I don't really boycot anything. But i allways prefer to see if there are local options so that i can support them. Like local restaurants for example instead of ordering something from those big fast food chains. So maybe i just boycot big companies in general because i don't want shopping streets to be ruined when more and more buildings have to close because they can't compete anymore with the big guys.


> I don't really boycot anything. But i allways prefer to see if there are local options so that i can support them. You've just helped me remember the *only* company I boycott! I love small local shops and especially loved my neighbourhood corner store as a kid. But with the transition from supermarkets being very rare here in the early 00s to there being hundreds of them in every city, there isn't much to do. *However*, in the late 00s one of the richest men in the country developed an idea to open a chain of *local shops*, called "La 2 Pași" ("2 steps away", meaning Just around the corner). They are essentially like corner shops, except owned by the same conglomerate, so the same branding, same prices, same everything. Basically killed every ounce of individuality a corner shop has. I think there are more than 1500 of them today, it just makes me sad really...


I think you're confusing mic.ro, which was founded by Dinu Patriciu but it died (and so did he), with la 2 pasi which is the small shop brand offered by METRO cash and carry. https://www.capital.ro/visul-neimplinit-al-lui-dinu-patriciu-pus-in-practica-de-rivali.html


I always thought mic.ro was a money laundering scheme. Like, they were *everywhere* in Bucharest. On my street there was one mic.ro at one end, another mic.ro at the other end and one of those RV mic.ro moving shops in between. How could they possibly turn a profit?


Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren to name a few. Never buying one of those cars.


Don't forget the bastards of Ferrari. Never ever going to buy one from them


I bought a Toyota instead of a Ferrari because reliability is my #1 priority.


You would habe bought a Volvo then!


Please never correct that typ0


Porche will never have my money, I can assure you that


“Porche” doesn’t exist… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Non existence is a great reason for not giving them any money


Good luck if you ever get on a plane lol


Rolls royce cars is a completely separate business, owned by bmw these days. The plane can still use RR jet engines!


Also there are GE engines too




Their inordinate price-setting practices are an affront to my pecuniary ideals.


You’re a word smith sir!


I don't find your ideals of affordable motor vehicles pecuniary at all.


Sometimes I think our humour is obvious. Sometimes I'm shocked at how it flies over heads


As an American who thought they were well-versed in sarcasm and under-statement, British humor blew my mind. It really is incredible stuff.


Yes, we spend the majority of our lives perfecting the art of wit for the sole purpose of being sarky to God when he comes calling.


Luxottica. It's very hard to avoid them when buying eye glasses, and they're one of the worst "monopolies" out there. They buy every brand thay can and set the prices to their liking. They're basically the reason we pay 400+ euros for a pair of eyeglasses. Of course you can buy glasses in other places, but they own stores under different brands, produce lenses, expensive frames, sunglasses etc so you really have to be informed if you want to avoid them. I bought my glasses on a store that is not owned by Luxottica and bought frames that weren't produced by Luxottica. Turns out the lenses were produced by the French manufacturer Essilor, which has merged with Luxottica a while ago. Also the lenses alone cost like 300 euros which is ridiculous


For my fellow Americans who are reading this, Luxottica owns LensCrafters and Pearl Vision so they have a monopoly on distribution, but as the person said, they also own an endless list of eye glass and sun glass companies as well. These are the stores they own: https://realityfeedz.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/luxottica_brands.jpg And these are some of their brands: https://miro.medium.com/max/3600/1*ZaQQqKAf_j7ZS8aBDgqOtg.jpeg So try to buy glasses that aren't affiliated with them... it is nearly impossible.


I buy my glasses online from Zenni. Lots of different glasses to choose from. And the prices are half as much and virtual try on. I do use Zenni for all my glasses.


They also own VSP, a very popular vision insurance provider. Bastards. RayBan, Oakley, Oliver Peoples- the list is seemingly endless.


I need very especial lenses, the kind that are super thin, my eyesight is trash. In anything luxottica these cost 500euros(250 each). Just the lenses, add the frame to that and I'm royally screwed.


Lol good luck with that. They probably not own only the company that made your glasses but also the store you bought it from.


Also: - Benetton (the clothing store) doesn't have a great reputation right now, due to the collapse of the Morandi bridge, which was in poor conditions and managed by Atlantia, a holding company owned by the Benetton family - Mediaset, owned by Berlusconi family


400 € for a pair of glasses?! I think it would be cheaper to travel to Hungary and buy glasses here...


I'm still a bit bitter about "Sokołów" after they sued a Polish Youtuber/cook for literally showing their product on his channel (it wasn't the best quality). They sell meat products and such.


Power, a chain selling consumer electronics. A few years ago, before they changed their name from *Expert* to Power, they bragged about having fired thousands of employees to keep prices low. I've boycotted them since.


They're also openly anti-union.


Same. I always tell my family not to buy from there if there are other options.


Huh good to know, they have stores here in Finland too.


Birkenstock. The way how the employees are treated over decades is just horrific. I hope that the sellout to LVMH will turn around the toxic working environment.


Interesting to hear this kind of stuff because birks are marketed over here as a pseudo-hippie brand, and very friendly. Old trick, of course, but it's surprising to hear about this.


> marketed over here as a pseudo-hippie brand, and very friendly They have a very similar image here in Germany. Just goes to show what good marketing is able to do. My "favourite" Birkenstock story is how up until 2012 they payed female workers 1€/h less than male workers (same qualification doing the same work).


Oh nooo my Birkis


Oh nooo, I just bought a pair!


Any news site that is owned by Orbán's cronies as they are mostly used for propaganda. Nestlé because of obvious reasons.


> Any news site that is owned by Orbán's cronies as they are mostly used for propaganda. This, and I also try to avoid anything that has a close connection to our government or oligarchs [like these](https://hvg.hu/kkv/20181017_Nezze_meg_aztan_bosszankodjon_listaba_szedtek_Meszaros_Lorinc_cegeit__es_jo_hosszu_lett).


400 companies and that's only from 2018. That's depressing af


And that's only the three largest. It's even more depressing than f.


Few Serbian companies do business outside the Balkans so probably nobody has heard of them, but the Matijevic meat company. I don't know where to start. It's a family run business, the owner Petar Matijevic worked in the Gavrilovic meat company in what is Croatia today back before the 90s war. He was a regular worker there. When the war started he managed to bribe enough people in Krajina to steal all the trucks and machines from the Gavrilovic factory in Petrinja, which was then brought to Novi Sad, Serbia where he started a business under his family name. There he also bribed his way among every government and grew his business that way into becoming the single largest landowner in the history of Serbia. He owns a shitton of farms, food packaging factories and even hotels and a lot of real estate. His ways of acquiring some of those things was outright criminal where he would poison hundreds of cows in smaller farms in order to threat their owners into selling them. The meat he produces is objectively lower quality than any other meat producer and only the poorest people buy there as it's cheaper. Anyway, he still manages to be a government contractor for supplying the military, schools and a lot of government companies. Every few years there is a huge affair. One of the biggest ones was him buying some rotten meat from Argentina, mincing it and supplying schools with it, which led to some cases of food poisoning among children. Then there was an affair when someone found out the company was buying frozen meat from Argentina some 3 decades old and changing the labels to make them pass the customs here. The best thing of it all, although this was not a long time ago, all the sources on the net are no longer available. I can guarantee everyone that a few years ago all those accounts of affairs were online. My fellow countrymen probably remember some 5 years ago when a worker filmed how they were processing some rotten meat without any food safety protocols and posted it online. You can't find the footage anywhere, only that poor guy being paraded on television after and telling everyone that he lied with a sad face, although we saw everything on video.


I worked in a Serbian meat industry. Matijević is the biggest crook by far but others aren’t falling behind, on the contrary, there are some areas (namely tincan products) where others are using even worse quality raw than Matijević. I advise everyone who is consuming meat products here to stay away from big names and focus on local, in-town suppliers. Almost every town has some mesara which will 99% be doing more fine products than big names.


In any nation on earth never buy ground meat unless it is ground in house. The shit my friends that worked the slaughterhouse told me about what ends up in the ground product is disturbing. Giant pockets of tumors and puss from the sick cows. Urine. Feces. You name it.


Your English is absolutely excellent, but just to let you know a better word for the occurrences you've described would be 'scandals'. 'Affairs' in general (though not exclusively) tends to have sexual/marital overtones, whereas a 'scandal' is just someone being caught doing something bad and it being high profile.


your username is atrociously funny


Lotus for reasons other people can explain way better than me. Had something to do with them renaming speculoos to biscoff or something?


Lotus (cookie producer, not the car) rebranded its [speculoos](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speculaas) cookies to "Biscoff", a name based on the words "biscuit" and "coffee" (speculoos cookies are often dipped in coffee). Presumably for export reasons, as it sounds more international, and because they could then trademark the name. To many Belgians it was seen as disrespectful to our culinary heritage. So now people on /r/belgium (I have no idea if anyone outside reddit it doing it) are boycotting Lotus.


Careful, this is a very sensitive subject to the Belgian people…


For a moment I thought you meant the car company and I was really confused! But I believe here in the netherlands its still speculoos! So you could buy it across the border as a statement?


It's called Biscoff over here now as well. Still has the tagline "The original speculoos" on the packaging though.


Oh didnt even notice!


I try to boycott Agrofert. Which is hard, because it's about 250 companies and for example toast bread is almost impossible to buy. Luckily there's an app. Why? Because it is owned by our PM, which I don't like because of both his political and business career. Also ignoring his products increases the average quality, so there's added bonus.


The said app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.midnightcode.bezholdingu :) "There were times when all the Roma used to work. That camp in Léty, that those idiots in TV say it was a concentration camp, that's not true. It was a work camp. Who didn't work, bam, and he was there." Give that app a try please :) It's only for food products and is said to work less in the case of non-Czech companies. On map on this page you can look for Babiš's companies in your country (all over the world, Europe especially of course): https://www.investigace.cz/interaktivni-mapa-imperia-andreje-babise/ From food companies notably German Lieken and Hungarian Ceres, in Slovakia Hyza, Penam SK, Šarišské pekárne. Common are also chemistry companies, notably making fertilizers.


woah, 3 in the RoI (2 in Dublin, 1 in Galway) + 1 in Belfast


Ryanair. I can only apologise to the rest of Europe.


Yes! At one point Ryanair looked like they were going to take over all of Flybe's GB-NI routes and I started looking into rail and sail prices cause I'd rather spend 9 hours travelling than give my money to Ryanair.


Everything coming from Red Bull. Apart from the ghastly taste they showed their ugly agenda in recent years, first promoting people like the Strato jump guy who openly expresses fascist ideas to now openly promoting anti vaxer quackery 24/7 through their Servus TV station.


Kärkkäinen, department store chain. They used to publish very controversial "[news paper]"(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magneettimedia) publishing pseudoscience, alt-medicine, conspiracy theories, antisemitic news. One point they even denied holocaust. Now the newspaper is being published by finnish resistance movement (neo-nazis). Many famous finnish brands have stopped cooperating with the company because of this. Latest thing was, when the CEO sent employes antivax [email ](https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/union_criticises_retail_boss_over_antivax_email_sent_to_staff/12065530) and calling them not get vaccinated.


That sounds like a "How to destroy a brand 101".


No they entertain a certain niche


Also known as Nazi Tokmanni


For anyone wondering, Kärkkäinen is basically the finnish walmart.


Vallila Interior. I simply can't accept the decisions and manovers Anne Berner did when she was our Minister of Transport and communication. There are other companies that I don't agree with, but they are usually either irrelevant to my consuming habits, or too difficult to avoid.


Do you actually like their stuff? I don't, so for me this takes no effort.


Not a huge loss for me either, especially since the quality of their products has gone downhill over the years.


Dedoles. They sell expensive, shit quality socks and underwear. I hate them because when they entered market, they flooded everything with their annoying commercials. Youtube, radio, TV, billboards everywhere outside... everything was just oversaturated with them. So since I hate commercials and ads with every fiber of my being, I decided to never buy anything from them. I use this tactic for all companies and brands that shit out too many ads and commercials. Yeah and they advertize their products as authentic Slovak made, but in reality they make them cheaply in 3rd world countries to reap more profits. Then, there is Penta. They are quite harder to avoid, since as a financial group they own hospitals, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, tv stations and newspapers, news internet portals, health insurace company, factories, banks and private security company. They were founded with money which was stashed in offshore accounts by communist secret service operatives short before fall of the regime. They are manifestation of pure evil. They use shady business practices, they corrupt and control many politicans and government officials, make deals with organized crime and generally see whole country as their playground, destroying everything that stands in the way of their profits. They are basically mafia, operating legally under protection of corrupt politicians.


Damn I really love their socks, they're cute and comfy and I was really sold on the idea of buying european-made. I have so many pairs, they're just so damn soft.


Try Fusakle, they are a small company, and their products are authentically made here and in Czechia. And they are comfy as hell, and warm in cold winter months.


Thanks, I'll check them out!


oh that looks very cute, thanks for pointing them out :)


"Saaremaa" products in Estonia. Because I'm from Hiiumaa myself, which is the second biggest island in Estonia after Saaremaa. And we have a friendly rivalry between each other and I do my bit in it by not buying Saaremaa products. It isn't anything special but it's fun for me


I boycott Red Bull because I think it's overpriced and the owner is a neo-con type businessman. He also has a TV channel in Austria (Servus TV) that pushes a conservative agenda and when its employees wanted to unionize he threatened to close down the entire channel (actually announced it was closing and took it back when the staff promised not to unionize). However, I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I do support the Red Bull Formula 1 team because they race under the Austrian flag. That's just moral support though, I wouldn't buy their merchandise.


It is overpriced. Red Bull has one of the highest, if not the highest, profit margin of non-luxury products. My economy professor used to say the production cost is about 12 cents per liter. Whether it's true or myth, I don't know.


I wouldn't be surprised if that's correct, I used to work at a micro brewery and it would cost us about 15p to make the beer for a pint(568ml) we would then sell it for 3.50/4 pounds. The scale redbull produce on I could easily see that kind of price for making a liter of redbull.


pretty sure the highest profit margin on non-luxury products are cinema popcorn, bottled water and flowers. And highest luxury product profit margin is on diamonds.


If he just were a neo-con. Those guys at least have an ideology rooted in US democracy - thats the Liz Cheney part of the GOP. Mateschitz probably holds more trumpist and fascist ideas than that. An Austrian neo-con is harmless as its mostly a foreign policy idea, what he does, is way more dangerous. Fortunatly with his ant vaxer quackery, he has severed tiesto the Austrian conservatives and only has the FPÖ and outright cracy people he can reach.


I totaly understand I never buy anything from them but I absultly support the f1 team


I only buy a Red Bull whenever one of their drivers crashes. So they can have money to repair the car.


Well I guess it's been a pretty eventful Red Bull season for you then?


I was buzzing after Monza. Verratappen, Gasly, Tsunoda, all out.


Solid logic.


Red Bull organizes a lot of sport events. They do much effort of sport popularization. Isn't it a good idea?


I can't really think of any inherently Norwegian company. The only company I think I've boycotted is Wizz Air when they started up domestic routes here about a year ago. First thing their CEO said when they launched here was "We don't believe in unions". Not suprising they shut down their operations here just half a year later.


They couldn't even handle perfectly normal Norwegian weather conditions. I'm glad they shut down before they crashed a plane killing a lot of people. Edit: During a flight from Oslo to Tromsø (in the north), the pilot turned around at landing time in Tromsø and flew back to Oslo, because there was snow on the runway in Tromsø.


Every magazine and tv station owned by the [Axel Springer SE](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axel_Springer_SE), chief among them the "newspaper" BILD. They're *that* kind of hyper sensationalist, neo conservative and populist publisher that are major contributors to the growing right wing movements all over the western world, together with FOX News in the US and every Murdoch-owned publisher in the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, they're also the biggest publishing house in Europe, catering to the lowest denominator and turning them into the fucking imbeciles [storming the Reichstag](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/31/world/europe/reichstag-germany-neonazi-coronavirus.html) and [shooting tankwarts](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/21/world/germany-coronovirus-shooting-covid.html) for asking they wear a mask when shopping.


> FOX News in the US and every Murdoch-owned publisher in the Commonwealth. Fox is actually also a Murdoch too!


Was looking for this answer.


I once took a class taught by a an ex-journalist and he said that journalists who work for *BILD* are exceptionally good at their job. He said it takes a lot of skill to be able to write all those scandalous headlines and minimize the risk of getting sued for misinformation.


Any newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch: works for both flags 😁 The why is because they intervene in elections and politics generally with a right wing anti-environment, anti-vax, hell, straight up anti-truth agenda His media outlets are a pox on the anglosphere


Rupert Murdoch is straight up dogshit. When I discovered he owned the wall street journal I immediately cancelled it.


Rupert Murdoch! That sounds like a name of a villain!


At least villains get origin stories and a reason behind *why* they’re villainous. But Rupert Murdoch is just a piece of shit, plain and simple.


Same. We would be better without him.


The Nestle Group - I'm sure I don't have to elaborate why (evil incarnate). Läderach - a local chocolate company, whose founding family heavily support the christian pro life movement. All fast fashion stores (H&M, C&A, Tally Wejl, Claires, etc.) also because of obvious reasons (exploiting workers, destroying the planet). ...and that one local coffee shop at my trainstation. Because one of their baristas laughed at me for ordering an "egg bagle" in the morning. And I am still confused as to why this was so funny, so I just avoid that establishment now (:


Nooooooo, not Läderach. Fuck Lindt, Ferrero and Milka, I need that shit. That's actually gonna be a tough one.


We as Europeans should altogether avoid to shop/eat in chain shops/restaurants. I'm seeing my country flooded with big malls that are all the same and city centers crowded of the same brands in every city. We're losing our identity and culture to become just a market of consumers. Multinationals aim is to standardize the tastes of people as much as possible to have the biggest possible market. Don't let them win.


Yeah, i fully agree. But it's imossible in sweden (what i know atleast) because i have never seen a grocery store for example thats not chain owned by either Lidl, ICA, COOP.


I will NEVER buy anything with the name Dyson attached to it.


The vacuum company? Their stuff is exorbitantly priced, but is there another reason?


They buy and bury patents which could compete with them.


Dyson was a HUGE supporter of Brexit-purporting to be the voice of British employers. Then he moved ALL his production offshore!


Even the sphere ?


Abus. The owners are fundamental Christians that systematically discriminate against women in their family. I know many companies are worse but for me it's the one that stood out and is easier to truly boycott than Nestlé for example (which I try, but let's be real it's hard). Edit: here's an article if people are interested: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://nrw.medienpreis-mittelstand.de/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/05/unter_maennern_valentin_dornis.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwidxbLo-KbzAhVm_7sIHc3mCWAQFnoECDIQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1943Lf6D24mdxIK715aZuJ


That's a TIL. I guess I'll take that in consideration when I buy locks in the future.


Posted a link to an article about one of the daughters, if you're interested.


Just buy from Assa Abloy then I guess?


Na, I ha dgood experience with Burgwächter and Kryptonite so far. I just need a kind of lighter bicycle lock, and I looked at a few Abus Models for that. Guess ill stick to the Kryptonite for now.


Check the LockPickingLawyer youtube channel!


I do and did, it heavily influenced my decision to buy a Kryptonite :D


Abus is also French for 'abuse' so it seems appropriate


> easier to truly boycott than Nestlé I have been able to more or less boycott them for years, then I got a cat and he refuses to eat anything else than Purina.


The cat tastes the human despair of the Nestlé products and likes it.


>Nach dem Gebot dieses Glaubens seien Erbverzichtsverträge für Frauen bei Abus seit Jahrzehnten üblich, sagt jemand, der die Firma sehr gut kennt. Wow, that alone makes my blood boil.


Boycotting Nestlé in Germany is not too hard, if you don't shop in polish shops (there, sadly, feels like 75%+ is Nestlé), unless your life depends on finesse schinken and kitkats.


It's easy if you know what belomgs to Nestlé, buz there's often surprises, so sometimes I leanr that I bought stuff from them.


From my experience if food / beverage brand belongs to Nestlé they will have Nestlé logo at least on the back of package (not sure about other countries). Additionally you can download buycott or alike and use it to double-check. It is harder for brands, where Nestlé has just shares. If you want to boycott them too, then you need to memorize or keep a list with you.


I know those apps exist, but let's be real I'm not checking every item. I was surprised by Maggi, Buitoni, San Pellegrino and Vittel. I don't buy any of them on a regular basis but I still sometimes did.


not sure how well known nestlé is internationally but here they’ve got a bad rep for not being so wholesome. they did some controversial stuff in developing countries with their milk formula which led to lots of infants starving to death. to this day they extract huge amounts of water from poor communities all around the world which need the water source themselves but can’t because nestlé bribed the local politicians. they’re also a monopoly which by itself is never really a good thing


Nestlé is one of the most famous companies in the world and they are very famous for being shitty haha :)


A Swiss: "Not sure how Nestlé is known outside of Switzerland..." :)


Honestly I can sympathise with the sentiment. I still always have to take a step back when I see Aldi or Lidl mentioned in international contexts. Like I of course know that these are huge international companies, but apparently the info hasn't reached my subconscious yet


I remember taking a test in German class, where Aldi was mentionned several times with prices, percentage and whatever. I lived in a town where (as far as I knew) there was no Aldi, only Lidl. And as I was reading the text, trying to understand this, I was screaming internally "who the fuck is this Aldi, what is this nonsense, I don't understand anything!". I remember that every. damn. question. was about "did Aldi do this?" "how much Aldi said it was" etc etc... I was LOST. Damn. To this day I hate Aldi.


Was this test sponsored by Aldi?


There is even a sub for that, r/FuckNestle.


I've always tried to avoid Nestle but they own so many brands...it's a really hard company to boicoitt.


There are apps that help you avoid products by categories. You can set some checkboxes for stuff you want to avoid, scan products while shopping and app tells you if those products are on your personal stoplist.


Which app? I’m interested.


Been doing my best to boycott them since the late eighties. Doesn't seem to be helping much unfortunately.


Nestle is huge in Portugal, we stock so many of their products. It's almost impossible to not buy from them and the bad rep never got here, only very recently have I learned that they are literally evil.


I'm now expecting an American to comment: Not sure how known Coca Cola is internationally....


I don't buy Nestlé for exactly this reason.


r/fucknestle might be the place to be foe you


I used to try and boycott Ryanair as they apparently mistreat their staff and skirt regulations in ways that even other budget airlines don't. Problem is sometimes Ryanair is the only realistic option if you want to go somewhere. Now I guess I'd have to say Spoons (pub chain run by a total scumbag)


Ryanair is Irish though?!


Oh shit, sorry I didn't see it had to be from my country


Haha well spoons will do. Thought this could of been another instance of brits claiming Irish. BP can get fucked. So can virgin.


I’m about ready to boycott Ryanair after my first flight with them a few days ago. I guess this isn’t a one-time just-got-unlucky thing, then.


Yeah, same, not doing that ever again. Honestly, at this point I either go by train and when my destination is too far away I either invest the money to fly with a proper airline or I'm not going there. But I'm not paying money for the stressful experience of a Ryanair flight ever again. I have too much respect for my sanity for that.


* State-owned TV, called TVP, or how I like to call it: TVPropaganda. Apart from that newspapers affiliated with the right-wing government, but I don't read any newspapers at all so it's not like I actively avoid or boycott these ones specifically. * PKN Orlen. Its owner is Daniel Obajtek who is one of the nastiest idiots in modern Poland. I don't drive myself, but whenever we (as a family) go somewhere and have to stop at the gas station, we never head to Orlen. This jerk doesn't deserve any of our money. * A pharmacy chain called S\*\*\*\*\*\*na (in English it would be "Sunny"). It's one of the worst of all that exist in Poland. There are many pharmacy chains in Poland, bigger or smaller, but this one is the very worst. They treat their employees as bad as possible, constant mobbing, everything you say is recorded, it's like a Big Brother is always watching you and listening to what you say. I don't know how a normal person can work in an environment like that. I feel sorry for those who had to work there or are still working there (if you have brains, you go there only if there are no options left), except for one guy who was so hungry for more money that he gave up on working in other chain and later he was complaining that he regrets his decision. Even though he did something like that twice. And now he doesn't want to work as a pharmacist anymore and is trying to gain some new skills useful for a completely different job. EDIT: There's a website in Poland that allows you to look up if there are drugs you need in the nearest pharmacies (without the prices, obviously). If I don't have something at hand, I can order it for the next day if it's possible, and if the patient doesn't want to wait, I can look up who has this stuff and recommend other pharmacy. Now, in my hometown there's a really HUGE competition when it comes to pharmacies, but I'll still recommend going to the pharmacy that is literally 1 minute away from ours than to one of Sunny (even though they have the lowest prices). If something is in Sunny 5 minutes away and in other pharmacy that is 30 minutes away, I recommend the latter. And if there's something only in Sunny, I lie that it isn't available anywhere in the town. Yup, I prefer to straightforwardly lie than recommend going to Sunny. * Adamed. It's a pharmaceutical company known among pharmacists for their irritatingly or even infuriatingly similar packages for prescription drugs. [Here's](https://mgr.farm/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/adamed_1.png) an example. Violet for allergy, red for analgesics (and cardiovascular diseases and also hormones because why tf not?!), pink for gynecology, yellow for prostate or ED, light blue for eye drops, lazur blue for asthma, orange for neurology and mental health, and green for gastro-intestinal diseases. And of course the logo has to cover most of the package, like [this](https://ktomalek.pl/zdjecia/adaring-interakcje-ulotka-B3310442). BECAUSE THE LOGO IS THE MOST IMPORTANT F.CKING THING, RIGHT?! I'm 25 years old and my job requires me to check everything at least three times, so I don't really care, but I can't do anything about old people who might not see clearly and might confuse the drugs because they look so similar. If it's a prescription drug, I can't do anything really, but when it comes to OTC drugs, supplements, or cosmetics, I don't recommend them because: a) I can recommend something different, b) sometimes it's not so good, c) I don't like the company. * Aflofarm. Now this is one annoying Polish pharmaceutical company, I've yet to find a pharmacist who actually likes this company. So many annoying and boring ads constantly on TV, and so many mediocre or bad drugs. Tablets for sore throat and tablets for aphthous stomatitis are EXACTLY the same, all the ingredients are exactly the same, but the packages looks differently. Yeah, this is a big brain time... They have only few prescription drugs and some OTC drugs, but I don't sell much of it. Their cosmetics are trashy. And they have tons of supplements, crappy beyond measure. I don't know if the people who are responsible for making new stuff are lazy or just completely not creative, but you can see in their portfolio a few lines of supplements that are boringly non-innovative. Something to lose weight? Why not add biotin for the hair? And let's make a third one, but with vitamin D. So much creative! A supplement for better sight? Let's add vitamin D. And let's also add biotin. Now you have three supplements, but all of them are crappy. :) Forget what I told about Adamed, Aflofarm is the worst thing of all. Vichy Minéral 89 costs twice as much as Aflofarm's serum for the came volume. I'd recommend Vichy without an afterthought.


> State-owned TV, called TVP, or how I like to call it: TVPropaganda I heard if called TVPyongyang because of how North Korean it sometimes sounds


It has many nicknames. I also heard TVPiS and Kurwizja.


Kurwizja is the greatest thing I've heard all year.


Big European oil companies mainly BP, shell, total for ruining the world in multiple ways. Chinese brands in general, because of their brutal mistreatment of uyghurs. While I can't boycott everything with "made in China" on it, I can at least give them smaller profit margins by choosing "branded" phones. TripAdvisor, booking, airbnb for operating in Israeli settlements, which is illegal under international law.


Take Away/Just Eat/Thuisbezorgd/Lieferando/Grubhub ([or any of their local brands](https://www.justeattakeaway.com/about-us/our-brand/). They take a monumental cut of small restaurants' profit. I always order directly with the restaurant.


Not from my country but I won't ever buy anything made by Garmin. They wilfully destroyed Navigon.


Anything related with the almighty Wallenberg family.


I remember reading somewhere they one employed over half the swedish population. Also they fund some pretty cool research now through their foundation.


That's a difficult one. Just about everything is related to them in one way or another. Even if you ignore the many massive and completely unavoidable companies they're directly involved in, they're the principal owners of *Nasdaq*...


Sports Direct, GAME, House of Fraser, basicallly anything Mike Ashley has a stake in, utter cunt.


I never used to go to Wetherspoons pubs in the UK , partially because the owner was a rabid Brexiteer who used his pub chain to promote his political viewpoint and partially because they were generally hideous stinky pubs that served out of date beer. There was always a better option.


For some reason company/product boycotts in free Poland (post 1989) never really worked. For some ideological regions, one company or another was "boycotted" by some political groups (mostly depending on company far right or far left) but it never really worked. The only company that left Poland (at least officially) due to boycott was Russian Lukoil, BUT it stated boycott in the whole region (not really visible in Poland) and it sold it's assets to Amic, a company from Vienna... with Russian Lukoil dudes in charge :D. And I guess they left Poland due to leaving The Baltics and Ukraine, jest easier to leave a "hostile region" in whole... With that introduction, I have to say I don't really "boycott" any company myself. I'd probably like to boycott some big unethical store chains or online sellers but Polish salaries are not high, and those places usually have things 20-30% cheaper (or even much more), so it makes a real difference. Also say in case of stationary grocery stores (example), in urban Poland it's hard to find a non-chain/franchise one. In my Warsaw suburb I have the choice of Auchan & Carrefour (french chains, in various formats, convenience, supermarket, hypermarket), Kaufland (large supermarket, German), Lidl (supermarket, German), Aldi (supermarket, German), Netto (supermarket, Danish), Biedronka (supermarket, Portuguese despite name), Żabka (local 7/11, franchise based, owned by some US/NL fund) and Selgros (wholesale mostly, Swiss). So you get the pattern all chains, and all foreign. If I decided to buy local I would be left with little stores, in my area prices more like 80% higher and the inability to buy some stuff (or driving around for hours to find them). So I don't have the salary and free time to boycott "the foreign giants". That being said when it comes to restaurants I try to support the local ones. But here I have ample choice. Say with delivery I have Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Telepizza in my area (chains) but also 8 small local pizzerias. Slightly higher prices, better pizza, so I choose them mostly. With Chinese, sushi or kebab places all are small and local so that makes it easier, but I can't say I boycott chain restaurants as McDonald's, Burger King and KFC which are "everywhere" (on the road, at train stations or when you need something from Uber Eats in 20 minutes) can't really be boycotted. Wow, this is long, but I assumed you want to discuss the issue in detail, as most asking about it do. So basically in the end what I boycott is places that wronged me (scam, bad quality, overcharging - more than once etc) or my close friends. Sadly no boycotts for the greater good, can't afford those...


I don't really boycott any companies, but do try to buy an option with an added moral bonus. Usually a local produce or support for causes I care about - for example a Tahini manufacturer owned by an Arab family, that donated a lot of money for the Arab LGBTQ community in Israel and got boycotted. That would be the only Tahini I buy! (well, tbh, I don't like Tahini, but when I need to buy it😁)


Anything state owned that I can actually avoid using.


For example TVP a.k.a. TVPropaganda.


Wanted to mention some Ukrainian brands, remembered they all were bought out by Nestlé (Svitoch, Torchyn and some others)


JD Wetherspoon. The owner is an utter cock, I almost ended up working at one of his pubs and we had to watch a tedious 25 minute video about him. He's a hardcore Brexiteer wanker who littered his pubs with propaganda but now there're a staff shortages he's whining about not being given an exceptions to hire staff from abroad. He also stopped stocking European brands due to Brexit and the one of the only reasons I stepped foot in those places was to drink Courvoisier on the cheap. Plus when lockdown started and his pubs had to close he essentially told all his employees to go fuck themselves. I'm also banned from the one in my hometown for sliding down the bannister on the stairs that lead up to the main bar. Arseholes.


Do you think if you tried to get back into your local spoons, they would turn you away? Or they've probably just forgotten?


Probably because it was 7 years ago and the staff will be different but when I go back to my hometown I don't go to spoons anyway, I like having a jukebox and a pool table.


I’m not sure I’d call it an active boycott as I don’t often willingly eat overpriced burgers but I wouldn’t go to Byron after they participated in an immigration sting on their own staff. And I try to avoid Wetherspoons, because the owner’s a wank and they’re shite pubs anyway. When I’m travelling I’ve started to avoid AirBnbs. Their impact on Edinburgh is overwhelmingly negative and I’d hate to think I’m contributing to a similar situation in another city. I’ve lived in a stair with AirBnbs, it’s shite.


Yeah AirBnB pretty much tanked Dublin's housing (there were other factors of course, but they're a pretty major one).


How do Airbnb negatively impact Edinburgh? I would have thought it's great to seek an alternative from a hotel room that is probably the similar sort of deal wherever you go in the world?


Everyone jumps on the Airbnb bandwagon and all of a sudden you can't find a place to rent, or have to sell a kidney to afford it. Airbnb has been a major contributor to people being out-rented in many cities.


They gut cities of locally lived in accommodation.


AirBnBs kill the housing market for renters as it often doesn't make sense economically to rent out your apartment when you can get significantly more money via AirBnB. You also don't have to worry about bad tenants since AirBNB stays are significantly shorter than most rental leases. This is doubly true for areas with a lot of tourists. In Budapest, for example, AirBNB essentially gentrified entire neighborhoods by itself.


> I’m not sure I’d call it an active boycott as I don’t often willingly eat overpriced burgers but I wouldn’t go to Byron after they participated in an immigration sting on their own staff. Same for deliveroo


I avoid tesco as they open there little stores near small businesses, come in cheap, swat the competition and then prices shoot up. I know its business, I just don't like the corporates


Dunnes Stores. Worked for them for a few months about 20 years ago and I'd rather spork my own eyes out than spend a cent there. Total scumbags to work for and the food and clothes are shite too.


All the companies owned by [this guy.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrej_Babi%C5%A1)


People over here got very angry at the local train company after they said that "the problem is that too many people ride bikes" and started asking money for bringing a bike on train to discourage people from doing so, instead of admitting that the problem is too small new trains with only a few bike holders and taking an aim of more bike room. Like, they are not even aiming to do so. I would not mind paying for taking my bike on board, but to actually say that their aim is to decrease bike use... yeah, fuck them. Was a frequent train passenger before. Not any more. The new small trains are also often so full that you cannot sit anywhere else than on the floor for a 2-hour ride. Opting for a bus now.


I have been boycotting French clothing brand Celio for 20 years or so now. Nothing related to bad corporate management or anything. I just bought a red shirt from them and it screwed a whole full load of clothes in my washing machine. Everything turned pink. I haven't bought anything from them since then. Yes, I am a bit on the resentful side of things.


Greggs. Back in the 00s they suddenly stopped selling caramel curl éclairs that I really liked. They can get fucked.


Not my own boycott but my wife’s family in the west of Ireland. They live in this small town with two shops, one of which they boycott because of something that happened about 100 years ago. Everyone involved in the original disagreement is long dead but the grandchildren and great grandchildren keep up this boycott.


I think I'd get on with your wife. I grew up in a town that (at the time) had basically one supermarket (O'Toole's Supervalu) - it's gone up to three now, and growing. But the guy who owned that supermarket tore down some historic buildings, a part of the town wall and this really old tree - so old it was on the local school crest - for a carpark. So now I never shop there. And I tried to stop my family shopping there, which was hard until the other shops showed up.


You need to teach this to your kids and grandkids.


> because of something that happened about 100 years ago Civil War?


I'm just here to see which French company deserves a boycott, because I can't see any ( that doesn't mean there aren't though ) To be honest, I'm against boycotting things, avoiding buying stuffs without any form of activism seems more appropriate.


We should boycott Total but it's not like there's any alternative, Shell are just as bad if not worse


Vivendi for me in France because of its practices and how it crushes small creators and casual moviegoers


Ubisoft has been in the news in the video games sphere recently for their awful treatment of employees, but they’ve been overshadowed by all the lawsuits against Activision-Blizzard.


WALMART is king of the boycott. There are many others.


It is a very, very long list. Namely, Starbucks, anything of Nestlé's or Unilever's, Nike, Primark (or any sweatshop-crap), Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, Fox, Ryanair (and most low-cost airlines with shit workers' rights), fruits and vegetables that aren't grown locally (seriously why are fucking bell peppers from New Zealand when we grow them here too!?), etc... It limits choices a lot, but frankly I feel like it's easier once you know where to get the things you want, and try not to contribute to the worse sides of capitalism.


I, like every other British young person, boycott Weatherpoons. And by boycott, I mean say that I boycott it, but then it’s the end of the month, I’m tight on cash, and they have a range of wonderful Eastern European lagers on draft, so I go, complain about the owner and his pro-Brexit stance, but then have a great night and hate myself for it.


Nestlé. I mean I hope so, sometimes it's hard to know if the company is connected to Nestlé. And if gotta confess I can't live without nutella.. but otherwise i avoid them. Because of the charging for groundwater thing.


GALP - the local petrol monopoly, which everyday sodomizes the Portuguese economy. Continente - Large retailer, know for their abuse of farmers with super demanding payment conditions. Bacalhoa wines - Owned by a bankrupt "millionaire", which managed to keep being a "millionaire" via dirty political connections and defaulting the local state owned bank. Should also boycott EDP - the Chinese owned local electricity monopoly, which again via political connections continuously sodomizes the Portuguese consumers and economy. However, the liberalized electricity market is also known for a lot of abuses, so I've never got around to changing the contract.


Like many other people on here with an I.Q i don't go into Wetherspoons , because of their stance on the EU referendum. They owner was hard leaver and filled his pub with Propaganda and pushed for an economically damaging hard Brexit. Now that Brexit is biting, he is wailing like a boy who cried wolf.... I also have a lot of friends who were born in other European countries and it would be a slap in the face to them to go in.... You can find a small independent pub with better beers anywhere - try the app "Neverspoons' to help you find any other pub hahahaha.


[Wetherspoons](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetherspoons) -- for sticking their greasy thumb into British politics to no go end. Last time I was in a Wetherspoons, you couldn't move for propaganda. It was on the beer mats, their magazine was just one anti-EU article after another, and there were even large posters advertising a talk they'd be giving to "give people all the answers" (paraphrased) ahead of the referendum. More recently, they've treated their workers like utter shit during COVID and, resulting from both that and Brexit, are now suffering financial difficulties. What a shame.


Butlers Chocolate. The owner is staunchly pro life, and those values don't align with mine. They also funded a lot of pro life campaigns during the abortion referendum in '18, and that lost me as a customer. Stick your free chocolate with every hot drink up your hole, I'll have Lily O Brien instead.


Two come to mind Abacus: they are a bookstore/office supply/art supply shop chain that masked themselves as a cooperative. Doing this, they were able to sell their products at a discount to their cooperative members, and becoming a member was free and very easy. They would put their stores next to established local bookshops to steal their clientele and try to "convince" High-schools in the area to send their students their way. They're trash, even if they can't do all of that anymore because the authorities cacthed on. The second one is Mercadona. It's a supermaket chain that's becoming infamous for cornering the market and paying its suppliers less money than their products cost. Lots of farmers and ranchers have gone under because of their greed and prices have not even gone down. Also, their owner finances an Alt-right party and is widely considered to be an asshole.


Mercadona is new in Portugal... I absolutely love their products, I had no idea...


Mercadona, me too.


lOs SaLaRiOs mÁs aLtOs dEl sEcToR qUe EmPrEndEdOr qUe Es JuAn rOIg


> Also, their owner finances an Alt-right party and is widely considered to be an asshole. Vox?


I’ll add Zara (and all Inditex brands) and El Corte Inglés.