An app for coders to get together and start working on smthing collectively

An app for coders to get together and start working on smthing collectively


Basicly this sounds like github with an extra layer of community-stuff


What makes u relate it to GitHub?


Devs of all sorts working together = github. Everybody can contribute to a project (founders can approve these contributions before integrating it with the main branch. "Pull requests". It has community features that allows everybody to add suggestions or state issues. And these requests xan be linked and tracked across the code. Your idea could add a layer on top of githubs features to make the club/group/project finding perhaps easier though.


GitHub meets StackOverflow


Github, Stackoverflow and Codechef if it got funded ....


A good MVP implementation of this idea would be to build a simple News Feed app where people can post links to GitHub repos & Discord groups.


don't reinvent the wheel 🙏 what is your unique value proposition, compared to existing solutions?


Do you even know what tools a developer uses? Sounds like you are just throwing a random idea that you didn't do any research for. I don't mind someone coming with ideas that don't don't because they can't be made for some reasons that require some more in depth knowledge about a given topic, but describing one of the most used tools and presenting it like developers in this case need it... No. At least make sure you did the research you can do, you literally are just describing GitHub. Case two is either Stackoverflow or a Github issue (if the project is open source), but both do what you described. The last bit of making it a game we call those hackathons, and you've probably heard of that term if you did some research, most of the times the reward is either fame, a fun project that you made to challenge yourself and can sell after or a t-shirt or some other thing related to a brand. Usually there isn't any money to win and I assume that has a reason. So TL;DR: do some research before sharing your idea, because you are trying to sell us a idea that already exists... like 99% how you are describing it.


Hi. nice idea. idk that is part of your idea but here is my comment. *the clubs or teams should be clasified by topic of interest.* In that way developers, designs and more **will be more interested** in supporting the project.


GitHub but with extra steps