Yes!!! Temperature therapy helps a lot for me, like taking a hot/cold shower depending on your mood, or using a heating pad for your stomach or holding an ice cube if my anxiety is really bad. I also find relief in physical things such as going for a walk when my thoughts are racing, or exercising! I hope this helps


Now that I think of it, cold showers also tend to help me but it's only now that I'm realising it!


Dopamine levels rise when you take a cold shower. [This](https://youtu.be/QmOF0crdyRU) is a really interesting podcast about managing your dopamine by Andrew Huberman.


Submerging your face in cold water triggers the mammalian dive reflex and actually makes some dramatic changes occur in your body, which is why people often feel calmer or less anxious when taking a cold shower or washing your face.


I didn't know that, I need to try this!


RIGHT!! It’s the little things that really do help :)


Same! I usually take cold showers pre and after any exam to cool down and also when I'm in a labyrinth situation or sth.


so that's why i soothed myself recently with ice cream


I jump in the ocean every other day, in the morning. It changes my entire day


I’m not a fan of cold showers or holding an ice cube but often will lay in an ice pack when going to bed (the gel ones for sport so it’s not quite as cold or hard) and it helps me calm down before falling asleep.


You could also try running cool water over your wrists? Just the spot where you'd aim to find a pulse if you were looking, couple of minutes.


This can be done in public restrooms (work, school, whatever) as well. Just turn the water as cold as it goes and stick your hand in it. Or if you’re a passenger in a car and it’s winter, stick your hand outside the window. Just tell folks you hit a finger on something and it hurts if they ask.


I’m going to try the ice cube thing. Thank you.


Telling myself I’m excited when I’m anxious helps to channel the fight-or-flight into something positive. Ex: I’m excited to drive on the freeway because I’ll get where I’m going faster. Or I’m excited to drive to the office because I get to see my fave coworkers.


This is such a great idea. I’ve noticed that once you are used to feeling anxious, it can be hard to distinguish it from excitement. For me, it’s a social event I’m actually looking forward to. I have to remind myself this is excitement not anxiety because it is the same kind of anticipatory energy with nowhere to go yet.


I couldn't agree more with you. When I'm about to go to a social activity, my body gets excitement and anxiety confused.


Omg yes. I’ve noticed this recently that I can’t even differentiate between anxiety and excitement. I hate it!!


Yes! The dare response teaches about this (there's an app with free stuff and a book) and it's very helpful to reframe the feelings.


That’s how I learned to reframe!




Looking at aesthetically pleasing or oddly satisfying pictures/videos. Observing my cats. Talking to my anxiety and “inviting it” to sit by me and vent like as if it were a character of its own lol


Some of the best advice I’ve gotten for my mental health was to go to a museum and look at beautiful things to distract myself. Obviously it only works if you live near a museum, but just looking at beautiful things has really helped me.


15 minute brisk walk


This is so underestimated. Walking 8k steps a day has significantly helped with my anxiety. Less could help I’m sure. The combination of walking and time outside (bonus points for in the sun or surrounded by nature) is a powerful one.


Stepping out into the sun or open breeze also seems to do it for me. Especially if I am dealing with feelings of "being trapped". Another thing that helps is journaling.


*ice cube on the back of your neck*, and box breathing (get a free app)


Love temperature and scent therapy. I hate hate hate box breathing for some reason


lavender ?


Spearmint for me


I hate box breathing normally, but it really helps me calm down if I'm in the middle of a panic attack or other emotional crisis.


What is scent therapy?


Finding a comforting scent. (For me it’s spearmint) and using it during moments of discomfort. I use spearmint essential oil and put a few drops on a piece of fabric that I carry in my pocket. I try to use it sparingly so it keeps the same effect of calm and control.


Wow! What a lovely idea carrying it around on a small piece of fabric.


Diamond painting!! Sounds so lame but it’s ridiculously therapeutic to sit there plucking away at it. I usually turn a podcast on while I’m doing it and the hours just whiz by stress free


I've been wanting to do this for a long while and my anxiety has been really bad lately so you just influenced me and my first kit will be here tomorrow!


Oh exciting!!!! I hope you love it Also, if you end up enjoying it long term I highly recommend getting a light board off of Amazon! It makes it sooo much easier to see the squares. It just slides underneath and brightens it up!


I’ve never heard of this - that looks SO satisfying!


If you have Amazon, buy them there! It will save you a lot of money, while adding so many more options to choose from! I have done about 10 of them now, and they do help.


Good to know! So far the ones I’ve gotten are from Home Craftology. It’s a super good brand to order from and their customer service is FAB. They even have a Facebook group where everyone shares their work 😂 but I’m totally not against checking out Amazon too!


Reducing caffeine intake, quitting alcohol, stretching, meditation and getting time outside in nature. L-theanine and ashwaganda seemed to help a little too.


L theanine is a godsend


can you explain more about why you like L Theanine? I’m so curious!!


L theanine increases synthesis of GABA, which results in an increase in dopamine and serotonin, thus leading to feelings of calmness and wellbeing. It also has other health benefits such as increased immunity, increased focus, and some studies have been done to show that it MAY be beneficial in preventing cancer. L theanine is also present in tea as well! I'll pop a couple of L theanines in the morning and bring a black tea with me to work if I'm feeling especially anxious.


L-theanine changed my life. I had absolutely runaway anxiety before I stumbled across it, to the point that I had a symptom called air hunger all day every day, and was spending twelve hours a day gasping for air. I tried it for unrelated reasons, having no idea that it would have the effect that it did, which was the almost complete resolution of my anxiety. I felt calm for the first time in years. I was able to immediately kick the alcohol habit I was getting into because it provided me with temporary relief, and I also have not taken a single dose of benzos since finding it three years ago. It doesn't have any other side effects for me (there's certainly no high), but taking a larger dose of it can even stop a panic attack in its tracks for me. It's like a magical reregulation pill.


I struggled with air hunger back in 2020 maybe for about a year. I thought I was having breathing issues. I didn’t realize it is something that happens with anxiety. I have been in this group for over a year and it has been so helpful seeing people relate or actually being able to understand what could be going on with me. I know there is no substitute for a true diagnose by a doctor. Anyway, glad the L-t has been helpful for you. I am definitely going to look into it.


It's definitely a lesser known symptom, and I was sure there was something really medically wrong with me too. Out of all the myriad symptoms of anxiety I have experienced, air hunger is my least favorite. It's really brutal. I'm sorry you've experienced it too, and I hope you can find relief if you haven't. L-theanine works very well for me with especially this and teeth grinding, so I would definitely say looking into it would be a good idea!


This is the first time I’ve ever seen the term “air hunger” and it makes me feel so much better just knowing that this shortness of breath I keep running into every day is just my anxiety, and that other people with anxiety deal with the same issue




Where can I get L theanine ?Do you have a brand to recommend ??


I just recently started L-Theanine; I did tons of research on brands before actually purchasing the supplement, and based on my search results, Nutricost L-Theanine from Amazon seems to be most people's "go-to" brand. I don't know if what I read is particularly true or not, but most people reported that other brands that they tried other than Nutricost didn't work at all for them, and personally I just didn't want to waste my own time or money playing trial and error with all of these other brands that people are indicating don't work. My Primary Care Physician recommended L-Theanine to alleviate my fading symptoms of long-haul COVID, and to calm my body because I am also taking Bupropion (which acts as a stimulant, even though it isn't) for anxiety and depression. I've only been taking L-Theanine for about a week or so, but I have noticed significant cognitive improvements, and, L-Theanine has been helping to completely reduce the jitters and unrested feeling I get while ingesting anything with caffeine, without reducing its efficacy or endurance. It's undoubtedly an excellent supplement, and I highly recommend it if you intake anything caffeinated, have high levels of anxiety, or, are currently struggling with cognitive issues, e.g., impairment of focus, concentration, and memory, brain fog, etc., caused as a leading result of long-haul COVID.


Thank you I have some of those because of long term anxiety and recently recovered from covid Thanks for that ,I appreciate the information given


I take the Olly brand vitamins that have gaba, l-theanine, and lemon balm in them and they don’t help with panic attacks but they do reduce my baseline anxious energy throughout the day.


>L-theanine and ashwaganda seemed to help a little too. Do both work right away, or how long do you have to take it for it to work? Never seemed to do much for me, but maybe the dose was wrong?


They should do yes. They definitely have a mild effect so they won't eliminate anxiety completely but I found them useful coupled with the other things I listed above. I take 400mg of l theanine and 300mg of ashwaganda KSM-66 with a cup of tea every morning


It’s not sedating / mess up your whole day?


No. I’ve taken both for over a year. Neither mess anything up nor cause problems if I miss a few doses.


What should I drink instead of coffee?


This was very hard for me, too. If you really feel you need the kick of caffine, try some tea. Caffeine is what you are trying to avoid. I would suggest, especially if you are addicted to caffeine, buying decaf, and cutting your regular coffee with it a bit more every day until you are fully on decaf. At this point, you can stop if you want, but if you're like me and you just really enjoy the taste of coffee - Then you can enjoy your coffee without the anxiety.


I didn’t give up coffee specifically because I like it and it does get me going in the morning but I’ve limited myself to 2 cups per day and the rest of the time I’ll have tea or sometimes matcha. Some people cut it out completely but I’ve found even those small changes have helped me.


Try tisanes and herbal teas with flavours you like. I highly recommend you go on a store that only sells bulk loose leaf teas and get small portions (25 or 50 grams) of many different flavors so you find your favorites. Try to find the ones that don't contain caffeine.


Cold showers, holding ice cube during panic attack, classical music in bed, and what’s helped the most is vitamin D supplements. Also got myself an ebike and I’m always outside now


I usually suck on ice cubes when I'm having bad panic attacks, always helps


Wow really? Never heard of this technique, I’ll have to give it a go


So what is the science behind holding an ice cube while having a panic attack?


Jolts your system out of fight of flight response. It’s called a “grounding exercise,” that helps distract you from the feelings of panic and focus your body and surroundings. Can also trigger a pain-like response from the cold that forced your brains neurotransmitters to focus on something else.


Honestly, for me, engaging in routine and some tasks. 1. Noise cancelling headphones and washing my car. Surprising how calm this makes me. I guess this centres me, and I focus on the current. 2. A 45 minute walk a day. I get up about 6000 steps doing this. I do this alone or with my SO and no-one else. I don't want to entertain a tiring conversation during this time. 3. Hugging my cats.


simple thing that doesn’t seem like it would help but it did the trick until meds stopped my panic attacks altogether. I realized the only time where I truly was never anxious (that I can remember) was while watching tv shows. So I would have a few comfort shows, mine were Stranger Things mainly, but other ones like Modern Family. During a panic attack, if I can, watch those shows or listen to a song from them, something like that. If you cant listen to anything, just think of it. It takes your mind off it. Thats partially why those shows mean so much to me. So basically, find a time/place where you dont have panic attacks, and see what you can do from there.


Running. Drinking less. Losing weight and getting more fit to build confidence. The day after drinking is especially bad for anxiety so trying to be proactive on those days. Not listening to anything my brain says after 9pm.


Making sure I have someone to talk to every day, preferably in-person or at least on the phone or voice chat, and text/chat/email/etc. as a last resort. My anxiety tends to spike when I am left alone with my thoughts for too long. And also taking deep breaths outside. I'm realizing just going outside for some fresh air helps me calm me down in the middle of the day.


This has always been a big thing for me since my panic attacks started, I try not to go places alone, be home alone, or even drive alone, and at the very least need to have someone I’m able to call and talk to in case I do start to panic.


Coldness in any form. When im anxious I absolutely cannot sit down. So i always take a freezing cold shower or have my gf put a cold ice cube on my back. Also another thing for ME, is having my partner take me on a drive. I have panic attacks that end me in the hospital so being in the car and knowing we can zip right to the hospital helps me tremendously untill it all clears.


Oh - magnesium! I bought large bags of magnesium citrate and mag glycinate on bulk supplements (along with theanine, passionflower + magnolia extracts). Take mag every day now. I would recommend it to anyone with anxiety. It's like i don't feel it, but I feel the absence of it on days I forget. Really does help.


Cold things, like a water bottle on the neck / face, really helps me when I start thinking about being sick or actually feeling sick.


Lol ,keeping my circle small and staying away from toxic people Some reminder : ❤️Daily affirmation and reminder from podcast ❤️meditation,self massage,restorative yoga ❤️Quite frankly the inner workings of our brain ,the thoughts is the reason why anxiety is heightened.A lot of people recommended CBT ❤️For me my anxiety is triggered mostly by poor self esteem,it’s hard to treat .The only most possible way for me is to stick to an extremely small circle ⭕️ and to constantly tell myself it’s okay ..


I like sitting on my heating pad, playing solitaire on my iPad, watching old sitcoms, and sitting near open windows to help with mine!


Wow this sounds cozy as fuck pardon my language. Trying this 100%.


Talking out loud to myself. I do it all the time. I discuss how I'm feeling and debunk whatever fears I can with reason until I feel a little better. Talking to other people helps too. I think it forces me to focus only on what I'm saying and less on how I'm feeling. It also forces me to breath more normally because I'm not over thinking it and talking forces me to breath out more.


Staring at the trees out my windows or walking out into my yard. Koolaid, Dark chocolate. Seeing a Doggo walking down the street. Watching the chickens in my neighbors backyard. Making someone else laugh. Rainbow colored stuff. Edit: Punctuation EDIT 2: THESE THINGS WORK FOR ME AND MIGHT NOT WORK FOR ALL


I highly recommend rainbow scratch paper if you don’t already have some! It’s both relieving and satisfying on so many levels for anxiety.


Seeing dogs walking down the street makes going outside 100% worth it for me


Be careful with dark chocolate as it does contain caffeine so high amounts could cause anxiety


It works just fine for me.


Time outside in nature, exercise (even a 15 minute walk helps), long hugs, spending time with a pet, eating if I’m hungry, focusing on a task/project, the 5-4-3-2-1 game, telling myself that this feeling will pass and not to fight it


A nice cup of chamomile / sleepy time tea (which has chamomile) with honey. For real. Kava Yogi tea is nice too, a double mug, taste isn't for everyone. Real kava root is amazing but I try to use it more for an occasional, relaxing, evening here and there, rather than quick anxiety relief. R/kava


Wrists under cold running water. Also (it looks silly) shaking my hands like I'm playing heavy metal Maracas also seems to give a calming feedback for me at least.


I’m gonna assume everything has been pretty much said here, so I’m gonna say something different that made a big impact for me personally, but probably not for you😄 but what I noticed was that wearing clothes larger than I normally wear, even if I never really wore any tight clothes but that one bit of extra space for my body to move inside the clothes made a huge impact for me and my anxiety


God I love putting on a giant tshirt and some baggy sweatpants when I’m anxious. It’s ultra comfy and helps me feel more grounded.




A hot bath . But the thing that helped me the most in the long run is gardening. My mother always told me "it will calm your soul if you are around flowers and plants" and she was damn right. At first I just bought potted flowers or bouquets - now I grow them myself. Helped me a lot


Off the topic of most of the responses, but I got a lower stress job and I have been vomiting and shaking less. I'm actually happy going to work again, finally.


I hope it'll help me as well, planning to quit a job that used to be fine, but now is draining my energy and ruining my mental health progress


Skateboarding and music


Legos. I don't really know why, but when it gets bad, I always try to have a little Lego set to build as back up. They calm my brain is ways nothing else does. I love the speed champion sets the most, lately.


Me too! I have turned to legos more and more lately as it seems to be one of the few things that calms me down and distracts me


Glad to see I'm not alone!


My anxiety often leads to insomnia. I found a sleep audiobook that recommended lying down flat and thinking about the most relaxed part of your body and spreading that relaxation across. Letting each muscle gradually detense. So many sleep audiobooks say about systematically detensing each part of you, little by little, but this was the first one that said about starting where you are most relaxed which was really helpful for me.


CBD is my everything. Reducing caffeine. My car. Music. Vitamin D. Showers. Chewing gum


Plants. Opening a window and smelling the fresh air. Cleaning my house and then enjoying all the clean space. playing my fav videogame. All these things at once + water/snack lowers my anxiety drastically. But not applicable if ur anxious about big things u can't control.... I still struggle with this one too. Venting to someone helps a little.




Not sure why it took so long to see this comment. Walking outside, doing cardio like a riding a bike, lifting weights helps me burn off the energy from the adrenaline caused by anxiety. It has to go somewhere.


I revisit the anxiety package thingy in Headspace from time to time. They frame it where you change your relationship with anxiety which has helped me tremendously in the long run versus trying to lower my anxiety with tasks


Cutting out caffeine and lowering sugar


Stretches, especially stretches aimed at opening the chest


Not going on social media (that includes Reddit). Tons of scientific research that shows that social media increases anxiety


Going for a walk in the early morning, sun bathing to get some much needed vitamin d, reading, taking deep breaths throughout the day, drinking more water, and yoga!


My husband saw a video that suggested keeping sour candies around to help when the spiral into a panic attack begins. It works pretty well as a distraction, and I think is helps lighten the mood for him when I refuse like a petulant child! I don’t *like* them, but I recommend something like Warheads.


• Hz music specific for anxiety relief (easy to find on YouTube) • Having internal convos with myself; “Is you freaking out helping solve the problem/situation?” The answer is always a resounding no. Idk why this works, but I calm down significantly each time. •For social anxiety and when I feeling a bit paranoid about others judging me, I think, “Who tf are *they* to judge *me*?” It’s more in reference to that everyone is flawed and that no one has a right to judge me for having anxiety. I obviously don’t say this out loud or think I’m better than anyone (quite the opposite). • Ashwaganda and L-theanine. The combo seems to keep things at bay if I take it regularly. • Hot baths. I tend to make them really hot. The heat kinda shocks my system and my body forgets the anxiety since it has to deal with this new condition instead. • Meditation •Staying off social media •Avoid reading the news/articles • NOT googling my symptoms


Taking a few rips off my bong and reading Reddit comments. You are some funny motherfuckers.


I sometimes get really anxious about things that are totally out of my control. For those types of things I like to do some breathing and meditate with the insight timer app.


My agoraphobia has been horrible so lately my youtube playlist consists of Bob Ross the joy of painting, those soap cutting asmr videos, and mile higher podcast.


LOVE mile higher podcast!


Reducing coffee and taking walks. oh, and getting out of bed even if I don’t feel like it.


Building micro habits which is part of daily routines like spending time outside, engage in positive conversations etc.


Sometimes when there's no one around, I try to let out a small scream if I feel anxious or overwhelmed and it does help let some weight off you. I also listen to music mostly to help calm me down, as music is therapy; )


Paxil, $30 indica vape pen


my pills are pretty small things...


Cold showers


Ativan, 1mg, is pretty small, and it helps.


Always keep a Valium or klonopin in my wallet, but only take for emergencies / particularly difficult / super social days. If anything it helps my anxiety just knowing it's there, in case I need it. I'll go a long ass time without resorting to it. Benzos make me nervous though, your anxiety will never be worse than it is withdrawing from drugs that bind to your gaba receptors, including alcohol.


Agree, just knowing I have it with me calms me down.


The withdrawal even from a prescription dose fucks you up permanently, I agree on this comment


I tried everything but what ultimately wonders is medicine. Escitalopram 15mg


Hey! I have been prescribed escitalopram 10mg to start. My anxiety seems to peak upon waking in the morning, and I'm worried about feeling nauseous from them. I was prescribed this 6 or 7 years ago but now I forget if I had any side effects. I guess my question for you is, do you have any advice regarding the time of day to take it? Morning, evening/before bed, midday? I know you likely aren't a doctor (who knows though! Maybe you are!) but my doc told me to take it whenever I want, but to try to stick to that time each day. What works for you? Thanks for sharing your insight/experience! Also if you don't want to share I totally understand no worries!! Have a great day :)


I always get the numb limb sensation when i get anxious so I've been exercising with dumbbells lately so that instead of giving in to "heart attack" panic, I can just tell myself "my arms are sore from working out".


Stopping drinking coffee and switching to tea. Also swimming seems to help me a bit with cardio and breathing control which helps my anxiety.


Being in nature, listening to music, getting sunlight and yoga


Telling my boss/manager about it. Not full details but it helps me a ton when I’m having a bad day with my anxiety and they aren’t constantly asking if I’m okay or they understand when I need to take a day off. I know I’m really lucky with this but in the past keeping my bosses in the loop always helped make my days easier.


I don’t drink coffee if I know I’ll be in a situation where my anxiety will act up. If it’s particularly bad I’ll vent in my notes app or have something really sour.


A coach recommended that I either count things I could physically see or solve math problems in my head (I'm super bad a at math so it requires a lot of grain power and mental head room for me to do)


I meditate, counting 1,2,3,4 repeatedly. It interupts the spinning thoughts part of the brain. You can do this anywhere at any time. Also stopped watching tv or reading news. It's just more stress and tv is not actually the restful past time that people think it is. Now my evenings are spent actually relaxing. And I exercise for 5 to 10 minutes if I feel a physical anxiety/restlessness. I also take st. Johns wort extract when i get the hormonal anxiety that can come before my period. Its amazingly effective.


Oh, that preperiod anxiety is horrible to me, so I'm definitely trying it 💕


Breathing exercises helped me calm down my anxiety more than any pill ever did.


Indulging in protein rich foods sometimes breaks a spell


Listening to music, mainly heavy music


Grounding therapy and decluttering. For some reason, less clutter helps reduce my anxiety.


Breathing techniques, I like to breathe in and imagine a white light going to my body then as I breathe out I like to imagine negative black energy leaving my body. Listening to only positive music. The minute I get any slight symptoms I like to repeat mantras to myself like I am calm, I am happy, I am confident, This will pass like it always has and always will, I will get through this. Might be tmi but I also like to focus on feelings of pure pleasure, for example imagine yourself having an orgasm and really try to feel it as if you are having one and hold onto it until the negative symptoms pass(you dont feel panic attack symptoms whilst orgasming, fun fact) Imagine happy memories, for me it’s childhood stuff like having a pe listen and smelling the fresh air after it rains, having hot drinks when there’s a thunderstorm outside, christmasses, hanging out with friends. Watching funny videos and shows- i love watching Michael McIntyre’s kareoke or midnight game show, he breaks into people’s houses at night and forces them to answer questions, watch it on youtube 😂 Watching comfort shows and films, stuff from my childhood or christmas or halloween films for nostalgia. I’m not a touchy feely person but my god, hugs help so much, I highly recommend you to sit and just hug someone for ages. Reading can help sometimes if a book is interesting and easy to follow. Sometimes I watch my neighbours out my window and envision how amazing their lives are to make me feel better or I imagine myself in five years completely confident and over all these issues. Imagine yourself receiving a massage in great detail and really try to imagine how it feels


Staying in my bubble. I had a counselor before I could get in with a therapist and she really helped me with a lot of anxiety basics. One of my issues I had at the time was a coworker I sat 6ft away from all day. She always seemed angry with and I would suddenly find myself trying to make her not angry with me by offering to do more of her work, pulling her orders, placing her orders, offering to get her coffee, etc. In the end it would make her more annoyed with me and I wasn’t helping myself any more than I was helping her. My counselor told me to “stay in my bubble” because doing all of those things was invading her bubble. She probably wasn’t even mad at me, she was probably mad at something else and I realized if I stayed in my bubble, 99% of the time, she was not in fact mad at me, she was mad at something else. And she would just tell me eventually. We always sort of butted heads but after I started this practice it made working with her so much easier. If I ever assume someone is mad at me, I simply tell myself “stay in your bubble”. A decent human being will tell you flat out that they’re mad at you. And if they don’t, let them stew in their own anger. Eventually you won’t even notice that person is mad at you. They’ll have to tell you eventually or they’ll see themselves out of your life. And in the end that’s probably not a bad thing. Now this is not to say that if someone important in your life is obviously mad at you for something that you should ignore it, this is more for that anxious feeling of “omg everyone is mad at me all the time”. If it’s someone who is important to you and has a history of giving you the silent treatment or doesn’t tell you right away that you’ve upset them, there’s a ton of different methods to go about handling that. Speaking with your therapist about specific situations is key here. Anyway the bubble method is perfect if you catch yourself constantly worrying about someone else’s feelings when it’s probably got nothing to do with you. Edit: grammar/ spelling


Weighted blanket on me as I lay on an acupressure mat and do deep breathing. Also yoga for anxiety!


Decaf green tea


One of my fave practices is is the following: I say to myself or out loud: 5 things I see in the space I'm in. Sometimes it's my office and others it's a public restroom. 4 colors I see. 3 things I can touch and if it's possible, touch them. If I'm in a public place I'll touch my arm, leg, face or something like that. No one notices and I don't have to be concerned with my own germs ;) 2 things I can hear. 1 thing I can smell. Can't help but be immature and say, "Hopefully you're not in the public restroom and the thing you smell is poop! LOL! This practice gets you out of fight/flight and reminds your brain that you're currently safe and usually takes my anxious feelings down quickly. This is a great practice for peeps of all ages because it's super simple, free, and you can do it anywhere. All the best! :)


I know it’s hard but caring less. Like we’re on a ball spinning through an infinite space at 1000’s miles an hour. We are born. We live. We die. Who cares. Don’t care. Nothing matters.


What helped me, was going to Emergency, getting thoroughly checked out, being told they're not worried by anything physical. A lot of my anxiety was worsened by not knowing what was going on, or being worried my heart was just gonna stop suddenly. Other things: slow, deep breathing (5 seconds in, hold it, 5 seconds out. Do that for a few mins). Also just calling someone up and talking to them. Takes my mind out of whatever's going on.


For me. It waa getting out of the apartment on a day off. Even if it was just going to ths parking lot at first.


Walking. If it first it doesn’t help -> just keep walking. Rain hail or shine


This is what I do!


1. Cup of non caffeinated tea 2. Playing a brain game like chess or something similar. 3. Laying flat on my back and deep breathing 4. Jumping jacks 5. Chugging some cold water 6. Laying outside in the sun until i get sweaty 7. Watching a comfort show that is lighthearted. 8. Brushing my teeth. (Idk why this has always worked for me) 9. Eating healthier (primarily less carbs, sugar, and caffeine. 10. Eliminating drinking/ recreational drugs.( used to love weed but couldn't personally enjoy it anymore without having panic attacks. Do what works for you) 11. Journaling These are just a handful of the things I've incorporated into my daily routine. It took a while but they really help!


Whoa this thread is potentially life changing. I never even correlated these things with my anxiety lowering.


Journaling. Writing down my thoughts helps me a lot. I typically go the rationalizing and comforting myself route, but sometimes I just write down what I’m honestly feeling and thinking and that helps too. I used to turn off all the lights and lay on my bathroom floor. I really liked the coolness of the tiles. Grounding myself with 5-4-3-2-1 is still helpful, and listening to music. I also like to change my environment if I can, such as going outside for example. Deep breathing has always been helpful even though I don’t utilize it as much as I should.


nicotine. sadly.


I am a nicotine fiend and when you get real addicted / heavy into it it starts having the opposite effect imo. Like you get ancy when you go without, it feels like it's helping with intake because you're feeding the addiction. But really it can make generalized anxiety worse. Nicotine can act as both a stimulant/ depressant, can increase blood pressure, vasoconstrictor and more. You get the idea. Plenty of threads about it Depends on the situation and your use patterns. Sometimes it really does hit the spot, especially early on in your nic career, but the heavier your use the more diminishing returns


Im trying to leave it. Slowly. I made a bet with my mom. Hope I win.


Wish you all the luck, my friend. The longer the habit the harder it will be. I 've never made a real effort, tbh, because when I do I want to mean it. Been 1.5 years since I got off real tobacco though into vaping. Used to smoke American spirit rollies, unfiltered, years. 😬 Thing is I'm getting more nicotine than ever vaping, and anxiety has gotten worse since I started vaping. but hey, my lungs definitelt cleared up.


Yup. I don’t like cigarettes. I vape. And i’ve been doing it since february maybe. I’m trying too. Good luck with you too. Hope we can leave this soon.


I OD on nicotine with over 100mg in my body and it was really bad. I have never felt so bad in my life. Russian snus do not recommend was sick in a week


I’ll leave it. Soon. I’m working on it. truly.


I did not mean to scare you vape is not very strong but it gets you hooked. I used nicotine in 2years and the withdrawls was intense for me but i used snus wich is pretty strong as well. You be fine. Good luck


Thank you 🤍 I also made a bet with my mom so I hope I win lol


Thats good make her proud!


Medication and walking helped me




Ketamine. It’s a game changer. Went from 7-9/10 to 2/10 in a matter of days. If you have treatment resistant depression or anxiety give it a try. Dr’s will prescribe it over a video chat visit.


Time alone. I teach and talk to kids and adults all day. I leave and eat lunch in my car to have a break from people. In college, I would find quiet bathrooms off the beaten path and sit in a stall to get away from humans. It helped when I couldn't go to my car and had a long break between classes. This and overpreparing for everything! And meds.


Walking. Movement.


Aromatherapy, taking a small sniff of lavder oil helped.


Lyrica and the occasional Xanax lol. I found breathwork to help, square breathing is nice. But sometimes I find it hard to keep my breath so this only works sometimes.


Holding my breath


Dogs, lots of small dogs.


Stopping drinking and smoking, minimising all social media, meditation, fasting, and healthy eating. If you do all of these things then you have at least a head start. I cannot emphasise the importance of having a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, good sleep and some kind of routine, whether it be work and in social activities.


Smoking cbd weed


Huh at my old job, I used to like walking into the walk in freezer to calm down. My coworkers thought it was weird I would stay in the freezer without a jacket on.


Watching old clips of Conan O’Brien pulling the Walker Texas Ranger lever


Headphones to block out noise, reading, cuddling my babies, being outside generally


honestly? benzos, but can't use them for chronic anxiety


Avoiding sugar.


I have to take a moment and really think about why i’m feeling the way i’m feeling. I have to be honest. 9 outta 10 times it is embarrassment. So what am i embarrassed about? ‘you didn’t finish your work and feel unworthy and poor at your job.’ Can i be kind to myself about the issue? ‘realistically, have you had the time focus and process this task accordingly’? ‘no, not really’. ‘okay, can you make time?’ ‘yes i will do it at the next available opportunity’ *provides example to myself* ‘what have you done so far that is good?, can you compartmentalise the tasks into smaller things’? simple example and usually my feelings involve my team and a delay to a response regarding an issue. I have to try and accept and understand what was and is in my control what isn’t and what i can do better next time. It’s very reflective and when i can accept the situation as whole the pit in my stomach USUALLY subsides as i work out a plan.


Music and audio books. Out with (most of) my headphone listening to death metal and shredmetal. I slowed my pace, literally walk slower, breath slower, etc as a result. I listen to a few more things now. Synthwave for some pink noise if I'm really unsettled at my desk. I like the Oblivion soundtrack, not a huge knowledge on classical so video game OSTs have been a pleasure. But biggest of all? Audiobooks. The warm drone of Andy Serkis pouring through lord of the rings really helps :)


I incorporated ashwaganda into my supplement regime and it’s been helping a lot! I also find exercise to be really helpful or just spending time outside. I also find listening to podcasts helpful too :)


Distraction helps. I find out a supergroup called The last shadow puppets. When listening them, I always focus on the song, just the song in my mind at that moment. So anxiety goes away. They’re the wizards truthfully




Different folks have different stokes. As for me, i am collecting vaping apparatus and watches


Alcohol ☹️


Journaling every day is helping surprisingly.


When I was coming off taking beta blockers regularly, I discovered that eating crystallised ginger could ease anxiety when it was really intense. Edit to add: I am now used to not taking them regularly, I take SSRIs instead, and now that I'm used to not having the beta blockers regularly, I can now take them occasionally to help. But the ginger really helped in that adjustment period! I guess anything spicy might have a similar effect.


Going to piggy back on some things others said -quitting caffeine and alcohol -vitamin d & magnesium supplements (not I can really feel the efficacy of these yet but they are highly recommended by others) -watching a comfort show -walking!! On the days I had incredible anxiety the worst I’ve ever had, I would just walk, walk until I had to stop. My longest walk was 4 miles at that time, which was a lot for someone who doesn’t exercise at all -going on Pinterest and making boards with aesthetically pleasing photos/photos of my hopes for the future, almost like a vision board Hope this helps!! Anxiety is a bitch


A weighted blanket made a HUGE difference for me. I sleep with it every night and snuggle up when I’m feeling panicky. I got a weighted lap mat for my desk at work which helps a bit too. I tend to feel very ungrounded and unsteady when anxious so I think it helps with that maybe? But even my psychologist was like wow this was drastic for you! (And I also take meds and do therapy).


Oh and also thinking of anxiety/panic as like a stomach ache that will go away and that I just have to endure but not fight against. My therapist suggested and it seems trivial but it actually helped me a lot because I tend to catastrophize and think I’ll feel that way forever.


Multiple things actually! Drawing, holding my hamster, petting my bunny, cleaning my room. Also... Watching "relaxing" videos, like blackheads being popped or giant lipomas/tumors being removed.


ACT instead of CBT


Cross stitching. It’s always been a hobby of mine but I started taking on bigger projects when my anxiety got worse. The repetitive motion of your hands, counting, and just feeling like you made something is very helpful! I ended up stitching a very nice pattern onto a hoodie for my partner during a particularly rough few months lol


A favorite song, over and over. I had a real bad panic attack while driving once and I was terrified of getting back in the car. I had to get to work and it was either a $30 uber or a 90 minute bus ride. I decided to forge ahead and try driving. I picked a song that I associated with a happy, calming time in my life and just played in on my 30 minute drive to work. It really helped.


Sucking on sugar free mints. No idea why it helps, but it does, a tiny bit


Quitting coffee (switched to tea) quitting nicotine (still use hookah about once a week) TBH my anxiety is almost gone after these two. I still get some social stuff and am a big introvert, but anxiety wise, I feel SO much better


I just like to remind myself that my anxiety is a mental thing. It isn’t real and nothing has changed in the minute that I’ve suddenly gone from ‘fine’ to ‘god I’m gonna die’


Giving yourself easy goals every day. You can have bigger ones too, but have at least 3-5 easy ones you can almost certainly do no matter how hard the day is or how you’re feeling. Eg meditate, drink a big glass of water, listen to my favourite song, make my bed, etc. I’ve found it helps me feel in control and gets momentum going - starting off your day with lots of little ticks and mini perspectives, it helps set you up for the rest of the day. And it’s good for building healthy habits and a healthy routine, too.


Deep breathing exercises and yoga. Learning to block out everything when you’re feeling really anxious and just focus on something like your breath really helps ground me. Distracting myself from whatever is making me anxious is also the key


Really I take a lot of preventative measures in terms of my diet and exercise. A few minutes of cardio paired with half an hour of lifting 4 - 5 days a week has changed my life. My weighted blanket and sensory headphones help too, but I don’t think nearly as much as the exercise


if it's general anxiety, I tap my fingers and it helps me relax and focus on it. If it's a panic attack, I need to get out of the room and move somewhere else.


Some things for me: Taking a walk, Splashing cold water on my face, Eating a banana or PB&J sandwich, Meditation through controlled breathing, Distracting myself with a game on my phone.


Perfume helped me. It’s very grounding and brings me back into the physical world when I’m too far in my own head. Anything physical and tactile helps - cooking, gardening, some light exercise. Walking helps a lot. Getting good sleep. Eating fruits and vegetables and protein and limiting junk food. Limiting alcohol was a big one because I’d just feel like such crap the day after drinking too much. Making lists and schedules to give myself routine and help myself remember tasks despite the brain fog. Having an active social life and knowing where to get extra help when I need it.