Who's really surprised a new variant like this is out, if this significantly changes your mind you must have been some fucking optimist.


Well certainly saying I’m not surprised. I wish there will be some mandatory mask policy though. How serious do you think the variant have to be to make the exam cancel? Maybe lock down level serious?


If schools start having to close because they get too many cases the pressure will be on to cancel them. Last year the public saw the replaced exams as a success (even though they most definitely weren't) and it's easy to implement, politically they'll want to cancel them.


Interesting, the plan now is for the exam to go on and it is not actually too far from now(half a year). Personally saying I hope the exam goes on but I really think it’s down to how serious this new variant is. Hope it’s not too infective I don’t want online lesson and no exams lol.


I mean, remember last year they were like 'exams are definitely going ahead' then in early January they got cancelled. Compared to that exams really aren't that close.


I don’t want to imagine online lesson in university lol.


I've no idea what an in person lecture is like because I can't be arsed waking up to go to them. Honestly these days can't even be arsed to watch recordings and I just read the notes and look shit up on Wikipedia or something. Tutorials though are fucking shit online.


Praying the variant would be shitty rn.


what a selfish thing to say. Hoping it’s a deadly variant so you can have cancelled exams? I hope that’s not what you meant


Um I meant I hope the variant is ‘shitty’, so that’s means it is not strong and won’t kill people.


Well last year exams were planning to go ahead until like mid way through the year due to a lockdown so it could go either way but with the vaccine now, I think it's less likely they'll get cancelled


Love seeing smart people in the comments 🙃


Depends on how strong the variant is


Gambling on whether we're getting our predicteds as actual grades or whether we'll actually have to revise for them...


Unless people go into lockdown for most of the academic year, they probs still gonna go on


Some colleges are obsessed with rapid covid tests and my college pushes students to do 2 covid test per week or at least one. Especially my tutor keeps bringing covid tests to ensure that everybody did a test at least once. Plus, UK has a fairly good vaccination programme and it seems like people are calmer... So unless the new variant starts spreading rapidly and it still be threatening after Easter (cause let's be honest, the gov will faster "cancel" holidays to save exams than cancel them), they may cancel our exams. Then there is another factor of covid mutating again and scaring people due to new symptoms. But it's a big gamble


There's the new covjd variant with 50 plus mutations so you never know


There’s going to be constant new variants- it’s a virus


I hope there are exams, considering that I basically gave 0 fucks during yr12 and basically all my tests in year 13, I’d be in a very bad position. I’m basically trying to learn year 12 and 13 in like 6 months and get 3A.


same only started putting in effort in yr 13 so i don’t wanna get teacher grades for my subjects as my predicted grades aren’t what i want or what i need in 2/3 subjects


One can only hope that whatever happens, the results will be more just than it has been for the last couple of years. Personally, I think the exams will go on.


They're not gonna let out a whole year of students that have never sat real exams in their life. I think they're gonna happen one way or another, even if it means they'll have to be creative about it due to regulations.


i said cancelled exams just to manifest it tbh


I’m so sorry but I really do not want to sit these exams—- I can’t deal with the pressure




What do you mean by it’s happening again. Exam cancellation?


probably not. But more likely now


lol you have to do exams….


No chance they'll be cancelled


I hope sooooo. Please no lockdown no online lesson againnn


For your sake hopefully not the english ones at least!


Haha as someone who missed both GCSE exams and most of year 12 I want them to go on. Overall though I think people have learnt from those years and have a better plan this time for exams.