Pet Boarding Places?

Pet Boarding Places?


Animal Humane is the gold standard in my experience, Caring Paws is a close second.


Seconded. Nothing but positives when I've taken my dogs there. Somewhat expensive, but I think all boarding centers are. The plus side is that AH boarding supports the adoption center


I know you asked specifically for boarding locations, but there’s a peer-review pet setting app I’ve used called Rover. Most of the people on the app are vets or are in animal medicine looking for a bit of extra cash. You can schedule them to house-sit or just a drop-by visit at certain times of day. They text you when they arrive, send picture updates etc when they stop by. Used it twice now and it’s pretty awesome and not terribly expensive either. Just another option for ya OP.


Animal Humane and Corrales Kennel are my recommendations. Full disclosure, I've never personally boarded an animal at either one, but that's because one of my dogs really doesn't do well in any kind of kennel environment, no matter how well run it is, so we just do in-home pet sitters. I wouldn't hesitate to board my pets at them otherwise. Anyway, my mom has boarded her anxious dog with Animal Humane and they took fantastic care of him, plus Animal Humane is just great in general. I used to be at Corrales Kennel a lot when I volunteered for a rescue that boarded dogs there, and so I often was "behind the scenes" at random times. Every time I went, it was really clean and well-maintained. It's family-owned place too and the owners are really hands-on and very good with dogs. I don't know as much about their cat boarding, but I believe they do offer it.


Camp Bow Wow is in the middle of town (near the Walmart on Carlisle), and they've boarded my dogs a couple times in the past. They screen before accepting, so you have to schedule an interview with the dog(s) beforehand.


OP, can I ask where you didn't have a good experience with? We are going out of town in October and I'll have to board my 2 babies for the first time and I have already planned to go to Camp Bow Wow


I don't want to name and shame because there were a lot of extenuating circumstances (recent spay, recent adoption) but it wasn't them.


Fair enough, that's all I wanted to know, TY 😊 Good luck finding somewhere for your furry! It's hard to know when you're just going off google (like I am)


Camp BowWow is where i go their the best in Albuquerque


Second this one.


Canine country club, either location has been great


I take my dog to west side and she LOVES it!


Someone else had asked about boarding places a couple days ago. I know Northview animal hospital (it’s where I take my dog for her vet visits) has boarding facilities though I haven’t used them. And in the same thread another user mentioned an app called Rover, though I haven’t used that either.


Academy Boarding


They aren't the worst, but I've had some weird experiences both times I've taken my dog there. She always comes back with diarrhea (even when we supplied our own food the second time), and both times, it's like the front desk person lost my reservation when I got there. Still, my dog wasn't mistreated or anything.


Well it’s good to hear they weren’t miss treating them. I used to go to another place but they went on a sabbatical and I choose this place on location. The owner of this place works her ass off and in my opinion should(if she wanted to) be retired. They only have one worker due to they can’t keep anyone because the owner can’t afford to pay more than unemployment. I’m sorry your dog ended up with diarrhea but I’d give them a shot again. Those women have a passion for animals. You can tell they do their job with love.


I would recommend http://www.gooddogtraining.com. Diane owns the place and they have a great boarding facility.


I've boarded my dog at Bolton Animal Hospital several times and I've been very satisfied with them. The boarding manager is so nice and amazing. I liked it enough so that I've moved all my dogs to their vet services.