a picnic.


If she can sing it's over...


There’s no sweeter sound in the world then when she starts singing... I fell in love with the voice of an angel.. There’s something about your significant other singing that always melts my heart.


My daughter is generally obnoxious (she's 7). I'm trying to get her into sea shanties. There's one about drunken sailors (shocker I know). There's three parts of it. She sings one particular part...and she sings terribly but what she lacks in talent she makes up for in enthusiasm. You guys are so sweet and Im now convinced she'll make some poor sap absolutely miserable someday. Anyway, she's walking through the house the other day singing "what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken, early in the morning?" (🎶 🎵) SHAVE HIS BALLS WITH A RUSTY RAZOR! (🎶) SHAVE HIS BALLS WITH A RUSTY RAZOR! (🎶) SHAVE HIS BALLS WITH A RUSTY RAZOR! (🎶) EARLY IN THE MORNING! (🌞 🎶) Can't wait for true love to blossom from this.


The ability to be compassionate and wanting to spend quality time with me. That and having a really funny sense of humour. Being able to know them as they know you is another one.


When she starts quoting spongebob


If she looks cute and there is chemistry, that'll do. It's not more complicated than that.


She she slips around the corner falls and farts at the same time, then laughing of embarrassment because she wasn’t supposed to fart. We been together for 8 years now


A person who enjoys to eat. I also like back massages


Taurus/Libra energy right there hehehe


Poor decision making 😂


I'm a really good liar, I say that only because everyone else is terrible, so it's easy for me to tell of someone's genuine or not after 1 face to face conversation, if I misjudged her the completely wrong kind of person good sign, cause it means shes more fucking awesome than I thought, that and her face, I don't care about boobs and such, but a beautiful smile will make me love someone, but the eyes, you can see so many things by paying attention to someone's eyes, eyes are most beautiful thing ever, to me at least


When im myself near them and they accept it


I like girls who are honest with themselves and know themselves, and have that combination of being tough on the inside but soft on the outside.


When a girl or boy really likes me for who I am. They don't try to change anything about me. They accept my flaws and love to be around me.


Her kiss Some deeply honest posts here and I am proud that so many men are being upfront about how important a woman's personality is. I totally agree - I have been with my SO for almost 20 years. Honesty and communication are critically important. I had kissed a few women before I met the one. Nothing ever compared to my first kiss on the night I finally got to be with her. The moment that happened I knew she was the one. So for me...falling in love started with the first kiss. Might be odd for a man to admit that. When I think of all the great things we have done togther since then (having two kids being two of them) I feel incredibly lucky that we happened to be very compatible and more than good friends. And it all started when she kissed me on the lips.


Comfort and trust mostly. As I've gotten older physical attraction has played less of a role. I need someone who represents me well and is socially conscious. Can you hold a conversation with a working class person just as well as with a wealthy person? Are you at least openminded enough to learn how to run in different social circles? I have to be adaptable in my daily life and I expect my partner to be the same. I find this to be a rare skill, so when I find it, I fall in love with a woman.


The's got some curves that are good for cuddling, she appreciates my cooking, she's sincere and genuine etc.






Appearance, compatibility, personality


I’ve always said that the girl I want to marry will be the girl who doesn’t pressure me into marrying her. Someone who clearly invites me into her life but doesn’t force me to stay. A girl who knows her self-worth, basically.


Ok but if she's asking for commitment then that means she knows her self worth because she doesn't want to waste her time with someone who doesn't value her as much as she does. A lot of women view marriage as a symbol of commitment. A woman who doesn't ask for commitment generally has lower self esteem because they're just taking whatever you give them even if it makes them feel insecure.


I hope you realize how crazy this is.


Her ability to change my mood in an instant. Her sense of how I'm feeling. Love is intoxicatingly reciprocal imo. The more I feel love pour out of her for me, the more my sense of love elevates.


Gotta have the right neck smell. Otherwise, it's just someone's neck


No vanilla girls. If they are kinky then I fall for them


Neuron activated.


The fact that you can do things together without performance anxiety setting in. Humour is compatible and it doesnt require effort to be funny to each other. When she wants to be with you even when you dont ask to go out with you.


When she steps on my balls without remorse while yelling Japanese insults


Her motivation. I need a motivated chick. Motivated in business, motivated in personal improvement, motivated in keeping things neat and her man happy (goes both ways of course) Cant sleep in past 9 for sure. Hot lazy girls drive me crazy


I hate to even say this, but when she occasionally chooses me over other things. To elaborate, we could usually go to her favorite restaurant. But one day she’ll actually say “well let’s go to yours tonight”…that could do it for me. Admiringly, I’ve never had a woman that would even sacrifice little stuff for me, let alone big stuff. So I’m kinda stuck thinking I’m not worth it sometimes.


Not being used as a resource...


Joke answer: a ring of lipstick at the base. Real answer: I can spend every day with her, understand her, and not have to say a single word. We share experiences, happiness, and sadness without argument or pettiness. And most of all, we can just look at one another and just laugh for no reason at all but we somehow still both understand why. That closeness and understanding with a mutual commitment to furthering the trust and success of the relationship absolutely made me fall in love.


If they're my type


Times New Roman?


Cascadia Code


Acumin Variable


If she shows strong traits of motherhood.


People are down voting this man but this is a totally legitimate answer...some people look for women who they think will be good mothers, because that's important to them, for any number of reasons.


It's hard to swing that too. Like someone you like, or have a basic love for, the second you see these motherhood traits, all self control is out the window, and that's the person you want to be with. It's way harder to let that person go, compared to anyone else.


She says hello to me


With strangers: If she's chatty, offer me an drink and chat like normal people without any serious flirting, or she trying to get free beers. Familiars: when they make an effort or buy/make something for my birthday. Or stop by to give some homemade cookies.


To be honest, we don't choose this. Our part at it is that we like her at first. Falling in love is another story. We don't choose it just happens... And we know it did when we shiver when she's near. We know when she's not around and the only thing we want is to be around her again. We know when every thing she says or does seems to us the cutest thing in the world. We know when we call her name we chuckle. We know when she's near we feel so complete and full. We just do know. And as it lasts we are not the same person. Being in love with someone is insane and amazing at the same time. Sometimes we can't handle this feeling. So I'm kinda ok that being in love doesn't last forever. After this crazy stage love and respect begin and those feelings are so important and unique as well!


If she can make me feel loved and special for her (I know it may be childish but I'm like this) mostly.. then obviously there are also physical aspects that matters but for me the personality and how you feel with her are the first things to look for


Attention and personality mostly you don't need a long answer


Pretty face and smile


Simplicity, grace, humility, warmheartedness and intelligence.


It starts with that smile and spark of joy and it never leaves 😩


Basically if she is a nice sweet feminine girl and i get a nice vibe from her nice personality and she is interested in me as well so i don’t have to do all the work


I can be a baby when I'm with her. I can lose temper and apologise when she loses her temper. I can go to heaven farting.... She makes Indian food as fast as my mother. END.


I actually can’t answer this anymore. Because I think I’m done being vulnerable enough to fall in love.


over 4 shared interests; slightly below average looks; friendly but only has up to 2 friends; I can be myself around her; truly honest.


[I think this is enough explanation](https://youtu.be/u27jvRquHMo)


Personality. If a girl has a beautiful body and face, but the personality of a stale loaf of bread, it's a no go. Personality is more important than appearance.


When she’s shows any interest at all! Like any will do at this point. I’m at a point of saying “fuck it” because the last 5 girls I’ve talked to have not once asked me a question about myself. I just want to same effort I’m putting in! :)


There are some people who are just baseline fun to be with, in the non-sexual sense. Even when they are not being funny, they just draw your attention by being interesting/kind/witty. It’s hard to explain if you’ve not experienced it. When such a person is also sexy, and shows interest in me, if I let myself, I’ll eventually fall in love.


She's a good person to her core. She cares for me and doesn't expect me to reciprocate kind deeds. She's beautiful, funny, and smart. Best of all, she's humble and doesn't know how amazing she is but is comfortable being herself. That is the sexiest thing to me


I could say some mushy stuff but for me it's pretty eyes/smile and a nice butt. Gets me every time. Also, smooth hair that smells nice is never a bad thing.


A pulse




Dont be another mindless drone of this generation. Go and learn how to do other things around the house, not to be sexist in any manner its just when starting out having 2 people that know how to legitimately function as human beings is way better than the 1. What im basically saying is just get some skills.


I had to work overtime on a Friday my, then girlfriend, was coming into town to visit me. I let her know and when I got out she had gotten us both dinner and insisted I put my feet up and relax. TLDR: She put my needs first when I really needed it.


If she doesn't act like some nauseating political feminist snob, doesn't try to change me, doesn't post inappropriate pics on social, morally supports me, shares my interests, likes and gets along with my family, takes care of herself, eats healthy, stays fit, and has good mothering skills for the future.