AITA for high beaming slow drivers on the passing lane?

AITA for high beaming slow drivers on the passing lane?


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Maybe concentrate on driving safely instead of tailgating or flashing high beams to prove a point. You're not helping anything with that behavior. YTA


YTA. >sometimes, tailgate. And a dangerous one, at that.


> I flash my high beam at them and sometimes, tailgate. YTA.


“ Feel free to be brutally honest. AITA?” brutally honest will get me banned for being not civil. I’ll leave it at YTA and redirect you to your State’s drivers handbook on road rage and aggressive driving. In my State, a 6 year was recently shot to death by a car Passenger because they were upset about the way the 6 year olds mom was driving in front of them.


My mom is always so worried about something like that happening. Similar thing happened in Michigan too


YTA. Just because they’re driving like an AH doesn’t mean you have to.


I'd be willing to make a small bet that when he talks about people driving 10-20 mph below the limit, what he really means is that they aren't driving at least 10-20 mph over the limit like he wants to do, so they should let him have the lane. OP, YTA


Lol you are 1000% the asshole. YTA


YTA Keep tailgating til you kill someone. /s Check your states drivers manual and find the section on aggressive driving - that's you. Also find out if the "passing lane" is actually used for that. In my state the far left is for passing, but the state that borders most of mine, there are no such restrictions. So near the border of the two, you just go with the flow.


YTA. You’re being even more dangerous than they are.


YTA. You are aware that making them crash the car will probably not make them go faster, correct?




YTA. Agreed those people can be annoying but your actions are aggressive and highly dangerous. Stop doing it.


YTA high beams, tailgating. You suck


Someone did this to me yesterday and I was going 15 over the limit. Scared me half to death when this maniac ran up on my tail and started high beaming me. YTA and chill out.


YTA, you could kill someone.


YTA. That’s a bit road ragey. People are sometimes frustrating. I toss a handful of wild flower seeds (you can buy a bag on Amazon) when someone just gets me super mad with their inconsiderate-ness. I figure, at least this way, the next person stuck, will have a nice view.


INFO: are they *really* going 10-20 under the limit?


ESH You for flashing your high beams and tailgating, them for blocking the passing lane. Everyone just needs to get over themselves.


YTA for making driving a pissing contest and driving dangerously. Flashing the high beams or brights and tailgating *will* cause collisions and it'll be your damn fault. Take a different route if you must avoid the slower drivers, and stick with traffic so nobody gets hurt. Even if the limit is 65 and everyone else is going 45, you're the asshole for speeding and driving aggressively, even if it's at the 65 mark.


YTA - Brutally honesty? You shouldn't be driving. You are a road hazard and an accident waiting to happen. You are going to get someone badly hurt or killed one night.


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YTA. You could honk or something instead if you REALLY need to I guess but like... High beams are blindingly bright and it's scary when someone is behind you flashing. They may be slowing down because now they can't see. And obviously that will affect how they drive. Why can't you use the other lane to pass them instead of the high beams?


God this pisses me off. They’re not driving slower to make you mad. They’re driving slower because that is what you are *instructed to do when someone is driving dangerously behind you*, like tailgating and high beams. You want them to drive faster when they can’t see? 12 year old maniacs shouldn’t be driving at all - that’s my estimated age based on the maturity of this post. If you’re that bad of a driver you shouldn’t be on the road.


YTA - >So i flags my high beam at them and sometimes tailgate So you distract drivers as they are driving and drive dangerously So in response to them driving dangerously ( driving under the speed limit is dangerous) you also drive dangerously I think you need to sit back and stop getting so uptight




NTA. I hate people thay do this. Pass or get over. It's common courtesy. In some places you can be fined for driving in the left lane and not passing.


NTA. I may have the unpopular opinion. I don’t think it is friendly, but this is common to let people know that they shouldn’t be in that lane. In some states it is even illegal to drive slow in the left lane as it is for passing vehicles only. Them doing it is an entitled move. And to be totally honest, I’ve been known to do it as well.


He flashes his high beams which can distract a driver And tailgates which dangerous The dude is complaining about these drivers while driving dangerously himself


NTA more idiots should know to stay out of the passing lane.


NTA...mostly. Slow drivers need to move to the right—that’s the law almost everywhere. The tailgating is AH behavior—it’s dangerous and aggressive. Unless you’re traveling a very long distance and being kept from going a decent speed, you’re not likely to lose much time by being stuck behind some idiot in the left lane. Flashing lights is usually a quick and easy way to remind someone who is absent-minded and just hanging out in the left lane to move right. I’ve even been guilty of cruising and forgetting how fast I should be going. When someone flashes their high beams, I usually hold up my hand with a peace sign and move right✌️