“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick” -Kevin Malone


So let me get it straight, you want to develop a new language that the entire dialect is around single sounds? the app is such a minor thing compared to what you want to create lol.. I don't think it's doable in any way shape or form. Sorry mate.


I think it's ambitious but why not. A language that is just for listening. If it even theoretically help people absorb information more quickly it could work. I can see such a thing being useful in the military, giving instructions to the troops


that's the point, allowing people to understand a full sentence with just few sound, maybe there will be ready-made sentences with some sound pattern


That’s how languages work. All languages are complex tonal and sounds mashed together to create words-you won’t be able to create a complex language with simple sounds as stand ins for larger words and word structures-there simply aren’t enough discernible sounds that can do that for you. If you attempt this you may find that you’ve basically created a language that has minimal complexity without any benefits of a fully fledged language. I also can’t imagine the ambiguity that making such a language would create.


I’m not sure to understand tell us more


Well the goal is to create a new language (way of communication) understandable by everyone. The app will allow condensed text or words in the form of a sound or a combination of sound. This principle is used for notification alerts, different sounds for different notifications


How do you propose making it understandable to everyone? Many people have never left their home country, let alone have the ability to invest time in learning a new language.


well people learn the internet slang (depending their language) and like i say above they can also recognize different sound notification (fb, whatsapp, rington, msg). So I think it would be not that complicated to learn.


Kinda sounds like you are American. A lot of European people actually go on holiday in other countries and a decent amount moves to other countries. That being said, how exactly does never having left your home country have something to do with having the ability to invest time in learning a new language? If I want to learn how to make a wooden table top on my own and I really want it I will invest the time and money to learn it, so why shouldn't people be able to invest the time to simply learn a new language? As a developer I'm learning new languages and expanding my knowledge about the languages I already know, yes actual languages are a bit different, but the concept is the same.


Why would people learn your language instead of a real one? It’s not as easy as learning JavaScript or Python. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. Have you ever tried learning a real language? Take that level of study and multiply it by 10 to create a new language. Then every single user is gonna have to learn that language to use your app. No one will do that. These days there’s less people learning languages unless they are going to need it long term due to services like google translate.


Well I do speak English and Dutch, and I'm from the Netherlands. But that's not the point I'm trying to make. Yes learning a language takes time because there's a lot you need to learn, but if people want to invest the time to learn a language they will. I'm not saying this language will be used a lot because people are more likely to use abbreviations than simple sounds because those already exist and are easier to learn. And btw no, translate is not the problem, it's governments and schools not caring about students actually learning a new language and teaching it in the wrong way, you don't learn a new language by reading about all the grammar rules, instead you need to use it on the internet and try to speak that language.


thats the point of the app, find a new way to share information on internet apart from slang. It don't need to be perfect as long as you can understand your interlocutor


hi, today we communicate and share more info and we want to do it faster (emojies and slangs are a perfect example) that's why i was thinking of this concept, a new alternative of communication but with sound pattern to share what u want as quickly as possible. Of course fully sentence would be complicated to make however we can go straight to the point and skip useless word I'm french btw


This is less of an app idea