I just started using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream before my prescription retinol - the extra dry, fragrance free formula - and it is amazing. Very hydrating and leaves my face feeling very soft. Not heavy or greasy at all. For the body, the Cerave Moisturizing Cream is great. I can use it before bed and it doesn’t feel sticky or anything.


Whenever Costco sells it I panic-buy like a maniac


Seconding that Hydro Boost. It wasn't enough for me to use with rx retinol, but I absolutely love it for a daytime moisturizer.


It’s not enough by itself for me either but I just use it under my prescription retinol and then use a richer cream on top of that.


Why did I not think of that?! I'm still struggling with figuring out how to best protect my sensitive skin when using the retinol. I'd just been mixing my moisturizer with a bit of retinol on the back of my hand- then applying. I need to switch up how I'm doing it. I also just got prescribed a lower strength (need to pick it up) so maybe that + switching up my method of application will help me have more success with it. ETA: and by "success" I mean actually being able to use it on a regular basis without destroying my skin lol.


Try watching this [YouTube](https://youtu.be/brexP-CKQoU) video. It helped me tremendously! Best advice video on prescription retinol I’ve ever watched.


Sweet! Thanks so much! I'll definitely be checking that out later. Saved your comment 🙂


Totally worth it. Such great advice.


I have ultra sensitive skin and I love Vanicream stuff. The face wash is like $8 and lasts me six months or more. I also use their lotion, which is a bit more but also lasts for a while. For body wash I just use castille soap... I bought a 32oz bottle in April of 2021 and I'm still using it.


What's "best" for any person will depend on their skin type, issues, and climate. What are yours?


Normal skin that likes a medium-grade moisturizer in the winter. Mid-Atlantic region


For my face I really like Cerave’s Ultra-light Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30. (I know some folks have strong opinions on chemical vs non-chemical sunscreens…so this may not be for you.) I tend to have oily skin, and this one absorbs well and doesn’t feel heavy under my makeup.


I will always recommend the Ordinary. It’s not drug store but it’s the same price if not cheaper than some drug store.


Cerave is amazing!! All their products are


I use Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. Cheap and gets the job done. My grandmother and great-grandmother used Pond’s and both had great skin. My skin is a bit dry but otherwise fine. My skincare routine = splash cold water on face in AM; splash cold water on face in PM & apply Pond’s on neck & face. I never use soap on my face.


Additional question: does anyone here do it *all* drugstore? Makeup and skincare? I don't have any Sephora makeup (I rarely wear makeup), but I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin at all since I've started shelling out the big bucks at Sephora in the last year. I'm thinking about just going back to a simple Cetaphil cleanser / moisturizer and some retinol and eye cream. Literally feel like the "big bucks" have been mostly wasted (except for the Dr Dennis Gross stuff, I will never live without it again).


I’ve found Cetaphil and Cerave to generally work just as well for me.


Vanicream! I use the cleanser and whichever moisturizer feels right depending on the day and what my skin needs. Comes in a large quantity for super cheap, and lasts a long time. I usually get it at Walgreens.


Vanicream daily moisturizer is a really nice, lightweight gel with squalaneand ceramides that plays nicely under makeup. Target carries it.


I just switched to cetaphil body moisturizer from necessaire and honestly I like it better. It says you can use for face, but I haven’t tried it.


I use the Cetaphil moisturizer on my face after retinol. Keeps my skin from freaking out.


La Roche Posay


I use CeraVe night cream and really like it.


So, assuming you don't just want to grab whatever Suave has, I'd go with: Face: Thayers Radiance Boosting Balm - light texture, hyaluronic acid containing, and it comes in a surprisingly big tube Body wash: anything Nivea - smells nice, non-irritating, easy to find at drugstores Body lotion: Mane n Tail Hoofmaker - a little waxy, but quite protective, pleasant to apply, and a giant bottle is pretty cheap, especially if you have Tractor Supply or similar nearby Or... Nivea in-shower lotion for the lazy/cold, but you'll probably have to order that from amazon Watch for various holiday boxes/bundles from Target around Christmas, too, since there's often a lot of good stuff there for not too much.


My “cheaper” face moisturizer is Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer which I got at TJ Maxx for $14.99. I’ve yet to find a drugstore brand that doesn’t break me out. For body lotion, Flamingo is my favorite. It has white willow bark and papaya extract that do a little exfoliating and makes my skin so soft and smooth. Body wash: Nivea by far. Smells good and keeps skin soft. Dove is good too but I don’t love the fragrances as much as Nivea.


Can't go too wrong with cerave lotion for moderate moisturization/oily/combo/normal skin or their cream for night use /moderate to high moisturization/dry skin (I find it a little greasy for daytime use) the package sizes are substantial which makes them one of the most economical choices


If you consider Target a drugstore (which I generally do for things like this), they have teamed up with Ulta which opens the door to different products in a decent price range. For AM: Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream: not heavy, but leaves your skin really moisturized. It's good for all skin types, and it doesn't bother my sensitive skin. For PM: Aveeno Calm + Restore Oat Gel Moisturizer: a little thicker, but still doesn't feel like a heavy coat on the skin. If you're really strapped, look for store brand versions of popular name brand products. They are often made at the same facility just with a different label slapped on. When I was younger I used the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizers all the time, but in the store brands. Honestly, I would probably still use them if I had to.


Cerave 💯🏆 I have tried the full spectrum and I have thicker creams I use when my skin is drier, but cerave lotion is HG for me all the time and budget friendly


inkey list peptide mousturizer is about $12-15 and works great also acure has some great inexpensive products that are available at target. don't forget your spf 😀 and good luck with saving money 🧡 edited to add: I love the ivory body wash, a big pump bpttle is like $4.50 or less at wal mart and there's unscented, aloe (personal fav) and lavender scented


Aveeno calm + restore Cetaphil redness relieving night moisturizer


Cetaphil Cetaphil Cetaphil! NO FRAGRANCE


I have a wide ranging skincare routine with serums and toners at variance price points, but I like [Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion](https://www.cvs.com/shop/aveeno-daily-moisturizing-lotion-prodid-1013347) because it gets the job done without breaking me out. Cerave and Cetaphil have historically broken me out with few exceptions even though I’m middle of the road to dry with generally acne free skin.


For a drugstore pick the classic Olay regenerist (red tub) moisturizer is great. It goes on sale a lot and is often available at Costco for a good deal.