"Serbs: A Nation Older Than the Universe" /s


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Fun and Balkan history? Jokes aside. By fun what kind of genre are you looking at? People may be getting tired of me posting the same thing over and over, but whenever there's questions like these I always recommend ***John V.A. Fine's "The Early Medieval Balkans" & "The Late Medieval Balkans" and Florin Curta's "SE Europe in The Middle Ages".*** But I believ they are good overall,not too deep, summaries. Seeing that you speak bulgarian, you can take a look at ***Балкански хоризонти. История, общества, личности Т.1 by Христо Матанов*** But can't guarantee you'll have fun :D


Hahaha yeah I realized after writing my post that it was an oxymoron when it comes to our history! ;) I personally love historical fiction but am more than happy to try any other genre! I guess by fun I really meant a book that's interesting and meaningful that you still think about from time to time after finishing it. I'll take a look at what you've suggested, thank you! As for the Bulgarian book, I should have prefaced that my language skills are quite rudimentary, since my mother didn't speak to me in Bulgarian in order to assimilate more easily here unfortunately. I'm currently taking lessons to improve but am far from being able to read an entire book in Bulgarian. However I will write it down for whenever I do get to that point! Thank you so much!


Oh, that's okay. The ones I mentioned are non-fiction. As for fiction. The one I've heard being a must read, but haven't had the chance of getting to is ***The Bridge on the Drina***


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the suggestions :)


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The Alexiad. Or Sphrantzes/Doukas if you want a sobbing story


Beaut, thank you! Sad stories are as much a part of history as any and as important to know about <3


Do you like statistics? Do you want to learn how the Slovenes had to ask their lord for marriage until the 17th century? Or what ploughs they used? Do you want to learn how the Croat administration in the 17th/18th centuries worked? Do you want to know what a mess Slovakia was in the 16th/17th century? Or maybe about the shitfest that Hungary was in the early 18th century? Well look no further, because I have the perfect book for you! "The peoples of the eastern Habsburg lands 1526-1918" by Robert Kann and Zdenek David


[Pirej](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirej) is a nice fiction book set in the Balkan wars and WW1 in Macedonia.


Interesting! Definitely going to take a look, thank you!


You can check Halil İnalcık for Ottoman history


you didn't need to tell us you live in canada, we could tell by the fact that you apologized before you asked anything




History of Yugoslavia - Vladimir Ćorović.


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Eclipse of the Crescent Moon by Geza Garonyi, about 15 bucks in audio book format on Audible! Very entertaining adventure that covers a short period in the history of the region. ´´ Geza Gardonyi set his great Hungarian children's classic in the 16th century during the 150-year Ottoman occupation. Besides the tales of several battles, the novel details the extraordinary 1552 Siege of Eger, during which Captain István Dobó's 2,000 Hungarian men, women and children inside the county's castle, defeated a Turkish force of 80,000 men. The Magyar title, Egri csillagok (literally, "Stars of Eger"), is required reading in Hungarian schools, but the book provides fantastic history, entertainment and romance for kids (and grown ups) of all nationalities. The novel excludes much sad history that followed---Eger's 91-year era as the seat of a brutal Turkish vilayet (administrative region) starting in 1596, when a still larger Ottoman army defeated the Magyar forces. (Charles of Lorraine's Christian army liberated Eger only in 1687, a year after the Hapsburgs retook the Buda's west bank Danube castle, which was unified into Budapest in 1873.) But the novel fulfills the young reader's longing for a great plot and adventure, as told through the story of the peasant Gergely and his childhood friend and later sweetheart, Eva, whose parents push for her marriage to a nobleman. Travelers also reap rewards from this novel, which details daily life in 16th century Heves (pronounced He-vesh) county, east of the Mátra Mountains at the northern edge of Hungary's great Plain. This is wonderful reading, and highly recommended. ´´ - Reviewer on Amazon


Wow thank you so much for the detailed recommendation! I will be sure to take a look!! ❤️


History of the Greek Nation ~ Konstantinos Paparrigopoulo It is a beast of a book BUT HUGE. (8 Vol.s to be exact). We had that series of books in our school in a fancy place, as if it was a treasure.


Константин Иречек - "История на българите" This will make you Bulgarian quicker than you can blink


Jireček is always a good starting point, most of his work on Bulgaria and Serbia still checks out, even if there might be some newer information here and there.


Thanks a million :)