Accidentally unpinned a hand grenade inside the car

Accidentally unpinned a hand grenade inside the car

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Remember, if a grenade is pulled you don't have 5 seconds you have 3.


1... 2... 5!


Three sir




What a holly thing to throw




The holy hand grenade of antioch


Ah yes. The one that brother Manard carries.


First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. **Five is right out.** Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.


Thou hast threwn The holy hand grenade of Antioch.




Mmmm, so minty!


Thats why the opening credits are set to footage of a toothpaste factory


A million tubes, stretching off in to the distance. A man wearing a lab coat and a funny hat adds a squirt of red before passing the tube to the next station. Meanwhile, a penguin explodes.




Holy hand grenade? Worms everywhere rejoice, or ~~flee~~ hop away in terror


*plunge to their death very far from solid ground.


Just to be clear..you cant put the pin back in?


Not after you have released the trigger bit that the pin is holding back.


So if you hold the trigger against the shell the pin can be put back in? Without it going off?


Yes. Think of the pin as the safety and the trigger fires automatically once the safety is removed, unless you hold the trigger down to prevent it from firing. Kinda the polar opposite of an automatic firearm lol. As long as the trigger hasn't fired, you can put the safety back in no problem. Once you release that lever, you've got a few seconds and then that grenade is going off, period. You know, unless dud.


Grenades are scary af lol that’s not a lot of time Incase of a butterfingers type of moment


The timing is literally designed to give you enough time to wind up, throw it, and let it sail through the air to a target before going off. Like no it's not alot of graceperiod a grenade with a 20 second fuse would be pretty hard to use on an active battlefield where people are chucking grenades at each other. Imagine if you either had to count to 17 then throw, or if you pulled the pin and the enemy then had 15 seconds to evade the grenade or throw it back at you. [**https://www.military.com/video/ammunition-and-explosives/grenades/10-grenade-fails/3922516139001**](https://www.military.com/video/ammunition-and-explosives/grenades/10-grenade-fails/3922516139001) people train for this stuff because yeah you can like 1000% kill yourself with a grenade and not just you but several people around you if you do stupid shit or fuck up handling it. I'll put it this way. People differentiate between *throwing* a grenade, and *flinging* a grenade. Grenades are throwing weapons. Flinging them gets people killed.


Well, to be fair, using them correctly gets people killed as well




You say it's designed to give you time to wind up and throw it and travel time before it goes off, but they're designed so the trigger goes off whilst it exits the hand so it's more like 3 seconds of travel time


You cheeky fuck, take my upvote


As former infantry and artillery, I love you. You perfectly summed up my career choices in the military. People die either way. Artillery just controls which those are.




Touché! Well played sir.




13.. 14.. fucking dammit George I lost count agai-


You hold the trigger during the wind up. So it's the time between letting go and reaching the target.




You do not want to cook the grenade. It might be 3 seconds. 4 seconds. 5 seconds. 2.5 seconds....


Imagine cooking a live grenade that'd be insane


The way you’re wording this makes it sound like it’s 3 seconds from when you pull the pin. It isn’t. The wind-up happens before the countdown starts. Countdown doesn’t start until the spoon is released, normally when it leaves your hand. You can pull the pin and count to 17 if you like, as long as you’re still holding the spoon on.


I didn't call it a spoon but no its like 3-5 seconds from when you release the trigger yeah. I misspoke when I said pull the pin and 15 seconds bit. The point was more that once triggered grenades are made to go off pretty quick.


Point being that 3 seconds doesn’t start until it’s in the air. The wind up and throwing part can take as long as you want.


I was going to say this. Countdown starts when you let go of the grenade.


Only if you're holding down the spoon.


Terrifying new information to me. Video games have let us play with grenades and made them way too fun and not instant death like the real life ones are. I hope to remember this when/if America descends into pure anarchy. I probably won’t live through the first day though.


Actually grenades are not truly designed to kill they are designed to cause catastrophic injury. Reason is if you are wounded in combat it takes around 5 people to get you to safety but only 2 to move a dead body. So by wounding the enemy you weaken the enemy through attrition.


Yeo, exactly. And it's even nastier than that: you harm a country a lot more by turning it's able-bodied men into invalids, rather than by killing them. Your enemy is supposed to care for it's disabled veterans, and that drains it for decades into the future. So the upshot of understanding these horrifying facts is that you should never join any military which may put you in a position to be shot at, or directly attacked in any way. You're far better off doing practically anything else. And if the war is bad - you'll prosper afterwards by being one of the highly-desirable workers without major disabilities. This stuff isn't as true nowadays in developed countries, but was definitely true in both world wars, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Probably still true in any wars in Africa or the mid-east.


Depends on the grenade. Some are offense some are defense types.


Good point, I think that’s why hollow points are frowned upon in warfare. I may have heard incorrectly but they may even be “banned”. I could be wrong though, either way I could see that being an argument for “ethical” preferences such as using FMJ rounds instead.


Serious question, in the context of explosives, what is the difference between design to cause catastrophic injury and designed to kill? For something like chemical weapons, it’s more clear. Nerve agents are designed to kill. Mustard gas, while being deadly, is a blistering agent. If I recall, if you died it wasn’t immediate. So it probably falls better into the designed to injure category. I guess I don’t see how you can make that distinction with an explosive that arbitrarily throws shrapnel around. Is it the size of the shrapnel? The velocity of the shrapnel?


Damn, that is a fucked up thing I didn’t even consider. Humans are so disgustingly cruel but effective I guess.


Idk about that, grenade icons are always terrifying to see, cause if you half the time they're rolling at you in the couple seconds it takes for you to react and sprint away.


Depends on the game. CoDs since at least the original MW if I recall have let you cook grenades before tossing them, and I've definitely blown myself up a few times by holding on longer than I should.


In theory yes. However no one does that in practice. Depending on the grenade model, the spoon only has to move a tiny fraction of an inch to light the fuse. There has been more than one case where somebody got the pin back in but the grenade went off anyway. Once the pin has been pulled Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend, yeet him as quickly as possible.


There are 3 things you need to do to set off a grenade (if it is new out of the tube that is). There is a clip, a pin, and a "spoon" you have to pop off the clip, then pull the pin, and finally release the "spoon". The only time you are at a point of no return is if you release the spoon. Up until that point, you can always stop and put the pin back in, and the clip back on the pin. 3 seconds, is the longest you can hold it before you need to throw it as far away as you can. Releasing the spoon and holding the grenade is called "cooking" and is useful when you need to drop the grenade in a bunker or armored vehicle but are worried that the occupants will get to safety and not be killed. There is a mantra that we (in the US Army) say while learning to handle and throw grenades. Starting from crouched behind cover, "proper grip", "thumb the clip", "twist-pull pin", then you stand up and look at your target, "frag out (making sure to throw the nade and not the pin)" and then crouch behind cover again and cover your head/ears/neck. Grenade course was fun. Live grenades are spicy baseballs.


The fact that once upon a time someone DEFINITELY threw the pin.. would you even have time to shit your pants or just boom? Damn


When I was in basic, the guy in the next hole over threw the pin and dropped the grenade. Luckily the floor is slanted down and has a hole that goes into a trap. The grenade rolled down and into the hole and we all had to get down just in case. Let's just add to it, that guy didn't graduate from Basic Training, but he is alive and well and not even a little bit explodey. When he dropped it, everyone on the line had a drill sergeant with them, and the drills grabbed us, shoved us to the ground, and covered us with their bodies. Gave me a shitload of respect for those that become drill sergeants.


Once? That shit happens every day in basic grenade training. Peoples brains can turn to mush when faced with high stress situations.


Can you really insert the pin back if you PRESSED the spoon down? On russian grenades, holes on moving and stationary parts of the spoon only align when the spoon is in non-pressed position. Unless there is the second pair of holes which I don't know about


With some difficulty, yes.


The long “trigger” part coming off is called the spoon


TIL thanks!


I’d be so on edge having to carry one of those.


like anyone would


I’m sure Rambo would disagree


rambo isn't anyone


Don’t tell Rambo that


That's called the spoon.


> Just to be clear..you cant put the pin back in? On most grenades the pin holds on the spoon. The spoon is spring loaded and wants to pop off if not held in place by the pin or a hand. If you hold the spoon and pull the pin it has not yet triggered, you can put the pin back in without any issue. If the pin is pulled and the spoon comes off, there is no stopping the grenade exploding. In the video you can see the pin likely out already when it starts and the man is holding the spoon against the body of the grenade. The spoon slips out of his fingers (you hear the "pinging" sound as it comes off), after that the grenade is going to go off.




> I’m not sure if the lever is locked after you pull it and haven’t held it or if it isn’t locked, but it surely won’t do anything Not sure what you’re getting at here, but the only thing locking the spoon on is the thumb clip and the pin. Once those two safeties are off, the spoon will fly off if it isn’t held in place (it’s spring loaded). Once that spoon comes off, you have about 3 seconds before it blows.


If life worked that way, you could be born and then retreat back into the womb and then everything would be okay.


not once the spoon flies off


See my response farther down the thread. Edit: never mind someone who knows their shit already responded. Unfortunately so did a lot of people who don't. Long story short, technically yes but practically no. The spoon only needs to move a fraction of an inch to set off the fuse, and the click it makes is barely audible. It's entirely possible to start a grenade's fuse while holding it tightly. This is why training grenades exist, and one guy in our training unit had his go off in his hand. (The training grenade, not a real one thank God.) Not that any of this really matters because nobody who reads this is likely to get their hands on a grenade without going through proper training first. But if for some unholy reason you do, DO NOT pull the pin until you're ready to throw it, and DO NOT use a death grip on it after pulling the pin but before throwing. Holding it too tight actually makes you more likely to do the thing that makes it go off in your hand, which I would describe but this comment is too long already.


Russian F1 defensive hand grenades have a fuse time of 3.2 to 4.2 seconds. So it's more like a second and a half in their case


I'd love to learn what a defensive hand grenade is


Defensive grenades are designed to be thrown from behind heavy cover like an APC and have a larger area of affect, like the American M67. Offensive grenades don't usually have shrapnel or have very small fragments with a small kill radius to prevent friendly fire through walls and such in tight quarters. The U.S. doesn't currently use an offensive type hand grenade, but the Russians use the RGD-5 and a few others


Neat! Thanks for the info


Waaait Call of Duty gives you 4!


The box of fuses says "⁴" seconds. But irl that's only an approximation. You always assume it's 3, though in some cases it can be 5ish. No "cooking" allowed ever. Being caught with a shorter than expected fuse is a real possibility. Don't try to put pin back in either. even if you get it in, it's possible the spoon has bent enough for the fuse to be lit. There have been instances where people put the pin back, pocket the grenade and had it detonate in their pocket either immediately or hours later. Once pin is pulled, mr. grenade is no longer your friend. yeet immediately.


Well then you have 2 second to react.


Thou shalt count to three, no more, no less


Five is right out


I found one once wrapped in duck tape. Who the fuck puts a hand grenade in an amnesty box? They exist for people leaving war ones to get rid of shit they shouldn’t have. So we call EOD sometimes to blow shit up. Asshole pulled the pin and wrapped it in duck tape. So my people found it. Dick. We had to blow up one of the pads. Unrelated but EOD once wanted to blow one of my pads with over 2 million pounds of explosives. Uhhh fuck no? It would have blown up half of Northern California. Not really, but it would have been a mess. We had a 2,000 pound bomb with a fuse that started vibrating. We called EOD and after telling them they could get fucked if they thought they were gonna detonate 2M pounds of explosives some old SMSgt just walked over to the fuse, pulled it out and chucked it as far as he could.


Damn, hope no one died.


Nah it was just a dick move my people had to deal with. AMMO is one of the most dangerous fields in the Air Force though. Many weapons are electrically initiated which means that 18 year old kids get blown up of the reg. Faces full of chaff. Chaff is small ribbons of metal.




Remember, if a grenade is pulled you don't have 5 seconds you h...


depends on the grenade but for that particular one 3 is correct


As long as you hold down the handle or whatever it’s called, it will not start the countdown. All you have to do is keep it from opening up and your all good.


Depends on the grenade I remember once a US special forces once said the grenade they used in Iraq war had 10 seconds of fuse


The longer the fuse the more time the enemy has to throw it back.


Perhaps if there was an additional mechanism that covered the grenade in a sticky substance when the weapon registered impact with the ground...but that would add a level of complexity to the thing.


He also said that when clearing rooms they used to count to 5-7 then throw it in a room cause enemies tried to throw it back


Depends on the grenade. Maybe this one was old.




Well if you hold the handle thing it won't blow up but who knows how old that thing is...


You aren’t guaranteed any which is why once you pull the pin you throw it so the spoon pops as you throw because, as I said, you aren’t guaranteed three seconds.


There was a 5 second interval before the explosion though


Yes but when a live one lands at your feet treat it like it’s only 3. Also not all grenades are created equal especially Soviet surplus ones, so you may legitimately only have 3 seconds. You don’t know if you have a good fuse till it’s too late, therefore you only have 3 seconds.


Everything I was taught going through grenade training as an infantryman is you have 3-5 seconds. No more. No less. The spoon stays on until the grenade is thrown so you don't blow yourself up. Once the spoon flys off the grenade it's armed and the clock is ticking. Your are correct. No grenade is made the same hence the 3-5 seconds rule. And just to top it off there is no cooking a grenade like in CoD or the movies.


Makes sense. Murican grunt? Canadian one here. When we had the grenade range day I counted almost every single one that was thrown. The fuses were quite consistent at 4-4.5 seconds. But if I was one of the dudes in the video I’d prolly assume it’s going off at 2 seconds.... Fuckin sketchy ass commie kit.


That was a sketchy moment. Granted I saw the guys thumb on the spoon. Those grenades must have a hell of a spring on them. Also, yes Mercian grunt. I was with 3rd ID


Pineapples used to be ~7 sec iirc. Cooking those off before dropping it into a trench or foxhole seems pretty plausible to me, but we’re talking about the olden days at this point.


Man: I know how to handle weapons Grenade: clink That is exactly what he said.


Reminds me of the 'this is the Glock 40... I'm the only one qualified in this room to handle this weapon..." shoots self in the foot- video


Haha. Was that the DEA agent?


Yes now that you mention it i believe he was


Oh man I want to see this any chance you got a link? Or a sub I might find it on


Here's the event with a bunch of commentary text on top of it. Definitely shows what happened though. https://youtu.be/nuR5A6IcUbg


If I was learning how properly handle and shoot a firearm and the instructor shot himself in the foot right in front of me, I'd be thoroughly motivated to handle guns safely for the rest of my life. Task failed successfully.


Failing upwards?


You know what, I think he handled that quite well. Except for the assault rifle in the end, he really turned it in to a teaching moment.




Steve Urkel: "Did I do that?"




I want balalaika music to accompany this video, to make it more uniquely Russian, if you know what I mean.


Did the other guy even survive? Holy fuck


Yes, it's fake.


The easiest way to understand that this is a fake is the absence of a capsule explosion sound. (Minimum explosion should be heard, before the main explosion)


Or, you know, the cars being nothing alike and there being zero explosion damage to the second car.


What? I’ve thrown grenades before. It’s just one boom. If you thinking you’re gonna hear the initiator before the main grenade charge goes off, there’s no way.


Depends on the grenade. The m67 sure doesn't make a explosion of the initator, but some old soviet grenades do have one, it's really clear the pin has been pulled and that you should run


New ones do it too (at least 10 years ago)


Looks like a Russian F-1 grenade, it would [definitely](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60xzzC_Jfn4) make a "pop" after you release the spoon when it's thrown, because that sound is the [fuze](https://i.imgur.com/OhCjGoR.png) igniting.


Also the car would probably not have cought fire


and the fact that he got the pin off like it was a bobby pin latched onto the side lol


Totally fake, car shown after was just after fire, that grenade smashes everything in 200 meters around. Staged bullshit.


The explosion sound they used was fake as hell.


> that grenade smashes everything in 200 meters around Isn't the working range of a grenade only about 10M or so? I don't think you understand how large 200M is. Edit: Fatal range of a hand grenade is between 5-15M. It *can* disperse *some* fragments over 200M but that's a far cry from 'smashing everything within 200M.'


Agree to this. Also the killing factor of a grenade is not the explosion per se, but the shrapnel it disperses at high velocity. That is why modern grenades are shaped in ways that turn the body into even more shrapnel.


If grenades destroyed everything up to 200m away, I don't think there's be any need for half of the military kit the world currently has lol


The use of capital M for meter looks weird, I think it should be lower case unless starting the sentence. Capital M is the symbol for prefix Mega- in SI and means million. So 10M would be 10 million. Sorry, didn't want to sound like a pedantic asshole and English is not my first language so I might be actually wrong; just a heads up.


What kind of hand nukes are you using?


The [exploding kind](https://youtu.be/7jLSLQBOwX4?t=13)


You're over an order of magnitude off. Many bombs don't have that much range.


If it's in a car it won't smash everything for 200 m. The car would absolutely be fucked though. Much more than just burn damage.


Would the car even burn? Definitely get blown up but grenades are fragmentation and concussion and fuel tanks don't get set on fire that easy


What? The grenade is a frag, it would never cause an explosion in a 200m radius. What kills is the shrapnel, because the grenade **frag**ments


Even an artillery shell isn't going to smash everything in 200m. Maybe a IED or VBIED depending on how much explosive is used.


1. Why would they have a live grenade with them? 2. From what I know the pin of a grenade is supposed to be hard to pull to avoid accidents like this. 3. Since thats probably a frag grenade, it probably wouldn't start a fire inside the car so the damage is not realistic. This is most probably fake


1. Russians. 2. They have already pulled the safety pin. The safety lever is spring loaded and goes off by itself it it is not kept in position. 3. Damage and leakage from the intake circuit can very well start a fire with a hot engine.


Makes sense. Still not convinced it's real, but it's possible


He said in Russian I know how to handle weapons then click...run......highly unlikely all this happened super fake


Also that just sounds like a stock explosion sound.


It's obviously fake. Even what they say points that they are trying their hardest to pull this video off


Well we don't who produced the grenade and what safety precautions they decided to ignore. It might be real. It's hard to tell.


Not that hard to tell, no \*pop\* when he releases the trigger. Should be able to hear the fuse primer go off. This looks like a dummy with sound effects (poorly) added in post.


I'll take your word for it. I know nothing about grenades. I'm just guessing that a shitty manufacturer may have made theirs with less safety measures.


Can’t tell if Russians are just truly stupid or just have big balls


Or you know, they might have learnt to write and film staged videos....


Well, they know how to handle the live grenade, so big balls I guess


Well I wouldn’t go as far as saying they “know” how to handle live grenades. Seem to have a limited understanding for sure.


At least they know when it is time to run.


That is the most important part.


My 23 and me results show that I am lots of Russian and I can confirm your statement


How much Adidas stuff do you own? That's my main way of judging Russian-ness.


"I said I had a limited understanding of hand grenades," sounds like a new entry in r/TwoSentenceHorror.


both. definitely both


Cleverly stupid, perhaps?


In their heads: nobody can be as smart as the Slav. Any health and safety rules are merely suggestions, which are promptly ignored until something goes wrong.


Perhaps a constant flow of vodka through their blood contributes to these amazing videos?


Their blood is just vodka with some red blood cells floating in it.


why not both? plus they distill their own alcohol in their back yards, so they can't be that stupid, they just need more action in their lives so they play with grenades, probably half drunk too.


Stupid and fake.


You know its fake because grenades don't sound like that


That's what I think the real tell is. While I would guess a grenade could cause a car to go up in flame if it ruptured a gas line or something, cellphone mics just don't pick up deep bassy explosions like that. It was obviously added in post.


A grenade wouldn’t do that much damage to a car.


The resulting fire would.


I was under the impression grenades don't actually cause that much explosive or combustive damage, they mostly rely on the shrapnel


I was thinking the same thing. Would a frag grenade be able to ignite a car like that? Real life grenades are pretty lame compared to their movies counterpart.


Yes and no. Real life grenades don't create the giant fireball like movies, but they have surprising large kill zones due to their shrapnel.


A running engine or a hot muffler would provide plenty of heat to ignite the fuel from a ruptured gas line, fuel pump, or gas tank. Assuming it was a frag grenade. I don't know Russian grenades well enough to identify the type he had, or even if it was a Russian production grenade as opposed to some other nation. If it was something else, then there are all sorts of incendiary explosives that could have caused a fire as well.


Ah, thats something I didn't consider and your very right, and thered be next to ni chance of it not hitting the gas somewhere cause of all the shrapnel, I belive this post now


I'm pretty certain that "grenade" is a cigarette lighter or just a replica


It absolutely would. Just not in that way. There's some crazy Mexican American fucks on YouTube that somehow have access to hand grenades. When they set one off in a prius it was unrecognizable, but it didn't catch fire.


Russians are fucking crazy. Why was he just fucking with an F1 in a car like that?! Lmao


Probably because it's fake.


Funny but definitely fake.


Fake as fuuuuuck


it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake


Yeah this fake, that car was burnt, not in a grenade explosion.




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Last words he said here “I handle weapons well”




fake and gay




Every Russian I ever met would respond "Is okay" no matter how NOT okay the situation was.


When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend. -U.S. ARMY TRAINING NOTICE


fake, the time is too short for a granade to explode, and the car in the end is of a different color.


And That's why you don't wear a seat belt


As soon as I heard the explosion I knew this was fake. Grenades do not sound anything like this.




it's honestly unbelievable to me that people believe this bullshit is real






Is Russia like Florida or Florida like Russia? Probably the former simply due to the age, but they both seem to be in constant competition with one another.


Wow if they had fumbled at all on that door handle


Imagine being a madlad in Putin's cuntry