I'd kill for a big budget series on an ancient/medieval African kingdom/society similar to say HBO's Rome.

I'd kill for a big budget series on an ancient/medieval African kingdom/society similar to say HBO's Rome.


That would be awesome. Especially with a heavy focus on Ethiopia.


My first though was Ethiopia when I read the post. They have some cool history!


I really enjoyed the History of Africa's recent podcast on Axum :D


I hadn't heard of that podcast, but I've been looking for something else to listen to now I'm finishing my current one, so thanks for the recommendation!


You're more than welcome. It rocks! It's the only podcast I support via Patreon.


I just listened to that! His description of Kaleb's conquest of Yemen sounded like the perfect plot of a big budget historical action movie.


Mansa Musa and the Malian Empire. You could spend two seasons on the Hajj alone.


This. Timbuktu was at one time one of the worlds pre-eminent cities and trading centers.


Definitely. It could be a chronological series on Mali's rise with a focus on Sundiata Keita to Abu Bakr II to Mansa Musa to Mali's decline. Also a focus on the other emperors and the standard of living and commerce in between those main figures as some sort of filler.


I'd love to see Mansa Musa finally depicted in some media form.


Yeah! Something on the great Zimbabwe? So cool, tons of wiggle room. You could spin that show on for a decade.


Hellz yeah.


Sorry bro, you're stuck with replaying age of empires campaigns like the rest of us.


any particular ones that you'd recommend?


AoE 2 has the best set of campaigns IMO. They have a whole section dedicated to the African continent if that's what you're looking for. The first AoE is really focused on Rome. If you get the definitive edition, they added some pretty good voice actors. Usually runs for about 20$, and every couple of months it's got a decent discount on steam or GoG. I got mine for ten bucks.


I'm gonna go see if I can view a clip on youtube. Would def be something worth showing my 6th graders in a few months once we reach ancient Africa in the curriculum. Thanks for the help!


Yeah, for the most part the campaigns parallel the history pretty well. And they're good starter points for getting you're feet wet if you have no idea what historical figures to look for. If you're looking for good historical vids, my favorite youtube channels are Invicta, and Epimetheus. There's a small army of dudes out their who make their own little mini-documentaries that are like, 5-10 minutes long about this kind of stuff.


Also provided they don’t prematurely end the series after 2 seasons.


I’d settle for a documentary. Mansa Musa’s Haji would be awesome.


i feel the same way, except set in the Americas before europeans came






Yes! Have been longing for something like this literally for years. Almost kind of found an Asian equivalent in Marco Polo - except the cliched tropes were rubbish, and they cut it off after two seasons.


But accurate


I agree, why is all Europe-centered?


Punt, Carthage, Kush, Egypt as ally/foe. Punt would provide max artistic license but almost zero historical reality, Carthage political drama, Kush something in-between? Ethiopia, a certain demographic maybe... Edit: I don't like Rome/Egypt documentaries, fiction even less (bombarded by too much of this for years), but Africa, China or India I might actually watch as we long as it tried to stay somewhat historically accurate.


On Mansa Musa or Yekuno Amlak maybe?


Something like the 25th dynasty of Egypt would be absolutely everything for me. Maybe a mini series on its rise and fall and detailing a great king like Pihanki or Tirharka. Or barring that, a series on Assyria, the Neo Babylonians and the Kassites. I would die of happiness.


Aside from Carthage, Egypt (North African), Timbuktu, Mali, and Ethiopia, African nations were not really known for much medieval/ancient cultures as they were for the most part incredibly tribal even into the modern age. They received the most influence from the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Arabs, and even that applied mostly to the North Africans as opposed to the Sub Saharan Africans. I guess my point is you could go as big budget as you want but there isn't much to draw from that would make good television.


Yo this genius


Yes. That would be cool.


Lets make it… get data (history), thats a start, I fink ill help:)